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Macro Primer - Sky Temple 
Welcome to Macro Monday: Christmas Edition! Here, we'll review a new map every week, breaking down the ins and outs of rotations, merc timings, and objectives! Today we're looking at the flying fortress of Ka - Sky Temple!

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Sky Temple is a vertically imposing three lane map, featuring numerous wide rotations, dense cover, and numerous ways to obstruct or impede enemy vision. Sky Temple's unique mechanic is the map objective, which chews through the nearest structure. Every point of structure HP on Sky Temple is essentially an enormous shield in front of your core - if you've got more buildings standing than your opponents, your objective is more powerful! The offlane, top, is warded by a watchtower; the 4man rotates middle and bottom. Let's start by taking a closer look at rotations!
The basic rotation on Sky Temple is as follows:

A Clear Mid
B Clear Bot
C Clear Mid
Split Team
D Clear Bot
E Take Siege Camp

Typically, your 4man (consisting of your Tank, Support, Primary DPS, and Flex DPS) will rotate between middle and bot, while your offlaner will secure the top lane. After the second mid wave, send your best single-target DPS and a ward to your siege camp, which spawns at 1:00; have your tank or support 'anchor' in the boss-facing bush. This protects your camp from being invaded - your ward grants vision of possible invaders.

You can get additional value with your siege camp by capturing it second to your opponents, or as late as possible; the first camp to push is the first to get cleared.

Sky Temple is a busy map - if you're not actively clearing, you're moving to the next wave, camp, or temple. Take advantage of the lulls in combat to refill resources - or setup an ambush!
Alternatively, you can opt to take your bruisers - this is a fantastic strategy with multiple early damages, such as a Sonya and Greymane, or a Maiev and Jaina. An early push top with three or four teammates is a huge threat, and will force enemy rotations or net you a free wall or fort. Remember, every point of structure damage gets you closer to netting forts, keeps, and the core! 

You can also look to aggressively invade enemy camps - if the enemy toplane's been missing for over a wave, they're likely taking their bruisers. Similarly, most players will look to take their siege camp the moment it comes up. If your composition has a stronger early game fight, you can gain the lead by successfully invading the camp - the EXP denial is nice, but the panic induced from the move will generally net you a kill. 

Additionally, if you've got incredibly fast Siege clear (Maiev with Naisha's Memento, Greymane, Kharazim) you can look to posture by your opponents camp afterwards. Forcing them off their camp gives your own push value - either in the form of faster waveclear, damage to the wall, or simply eating your opponents' time. 
Sky Temple's most unique feature is its' titular temples; the temple will prioritise shots on the closest towers, gate, and fort; once those are cleared, it'll move to the next fort, and when all forts are down, it'll begin firing on the nearest keep wall.

Effectively, every point of structure HP you have on Sky Temple contributes to an enormous shield in front of your core; if there are no structures, the temple fires directly on the core, meaning the team with the most structures is significantly advantaged.

Being ahead on Sky Temple gives you the luxury of doing nothing. If there are two temples up, you can simply trade; their shots hit fort, yours hit keep. Theirs hit keep, yours hit core. If the enemy postures by the boss, you posture. They take their camp? You take yours - if they want to win, they need to force a teamfight, and that puts all the burden of execution squarely on their shoulders. 

Sky Temple is the one map in the SL pool you can win exclusively via macro. Run your opponents around the map; keep your waves pushed, and time your mercs with the objective. Get a structure lead - and then stay in the lead. Play relaxed, and don't give your opponents the fights they're looking for.

On the flipside, if you're behind on structures, you need to change things up. Aggressively invade temples or camps; party bush on your opponents' side of the map, or look to gank the offlaner. You want kills, whether they're isolated or not. You need to flip the status quo on its' head, and play fast and loose to achieve that. Soak up to even talent tiers, then go hunting.
Sky Temple favours three things, in the following order: Globals, Merc Clear, and Boss Control. Globals achieve value during the temple phase by acquiring soak and enabling pushes - the constant threat of a Falstad flying in or a Dehaka burrowing effectively means you're 6v5 on the map if your opponents lack that presence. Merc clear is essential for denying deathpushes, where numerous waves bunch up and sledgehammer through structures, as well as for staying on top of EXP. And finally, Boss Control can shift favour around the level 13-16 mark, where a strong Boss can decide the game. 

To that end, lets take a look at a few heroes in each category that achieve good value on Sky Temple!

Globals: Dominated by Abathur, capable of soaking, ganking, and even repairing structures. By far and away the strongest individual hero on Sky Temple, when played correctly. ETC is my tank of choice on Sky, owing to his powerful split-push, ideally paired with a Tyrael or Anub'arak to help lock down bosses.

Merc Clear: Anything goes! Take bruisers with Sonya, rip giants with Hanzo, or take both with Greymane and Maiev - Merc Clear is as straightforward as 'having damage'. The occasional Gul'Dan to save top lane from being death pushed doesn't hurt either!

Boss Control: Holy Ground, Void Prison, Cocoon, Containment Disc, Mighty Gust - look for heroes that already achieve value in the above categories before you look here. The more heroes you have that can fulfill multiple roles, the more flexibility your team has in decision-making. A composition consisting of ETC, Tyrael, Hanzo, Maiev, and Rehgar is poised to deal with virtually any scenario - as is Abathur, Johanna, Zeratul, Greymane, Kharazim. 

As an individual player in SL, try to find heroes in your role that can cover multiple duties - the more things you can do yourself, the less dependent you are on your team, making it significantly easier to win. 

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