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McIntyre's - Alarak Done Right
What is up HeroesHearth, McIntyre here, today I wanted to post both an update on what I plan to be doing going into the new year as well as a teaser to what it'll look like. Today's post is going to be about Alarak as he's a hero many players don't understand and I want them to have a better concept of how to play him as well as how to play against him. I plan on starting this video series back up when the new year starts as well as possibly doing a coaching stream once a week where I coach one of you on any hero you'd like. Teaching players how to play heroes right as always been something I've been passionate about with heroes and hope even with the pro scene gone I will still be able to do, with the support from YOU! If this is something you'd love to see or be apart of comment below and let me know, as well as comment to let me know what hero you'd like me to make a video on next.

Anyways here is the link to the first video

Build breakdown happens in the video which I'd watch but if you want to hop into a quick game here's my current favorite build 
Extended Lightning
Reduce Sadism by 10%. Quest: Hit Heroes with the center of Lightning Surge. Reward: After hitting 5 Heroes, increase Lightning Surge's range by 20%. Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes, Lightning Surge's center also Slows enemies by 40% for 2 seconds. Reward: After hitting 3 Heroes with a single cast, increase Sadism by 10% and instantly gain all other Rewards.
Negatively Charged
Increases the Lightning Surge damage bonus to enemies between Alarak and his victim to 150%. Repeatable Quest: Each time you hit an enemy Hero with the center portion of Lightning Surge, increase the center damage bonus by an additional 4%.
Applied Force
Reduce Sadism by 10%, but Telekinesis pushes 20% further and has 20% increased range.
Alarak becomes Protected and Unstoppable while channeling for 1 second. If an enemy Hero attacked Alarak during that time, Alarak sends a shockwave forward that deals 275 damage.
Pure Malice
Increase Sadism by 10% any time an allied Hero dies, up to 40%. Sadism gained from Pure Malice is lost on death.
Lightning Barrage
Hitting an enemy Hero with center of Lightning Surge allows it to be cast again for free on a different primary target within the next 2 seconds. This free cast cannot benefit from Lightning Barrage.
Hasty Bargain
Activate to permanently reduce your Sadism bonus by 4% and reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.
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