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Teamfight Tactics Interview: Boopasaurus

By AlexDidz

While the meta continues to morph and take form with buffs, nerfs, and the addition of Kai’Sa and Sparring Gloves, we’ve taken the time to get to know another one of our casters. In our previous TFT Fight Night, Boopasaurus made his HeroesHearth debut while casting alongside TheBlevins. Here’s what Boop had to say:

AD: What brought you to TFT? What was lifelike before TFT?
Boop: I was a little late to the auto-battler craze and started when Underlords came out. I was doing a ton of work in the OW space and I needed a game that was more chill and less visually intensive. It immediately spoke to me and I was so excited when Riot announced their own version of an autobattler as I’ve been a fan of league for almost a decade now. When Riot released TFT I grinded for many weeks and loved every second of it.

AD: Where did the love for gaming originate? What is the origin story to the power?
Boop: My love of gaming originated with my mom and my sister playing Street Fighter and other fighting games. We used to play daily, and I absolutely loved every second of it. We’d make small family bets while playing and it was a core part of our family for many years. Competitive Starcraft and League is where I found my love for esports culminating in becoming a caster for Blizzard Entertainment on Overwatch Contenders North America. 

AD: What makes TFT such an alluring game? What separates it from the pack?
Boop: I love card games and Hearthstone had gotten a bit stale. TFT really scratches that itch that Hearthstone once did. I also love it cause it’s a single player experience. You can only blame yourself (and maybe some RNG) for playing poorly or wanting to troll a bit.

AD: What is the future of TFT in esports look like?
Boop: Hopefully its full of amazing opportunities for streamers, players, casters, and creatives to get involved. I think it lends itself to a competitive space quite well and people still seem to be quite interested in the game. It’s the next logical step in the games popular development and I am definitely here for it. 

AD: Which caster is the superior caster, you or this other guy? (TheBlevins)
Boop: Well I don’t like to harp on another caster and its definitely not about who is better and who is not. But it’s definitely me. 

We’re looking forward to having Boop cast more Fight Nights, starting next week with our new Thursday showtime. Be sure to follow Boop on
Twitter and over at the Little Legends Podcast! Have a great day!

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