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PoGo Passport wants YOU!

Hello Trainers!  


We hope you have been enjoying the fun stuff that is starting to appear here on PoGo Passport! There are amazing new things being built here every day and we’re excited to show you more of them very soon!  


But where does all this cool content come from? Creators like… you?!  


We are looking for more content creators to collab and work with us here at PoGo Passport! We’re looking for video creators, PoGo streamers, blog writers, and more! If you’re neck deep in PoGo and want to work on some of the coolest projects with us here, reach out!  


If you’re not a creator yourself but know someone who makes great PoGo content that you’d like to see work with us, drop a recommendation!  



Contact our head of PoGo content Kiyeberries (thats me!) on Twitter @Kiyeberries or by email at brittany@HeroesHearth.com  


Have a great day, friends. Get out there and catch ‘em all!

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