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Tonight: Teamfight Tactics Fight Night - Week 6
Week 6 of Teamfight Tactics Fight Night starts at 8pm CT/1am UTC. For the first time in TFT Fight Night history, Faye has fallen from the top three, and a new group of champions have emerged. Rayditz has claimed his first victory, followed by DXN and Kladeous taking 2nd and 3rd. We've got a fresh group of players to match the new Rise of the Elements content in what could be the wildest, most unpredictable Fight Night we've seen at the Hearth considering just how many unknown variables exist. Kymzi will be making her return, while for the first time we'll see how Teebs, BentoBot, GOD ANT MERUEM, and 2YoHae7 fair not just with this new patch, but in a competitive setting. You won't want to miss tonight folks.
In our previous preview to Fight Night, we talked about how important the meta is. Well, turns out things between now and then haven't changed at all, and in fact, things have escalated. In the history of competitive gaming, I can't recall when there has been such an immense shift in a matter of weeks. In a month's time, players have gone from small meta shifts with each balance patch, to an entirely new set. The origins are all new, while there are some returning champions and classes, the majority are fresh. This week, I interviewed Teebs to see what the mindset is like going into this event, and to learn about just who one of our latest competitors is about. Here's what she had to say:

AD: Before we get into it, tell us a bit about who you are.

Hey, my name is Teebs; I was a professional Hearthstone player for the past 3 years, and a competitive HotS & WoW player before that. I recently made the switch to TfT and I'm excited to begin grinding tournaments and looking for a team as the scene unfolds.


AD: How have you enjoyed Rise of the Elements? What do you love and hate?

Teebs: I've been enjoying this set on PBE quite a bit. I really like how they are featuring smaller, more flexible alliances. I find that there is a much wider range of effective comps than before, and the games feel more fluid and interesting, especially in the late game.


AD: How has your TFT experience prepared you for Rise of the Elements? What will be the key to success?

Teebs: Understanding how to transition between comps and knowing which items/key units to look for have always been very important in this game, and this is especially true in Rise of the Elements.

There are so many viable comps to play right now, and the best practiced players are going to have dozens of target comps in their mind to pick from; compared to the maybe 6 target comps we had in most of the set 1 metas.

I have always had the ladder/practice set grinder approach to staying on top of the meta in any game I play; and I feel that this benefits me now, since playing a lot is very valuable for keeping up on all of the different comps in the game.


AD: What did your greatest TFT comeback consist of? How did you make it happen?

Teebs: Health is just another resource: I have had quite a few games where I play greedy and get down to the single digits before leveling, and rolling it all down for my key unit (Swain/Panth/Yasuo/Yi/Singed/lux/etc.) to bring the comp online and take the game back. I prefer to play from ahead most of the time; but sometimes these games happen and they can be really exciting for everyone, especially for the tournament viewers.


AD: What has been the greatest obstacle you’ve overcome in life, and how has it strengthened your resolve?

Teebs: I'm a super cute trans girl(She/Her) and I'm good at games.

I was already involved in pro Hearthstone when I came out and transitioned in early 2018, and I think this is probably the most suitable answer to this question.

There can be a lot of toxicity online targeted at anything and everything that makes someone unique or different; people will attack the things that make you who you are.

I'm very fortunate that my experience was full of love and support from the community & the pro scene, and I have found that it's often the anonymity of ladders and chat rooms that leads to toxic behavior.

Seeing this disparity has made me want to encourage other people to compete. There is space for everyone in esports, and the online experience that can keep people away is, on average, the worst part.

I want to do my best both in and out of game; and be visible so that I can help get more people involved in esports - this is what fuels me to compete.


AD: What has inspired your competitive career, and what continues to drive this passion?

Teebs: I used to be a much more competitive person than I am now, and the motivation keeping me involved in esports have changed over the last few years.

Initially I wanted to prove to myself and the rest of the esports world that I could play at the highest level. Within the hearthstone scene I fought my way to a couple high ladder finishes and topped/won some major tournaments.

I was able to turn this into a team sponsorship for myself, and last year I was even a WESG National Champion.

Over the last year I have found most of my motivation in a desire to represent the potential for women, LGBT, and especially for trans people to compete in esports.

I think representation is exceptionally important, and I want to compete and be seen at the highest level so that I can inspire and motivate others to do the same.















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