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One More For the Road, the Future of Lords of the Storm

Four years and 200+ episodes. Man what a journey it’s been. We never dreamed that when we started Lords back in 2015 as friends that just wanted to talk about Heroes of the Storm that it would become what it is today. Unfortunately, all journeys eventually come to an end. When we started Lords, we did so because we were passionate fans of Blizzard, and of Heroes. It was never about making an income, or hitting numbers, we did it because we loved to talk about the game. Sadly, with the events of the past months, we’ve had to take a long hard look at where our passions lay.

Being a content creator is quite a bit different than being just a player of the game. In our case, we are a lot more emotionally invested in the community, in the state of the game, and in the people who work on it, many of whom are friends. So when large upheavals happen, such as the canceling of HGC, the shrinking of the Heroes Team, and mass layoffs throughout Blizzard (which included one of Heroes amazing Community Managers, Lashes) it takes its toll on us as well from a community creation standpoint.


After a long meeting on Sunday where we hashed out our feelings and where we were at, it became clear that, as a whole, we have lost a lot of our passion for Blizzard as a company, and to an extent, for Heroes as a game. This isn’t to say that Heroes isn’t fun anymore, or that we’ll never play again, it is, and we will. However, we will all be taking a step back from Heroes as our primary game. In doing so, and in general with what is mentioned above, we no longer feel that we can continue to produce what the community deserves from a Heroes of the Storm Podcast.


This decision wasn’t easy. This has been our Wednesday night for over four years, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We are beyond grateful for the relationships this show has opened up along the way. The community for Heroes is the best, period. There are so many amazing streamers, community members, and content creators that we wouldn’t know if not for this game. We want to thank you. The community, the creators, the listeners, the patrons, HeroesHearth, and the entire Heroes Development and Community Teams for allowing us to be a part of something we’ll never forget.


Our final episode will be this Wednesday night, February 20th at 9cst live on twitch.tv/heroeshearth, with the audio episode going up as usual on Thursday morning. We hope you can come join us to share in memories and goodbyes as we close out the show, as well as talk about some of our future plans individually.


Thank you Heroes of the Storm for an amazing ride,


TBKzord, Gizmozord, Multizord  

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I can't yay this as its so sad to know that I have one less heroes discussions podcast that I loved to listen to weekly.  However with decisions from the corporation driving our beloved game if not doing the podcast you think impacts them from making these decisions (id maybe start a community wide petition like the current one calling for the guy making the calls to step down, and I'd happily sign that), I understand that.  I understand the bitter taste that's left in every lover of this community's mouth.  It straight up sucks.  I still have to keep playing and supporting the community, as like you said, its the best community and I can just hope more groups that have such a positive impact on the community don't leave as well.  I look forward to more grassroots community based podcast participations and hope the existing ones can keep going.  Thank you for everything you guys have put into this over the years, I can see it, and am grateful to have an archive of it to catch up on to get more educated on what I've missed as well as continue to enjoy the dynamic you guys had.  
for every ending there's a new beginning. For every opportunity taken away, there's another one waiting to be grabbed.  I'm really hoping to see people build and support non corp affiliated groups like HHE has, come forward and have streaming content and podcast content, and show activision where they made a big mistake with this game.  This game is the best moba there is, with all the people who've left and are forming new groups/companies I can see potential to make this better, or a game just like it the way it was supposed to be.