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Warcraft 3 Fight Night: Deathnote vs. ShaDai

Warcraft 3 Fight Night Week 14 begins at 6pm CT / 11pm UTC. Our previous Fight Night brought down the mighty Neytpoh, our 3-time champion by the hands of Deathnote. This week, Deathnote will look to begin his own string of championships against the undead player ShaDai. Will the humans survive the tough matchup vs the swarms of undead? Will Deathnote follow in the footsteps of Neytpoh, or will the throne be a revolving door with ShaDai claiming it as his own? Tonight, we will find out.

To get a deeper look into the matchup and the mind of the champion, Kendric has provided us with interviews with Deathnote and ShaDai: 

It’s going to be an epic series, and we can’t wait to see you there later tonight!

Tune into HeroesHearth Twitch tonight to catch Grubby and Kendric cast the matchup!

Fight Night Sponsors: Ridgebake and Cylance

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