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Hearth By Daylight Interview: DANinahurry

It was just a few weeks ago I met Dan for the first time. Within the first minute of watching his stream, I could see that his enthusiasm for streaming and love for Dead by Daylight radiate. Few Hearth By Daylight episodes later (and a ton of insta-heals consumed,) it was only necessary that an interview be in order. In our discussion, we talk about DBD, life growing up, and finally address the Red panda in the room. Without further ado, here’s DANinahurry.


AD: Surely there have been instances throughout your streaming career where people enter your stream and merely state: “You’re a *insert incorrect animal here*”. How did the Red panda come to be? What significance does it have not only for your stream, but for you?

I remember the first time someone asked, "Are you a dog?" I was so shocked. It made me laugh so much to hear someone even ask that. I had always been asked if I was a fox, raccoon, and Red Panda which is the correct one. Dog definitely took the cake and still makes me chuckle to this day when people say it. I've always loved Red Pandas. When I saw I could be one on Facerig I was instantly sold. I didn't even bother picking anything else or looking at anything else because I was instantly attracted to the red panda. I feel like now the Red Panda is somewhat of an identity for me. That's what people see me as... Dan the Red Panda Man. I feel like when I do end up face revealing one of these days the Red Panda will always be there whether it be theme or future merch.


AD: What’s something about Dead by Daylight that never gets old? And, for that matter, what’s an aspect of the game that has gotten too old?

Looping is fun as hell. Especially when you add a flashlight to the mix and some nice window jukes it can be quite amazing. 4k hours later and I'm still enjoying it all. The thing that has gotten old has been the exhaustion add-ons that killers are able to use against survivors. Very outdated and shouldn't be in the game.


AD: You were once known as furryinahurry. How did the change come about, and what does it mean to be a furry for those who don’t know or understand?

A lot of people have different interpretations of what it is to be a furry but I feel like if you enjoy anything furry related, whether it be art or otherwise, you can consider yourself a furry. Honestly, I was tired of being flamed for it. Almost every day I had someone that would come into the channel to flame me about it. Even off stream sometimes I'd get hate messages about it. I kind of wanted people to love me for who I am or hate me for who I am... not because of a name.


AD: Tell us about the moment you knew that streaming was meant for you, and what keeps bringing you back daily?

I remember seeing other streamers do it and thought to myself...that looks really fun. A few months into streaming it became so much more than that, the people I met, the experiences we shared, and just everything streaming had to offer it became my everything. I considered the community like a family to me. They mean so much to me. The community keeps me coming back daily.


AD: Whenever I watch you stream, you bring so much energy and charisma to the table. What throughout life has influenced your identity? How did you come to be the entertainer you are today?

I've always been a bit of an energetic person. I feel like the charisma comes with the whole me learning as a kid that being a straight shooter was the right way to deal with things. Speaking your mind as long as you didn't say it in a bad way went a long way.


AD: What was lifelike growing up? Who influenced you the most, and what videogames sparked your love for them?

I feel like my father really influenced me the most. He was quite the gamer growing up when it came to gaming on that Nintendo 64 and I always strived to beat him. He would let me win a good amount of the time and I would get mad if I lost. I feel like my favorite video game was Banjo Kazooie, I loved playing that game with my father...and playing Mortal Kombat.


AD: Tell us about an experience that, at the time difficult for you to get through, made you a stronger person today.

In Elementary school I would get bullied for being the quiet kid with no friends. I guess they kind of figured me an easy target. What did I do? I made friends, I got out of my shell and talked to people. I made a bunch of friends, I was outgoing, and I did end up being the cool kid people loved. I feel like it really created my outgoing personality to who I am today.


AD: With Thanksgiving right around the corner, how are we feeling about it? Yay or nay? And if yay, what are some of your favorite dishes?

Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday hands down. What could be better than having some nice mashed potatoes with gravy, turkey, and some delicious flaky rolls that just wrap it all together.

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