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Tonight: Teamfight Tactics Fight Night - Week 8
Week 8 of Teamfight Tactics Fight Night starts at 8pm CT/1am UTC. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, we had to back things up a bit. Our previous two Fight Nights were geared towards getting the players acclimated with Rise of the Elements and the meta. Now that ranked has recently come out, the training wheels are completely off. Tonight, there are absolutely zero excuses. With all of that kept in mind, what will we see emerge? How will the players adapt to the recent patch update, and how will they counteract the meta? Tonight we will find out. Speaking of players, lets discuss that.

The king has left the building, and the queen has returned. Rayditz, who just recently won his third consecutive TFT FN, collected his bounty and will make his return another day. Faye, our other multi-winning champion will return tonight to get back on track. With the past few weeks to analyze the meta, look for her to make a big impact. She won't be alone in her return, however, as DXN, Sphinx, and ProfessorTFT will be back as well. Matching the number of returning players, four players will be making their debuts. Rissakah, chickenwithboba, ZzRicK, and DV8 will all be wildcards. It's going to be a competition filled with uncertainty, we look forward to seeing you later today!











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