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Macro Primer - Tomb of the Spider Queen
Welcome to Macro Monday: Extra Edition! Here, we'll review a new map every week, breaking down the ins and outs of rotations, merc timings, and objectives! Today we're looking at the decrepit crypt of creepy crawlies, Tomb of the Spider Queen. Let's jump in!

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Tomb is a three lane map featuring the closest lanes in HoTS; it's a close-quarters skirmishfest where waveclear and sustain is king! As always, the mid wave is the first to clash, having the least distance to travel. The top wave clashes shortly after, then the bottom lane last. Let's take a closer look at rotations!
The basic rotation on Tomb is as follows:

A Clear Mid
B Clear Top
C Clear Mid
Split Team
D Clear Top
E Take Bruisers

Typically, your 4man (consisting of your Tank, Support, Primary DPS, and Flex DPS) will rotate between middle and top. while your offlaner will secure the bottom lane. After the second mid wave is cleared, send your two best AoE damages, or one incredibly efficient AoE damage and a healer, to take your bruisers. Optionally, depending on composition, you might be better off sneaking the neutral siege camp at the bottom - for example, with a Maiev. 

Tomb's unique mechanic is the turn in, where teams can channel for four seconds to deposit their collected gems. Goaltending, by watching these turn ins, is a part of good rotations; you should always have tabs on where the high-gem players on the enemy team are, and interrupt their channels when they step up!

Forcing a turn in yourself on tomb requires snap-clearing the mid wave; when you have an advantage middle, you can create a wedge between yourself and your opponents, like so:
Since the opponents are dealing with a pushed in wave, they don't have the benefit of their own waves vision, while you get to see them perfectly! Put a safe hero (tank, DPS with escape) in two of the Ward/Stall positions, either top or bottom. These teammates will buy time for the gem-holder to turn in. It's that simple - just clear the mid wave!

On the flipside, be wary when your mid wave is shoved in! Try to stay on top of mid wave by picking many heroes with strong waveclear. There's no such thing as too much wave clear - the more, the better! Every extra bit of clear helps you stay on top of rotations and watch the turn ins more and more often. If you have enough stall tools and waveclear - for example, a Johanna, Deckard, Gul'dan, and Maiev - you can potentially deny your opponents from turning in at all!

A footnote; your opponents get to turn in for free when you go to do bruisers at 1:00. That's a-okay, because they have very few gems that early into the game.
The primary tomb variant involves having a Medivh. Why? Because with a Medivh, you can bypass the awkward walls between middle and bottom, avoiding dangerous choke points in rotation. This allows you to rotate your 4man mid and bot, putting your offlaner top. There are a few advantages to this:

     - Unusual rotations throw opponents off-guard
     - It allows you to group for the mid wave as 5, potentially allowing a fight
     - It gives you control over the bottom siege camp
     - You can switch back to normal rotations to watch turn-ins very easily, since you're anyway grouping mid as five

Alternatively, you can achieve this with a Lucio or Tyrael. On Tomb, it is just as fast to mount up and rotate than it is to rotate unmounted - characters that grant movespeed make this difference even more apparent! 
You want to time your bruisers the same as most camps; take your mercenaries after your opponents take theirs. Why? Because the first camp taken will clash under their opponents towers - getting cleared faster, and getting less value. If your camp is the only one, you can push with relative ease.

Try to be aware of whether your opponent is on their camp or not. If you suspect they are, hold your camp, or look to invade theirs!

The siege camp is fantastic to take early or later when the map is opened up. It can counter a bot push all by itself, and will divert your opponents resources if left alone. 

The bruiser camp gives you 20 spell armour when you're pushing with it, which can make a crucial difference in group skirmishes - take advantage of it!

The boss is a great meat shield, and benefits hugely from either having a wave or team backing it. A boss + objective in a lane without a fort is almost a guaranteed keep, and with a few kills, a won game!
The objective on Tomb is simple; three Webweavers will drop in each lane, immediately summoning two Spider-Servants. These minions are the main advantage of getting a turn in - they deal incredibly high single target damage, and will absolutely smash buildings down. The Webweaver itself will occasionally send out a high-damage AoE waveclear, but the main meat of the objective comes from the Weavers own summons.

You can increase the value of your objective by stacking your waves. Ensure that, vertically across the map, waves are uniformly pushed out and ready to push before your Webweavers arrival.


1. Weavers Decay Over Time - They naturally lose HP just for existing, so if they have to walk a long way across a lane, they'll have less time to smash down buildings.
2. Opponents Can Easily Focus Staggered Weavers - If the top Webweaver hits the enemy fort ten seconds before the middle one, that's ten whole seconds your opponents 4man can spend DPSing it down, then move middle as a group and do the same thing. If both push simultaneously, your opponents don't get that luxury - they need to split into two groups, and regardless, will give up some structures entirely.
3. Weavers Drop Where the Wave Is - If your opponents have a wave pushed right to your keep, your Webweavers will drop down right by your keep. There's no way for them to travel all the way to your enemies' structures in time; they'll, at best, clear a wave or two before dying. 

On the other hand, if you ensure your waves are uniformly pushed out, you'll force your opponents to make split decisions on where they can focus their limited attention - making your objective 2 or 3 times stronger!

Let's look at that from the other side - what can you do to make your opponents objective weaker?

1. Stagger Their Waves - Clear as many waves as possible, and force your opponents Webweavers to clash with your buildings one at a time.
2. Take Mercs, Capture Them Late - By capping your bruisers or siege camp right before an objective, you can ruin the position of an enemy wave, or negate the Weavers themselves entirely!
3. Aggressively Hard-Push a Lane - If you can group your team and push a lane hard, you can prevent a weaver from achieving any value by forcing it to walk all the way down. Remember, they lose HP every second just standing there!

In addition, there's a secret win condition on Tomb; if you can take two objectives in a row, you can almost guarantee victory by pushing your opponents waves so hard that they can't possibly come back!

That'll do it for this week's Macro Thursday - if you have additional questions, you can find answers at my DiscordTake care! o/
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