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HeroesCCL Rosters, Duke Cannon, and Deets

Hey, Guys --

We’ve got some pretty cool news to share today and it begins with a story.

Earlier this week, we formally announced our very fancy shmancy league logo for the CCL. On a lark, I called out one of my favorite brands to see if they’d be interested in supporting our crazy league malarky.
And, on a lark, they replied.
On a third bigger, better lark, we are proud to welcome Duke Cannon as the official sponsor of the HeroesHearth Celebrity Clash League for Heroes of the Storm. This is real and we’re thrilled to have Duke Cannon in our family. We’ll be running a slew of giveaways and you’ll see their name floating around all of our content and channels.
On a personal note, Duke Cannon are legitimately my very favorite personal care brand. I use their soap, deodorant, and beard care products every day and I’m not even kidding. In turn, this is a bit of an extra spicy victory for the HeroesHearth fam -- so don’t be shy, check out their stuff here and -- nudge nudge -- we even got you a discount code for 15% off (HHE15).
Furthermore, thanks to Duke Cannon, we’ve been embiggened to up the ante a bit on the CCL in hopes of bringing you only the highest of entertainments and the finest of productions and it all starts with the rosters.
As the spiritual successor to our usual Wednesday Heroes Fight Night antics, we wanted to ensure that the expected atmosphere of fun, silliness, and joy was more than clear in the CCL, and we feel that has certainly been broughten. To that end, each team has been given the opportunity to come up with their own name and we have no idea what they’ll do, so fingers crossed they’re not terrible. I’d also like to include a quick thank you and a well done to McIntyre for putting these great squads together.

The Crew

Casters: NotParadox & Bahamut
Analyst and Beat Writer: Beckw1n
Observer: Kagekiri
Producers: McIntyre & JulesRPG

CCL Coordinator: McIntyre

CCL Commissioner: Dreadnaught

Publisher: Wisdom Gaming Group

The Rules

Alright, we have a whole big handbook for the players that gets into the weeds, so instead I’ll bullet point the parts we all really want to know here.

Season 1 is four weeks long and the schedule and matchups are thusly:

Week 1: January 22, 8pm CT start time

Series 1: Team C vs Team A

Series 2: Team B vs Team D

Week 2: January 29, 8pm CT start time

Series 1: Team B vs Team C
Series 2: Team A vs Team D

Week 3: February 5, 8pm CT start time
Series 1: Team A vs Team B

Series 2: Team C vs Team D

Week 4, The Finals: February 12, 8pm CT start time

Best-of-Five (Bo5): Top 2 Seeded Teams Battle It Out

Each series is a best-of-three (Bo3) and each broadcast will showcase two series.
Prize Pool and Payout:

Each participant is receiving a base appearance fee each week just for playing, however, things get spicy at the end of the season with an overarching prize pool, which looks like this:

1st Place: $500 + 35% of Community Prize Pool (CPP) 2nd Place: $300 + 35% of CPP 3rd Place: $200 + 15% of CPP 4th Place: $200 + 15% of CPP

The Community Prize Pool functions very much like the Bounty system we’ve been running during Fight Nights for the last year: 60% of all Bits/Donations/Tips contributed during a CCL broadcast will go into a giant prize pool that will be divided up as shown above between the teams.
Like our normal broadcasts, we’ll have a fully-produced show on our main Twitch channel complete with casters, commentary, and live listen-ins. However, we’re doing something a little special this time and are encouraging all participants in the league to stream from their own perspective as well on their personal channels, which is something we’ve been working towards on a tech perspective for some time. We’re very excited to include this in the CCL, so be sure to check out everyone’s stream (their names are linked above).
Lastly, I wanted to really drive home that the CCL is meant to be a fun spot for everyone’s communities to come together and have a blast competing, rooting for our faves, and to share in the sure-to-come shenanigans. Heroes is where we started and we’ll always be around to support the wonderful community built around the game we all love.
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Awesome stuff! I can’t wait!
On the note of players PoVs, will we get that included during team comms check ins? ( If that is still a thing ). Mechanically like the TFT multicam?
Hi! Will there be live streams of the matches or at least videos that we can see?
im late to the party here, but this is hype!