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Tonight: Teamfight Tactics Fight Night - Week 5

Week 5 of Teamfight Tactics Fight Night starts at 8pm CT/1am UTC. In our previous FN, we had our first three-way tie between Faye, Jinxed and Rayditz, with Faye emerging victorious from the tiebreaker. As the weeks go by, the competition only gets stronger, and yet Faye finds a way to get it done. This week we will have Faye, Jinxed, Rayditz, DXN, Master of LoL, JawKneeYou and Kladeous as returning players, with ProfessorTFT making his FN debut.

One of the essential keys to victory is understanding the meta. Once the new patch hits (or even before then via the ptb,) players flock to the play button and one another for knowledge. Within a day’s time, a strong composition emerges, and for weeks it dominates the ladder. Like those cram sessions back in school (we’ve all been there,) they can turn out to be your saving grace. Many will get a firm grasp on the meta, while others will fall if they’re slow to catch on. Need proof? Well look no further, we’ve got enough proof from our previous Fight Night champions. I’ve asked Faye, Jinxed and Rayditz questions analyzing the previous TFT patch; here’s what they had to say:


AD: What has been the best update this patch?

Jinxed: The best update this patch has been the overall balancing. Most think have viable counters to them, which is healthy for the game, and the few things that are over-tuned are getting nerfed this coming patch, so they are heading in the right direction.

Faye: Probably two things. Mainly the lack of voidsin, even though assassins are still very much part of the meta, the lack of voidsin specifically is really nice. The other change that has been noticeably better is the in-game matchmaking. It’s not perfect but it’s significantly better than previously, like seriously. So. Much. Better.


AD: What has emerged from this patch that has been an immense headache? 

Rayditz: Akali double infinity edge has been an immense headache.

Jinxed: Not having a counter to the 4 wild buff, as a whole composition can be built from it.

Faye: I’d say the meta thing that’s become a headache to play against is probably double infinity edge assassin, whether that’s an Akali, Zed or Rengar it’s moderately to severely annoying to have your units get one shot. Luckily there is counter-play so it’s not as, y’know, awful as voidsin but still painful to play against.

Another kind of annoying thing would be how high-rolling late game is pretty severely punishing at the moment if you’re not getting equally as lucky. This is likely due to the pace of the game allowing most lobbies go to level 8 on top of the introduction of the consumable Neeko’s Help so that come level 8 there is likely someone going to high-roll a Swain 2 and just completely win the game from that. Hell it even happens at level 7 but it happens frequently when at level 8.


AD: Which Champ are you in love with and what is your favorite build/item set for them?

Rayditz: My favorite champ is Lissandra and I love running Morello + GA and 6 knights with her.

Jinxed: Lissandra is probably a lot of people favourite champ, and my favourite build/item set for her is Ga/ Morello/ Seraph's.

Faye: Blitzcrank is my boy this patch for sure. I’m not a fan of assassins and Jinx/Draven are cool and all but they just slap hard, Blitzcrank is the true carry. He’s part of the 6 brawler+Jinx comp that the NA Challenger player ForestHermit introduced soon after patch 9.19 hit. As a fan of Blitzcrank since TFT first came out I am quite happy to be parading him around pulling whoever he wishes and zapping Akali’s to death with ionic sparks.


AD: Which champ makes you cringe and why?

Rayditz: Akali makes me cringe when she one shots my whole board lol.

Jinxed: Akali. 1v9

Faye: Cringe to play against, probably Swain 2 because good golly he’s impossible to kill in late game. Cringe to use is probably Lucian because I swear my Lucians never know where to dash properly regardless of where I position them or what items I give them. Every time it’s like, oh hey there’s a Kennen ult going on I bet you’d be really sad if I just *dashed into that and died*. Babyrage.


AD: What do you want changed in the next patch, and what do you believe will become meta next?

Rayditz: Next time I’d like to see rangers playable again.

Jinxed: They are nerfing most of the overpowered stuff like Infinity Edge and Akali so the things I want changed are getting changed, and it's really hard to predict what will be meta next, but if I had to guess it would be hyperoll gunslingers/ blademaster.

Faye: Luckily it seems in 9.20 the assassin’s are being toned down and so is infinity edge, so that’s nice and the main thing I was hoping to get changed. Honestly I’m ready for rangers to come back but I don’t really think they will be meta next patch but a girl can dream, y’kno?

And to hijack this question a bit, something I realllllllly look forward to in the future (hopefully in the near future) which unfortunately won’t be this upcoming patch is the removal of phantom. I hate that mechanic. I have *zero* exciting memories from it.











Master of LoL




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