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Some Tricks and Things to Know about Samuro
* This info will cover some hidden information about Mirror Images, Shukuchi & Kawarimi.
* It might be a long read...

Mirror Image (Q):
  1. Samuro teleports about his auto-attack range (1.5~2 range) in the direction of where the cursor is with respect to Samuro's current position.
  2. Samuro and his images form an equilateral triangle when triggered.
  3. ^ This means that Samuro's images are summoned at a position slightly farther from his initial position than himself.
  4. Much like most summons, when Mirror Image is activated outside of a lane, the images will walk to the closest lane and will "help" push it.
  5. If Samuro attacks an enemy Hero right after activating Mirror Image, the images will focus on that Hero (usually until un-targetable or obstructed by a wall).
  6. ^ This isn’t exactly the case for Mercenaries and minions: The images will attempt to focus the target.
  7. ^ This “Target Focus” has a leash (like Raynor’s Raider ability), or a maximum range. From experience, it is about screen length.
  8. ^ Images will target the first “harmful” target on their path. Once their target is acquired, Samuro’s attack against a “far” target will not provoke his images to reassign their focus to Samuro’s target.
  9. Mirror Image’s most common “spell removals” are damage over time effects. A tip of advice when facing heroes with those in their kit: Don’t use Mirror Image prior to those heroes using those abilities on Samuro.

From these information, Mirror Image can be used in some extra ways:

  • Using Mirror Image in a specific area (such as the garden-mazes in the map Dragonshire) can make each image to split to each lane. One purpose of this way is to have one image with Samuro to help waveclear one lane, faster than he would do alone. Within 18 seconds, Samuro can semi-effectively soak 2 lanes. The Burning Blade talent at level 7 helps this a ton.
  • If Samuro is within attacking range of an enemy hero, don’t always (unless needed) activate Mirror Image. Try to activate it (unless on cooldown) when they’re starting to run away, since he’ll get another attack or two in the process. Use it on running targets as a gap-closer.
  • If the runaway target is farther and if safe to do so (as your Image Transmission will be on cooldown), position Mirror Image in a way that one of your images is the closest to the target. Then immediately use Image Transmission on that image to secure the kill.
  • Samuro’s images will take skill shots such as Li-Ming’s spells or Stitches’ Hooks. Make sure to remember that to save endangered teammates. Trust me, images save lives.
  • Except for walls and gates, most terrain are impassable with the teleporting feature of Mirror Image. If it is crucial to escape a sticky situation, instead, revert the mouse aim when activating Mirror Image away and at an angle from where Samuro want’s to “jump”. Once the image is on the other side, use Image Transmission to hopefully escape.

The main difference between A.I. controlled Illusion Master and normal Mirror Image is when using Mirror Image with Illusion Master on A.I. in the middle of two lanes to split the images paths, the images will not automatically walk to the nearest lane.

Shukuchi (level 13 talent tier)

Shukuchi’s main and simplest purpose is to use it as a gap-closer, or as a “minor” dash out… Dash in, dash out. But since Shukuchi’s teleport has a range of around 2~3 range, it can be used to teleport through terrain that are otherwise harder with the smaller teleportation of Mirror Image.

The hard part of this “wall jumping” is to get the “facing” part right. The solution to this is to use [shift] command move in the direction Samuro needs to “wall jump” to. This is near impossible to get in the chaos of a full on 5v5 wombo-combo, but is possible during a chase (wither Samuro’s the prey or the pursuer). [shift] command move will reorient his facing position; use [shift] move a small distance into the wall, then [shift] command Windwalk.

Note that there are still many terrains that cannot be “wall jumped” using Shukuchi. There are even maps that almost entirely block the specific use of it (such as Volskaya Foundry). In most part, cutting edges as a shortcut is the safest use of the Shukuchi wall jumping.

Kawarimi (level 13 talent tier)

Kawarimi is a strong talent because it further enhances Samuro’s multiple lane presence, while clearing off mercenary camps. Don’t always overestimate Shukuchi over Kawarimi, especially if the reason is because of popularity/winrate.

Take scenario 1: Samuro is about to finish a mercenary camp and a runaway is in the nearby lane. Use Winwalk, an image will keep the mercenary camp busy, while Samuro runs and gets the kill on the runaway. It was a bait? Use Image Transmission and finish off the mercenary camp. It was a kill? Ditto. Someone might state “why not just use Mirror Image to hold the mercenary camp?” well in this case, maybe you’d want to keep it in case things really got dirty? What happens if your mercenary image gets beat up by Nova, then a clutch smart use of Mirror Image would be really useful!

Take scenario 2: Samuro can solo clear the mage mercenary with one use of Mirror Image. But he’ll usually end up taking the few last hits as it still takes more than 18 seconds (about 21 seconds). Samuro can send a new image to a lane using Windwalk @ Kawarimi, push one lane (or steal the globe), and then teleport to the image’s other lane. Or join a fight in one lane, if it’s a lost cause as you enter, Image Transmission to the other lane.

Conclusion to Samuro

Damage isn’t the only way to win. Samuro is an assassin hero, but his kit clearly shows that map presence is his key role. Split his presence, push lanes with his images and/or mercenaries to create enemy team splitting. Most team fight damage is healed regardless of “most damage dealt”. Divide the enemy team and isolate outstanding targets. Force them into a disadvantageous fight where they need to send someone to depush a lane. Frighten a backliner with auto-attacks, and switch out to force push a lane, kill an out-of-position target, or escape a deadly ordeal

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