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Show Idea
So, nobody asked for this, but hear me out. I have a reality show idea, it's called Heroes Hearth House.

You can think of it in the vein of a big brother house/real world sort of thing.

Basic Description
HeroesHearth has scoured NA to find 9 or 10 of the most enthusiastic esports fanatics and dropped them in to one house for a month! Over the next four weeks, they will have challenges to build their eSports skills as well as develop a team that possible go on to success in eSports!

The guests are mostly restricted to living in the house. I imagine with HH HQ being Minnesota, would be the ideal location for the house to be rented and pimped out in gaming gear. Having Heroes Hearth partners dropping by to teach or instruct challenges for the guests ( either physical or skype in ). Sometimes teams might even be built around these celebrity appearances

Two 'scripted' shows a week, where footage is taken from all the challenges and what the guests are up to.

The first episode of the week, can have an event that can help build the teamwork/skills of the guests. Two team captains are selected at random ( no captains can repeat two in a row ) and teams are built for the challenges ( sort of the like the co-op portions of Hells Kitchen ). By the end of the episode, a guest is selected ( by fellow guests and a way for viewers to vote ) as MVP. This person will be safe from elimination challenge in second episode ( cannot be MVP two eps in a row ). The episode can also start with a mini challenge that is just for a luxury reward. Having the big room to yourself in the house etc.

The second episode of the week is where the remaining non-mvp guests will compete in a tournament style to gain points. Partially a eSport of choice with points they earn as a basis for their skills ( ie Storm League ranking in HotS ) and the finished by an in house tournament where their skills are matched up against one another. At the end of the episode, based off the results of the tournament/points, a guest will leave the house. ( The eliminated house guests may still be included in further challenges, but only in a capacity for them to get followers/viewers to their twitch streams if they choose )

There will also be a live feed of the house. Going 24/7, we can see all the in between moments not seen in the episodes. Where guests are training in what they think they need to learn ( maybe having HH partners reach out to help them with this ). Guests will be told in advance of what games will be used for challenges, so they can grind out those days leading up to them.

For team building/mvp events, I imagine simple team games. Depending on how many guests are left, we might need to have some arranged 'randoms' to join the teams. ( ie prebuilds with guests in storm league just being filled by randoms ).

Games in mind to use in challenges ( first episode )
- Overwatch
- Dead by Daylight
- Starcraft 2
- Warcraft 3 Reforged

Second Episode is always a tournament/ranking style game.
- Heroes of the Storm

Broadcast of the episdoes.
This will be done using edited footage but having a couple of hosts who speak/discuss what is happening in the episode during breaks of the footage ( they can also do voice over work during the edited footage ). After the MVP or Guest elimination happens, the remainer of the show is the hosts taking questions from the live stream chat and interviewing celebrities that came to the house or the guests who left this week.

Final Episode
There will be an extra episode the final week where everything happens live. If this can coincide with an Hots event outside of the house, or something put together by Heroes Hearth to have a grand final/Fight Night to go with the remaining players having to play their MVP challenge live to the audience. ( ie final 5 playing against current FIGHT NIGHT champions ). Also a HeroHype cup challenge or All Hallows Cup would be cool too!

Final MVP
After the events of the final episode, the last MVP will be declared. Unlike normal weeks where the audience and guest votes are more or less equal in weight, the final MVP will be taken only from the audience and from former guests of the house ( watch out bitter exits! ).

The final 5 guests will earn the prize from their final challenge ( Fight Night etc ). Hoping the hype of 4 weeks of show will lead to much bits being put into the prize pool for them.
Final MVP will get a prize of a bunch of swag and a tbd dollar prize and gem prize, probably in the equivalent of a TESPA prize level?

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