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Darkrai Raid Guide

Darkrai has been out for a minute, in fact, he will leave raids later this week. If you haven’t stocked up on this beastie, I’d like to give some pointers on defeating Darkrai in 5 skull raids!

Darkrai is a pure Dark type Pokemon from Gen IV. As a raid boss, he has 22,500 HP and a CP of 65,675. On catch, his CP will come down to between 2,048 and 2,136 without a weather boost.

Like all Dark type Pokemon, Darkrai is weak to Fighting, Fairy, and Bug type Pokemon and is boosted by Foggy weather.

This is a difficult raid, considered by some to be a “Tier 6” raid due to the high health and defense stats Darkrai has as a boss. Recommended raid size is 4-8 high level trainers.


Dark type

Difficult in smaller groups

Weak to Fighting, Fairy, and Bug

Boosted by Fog

Moves: Snar, Feint Attack - Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast

Very Difficult - at least 5 trainers with level 35 top counters

Best Darkrai Counters Overall:

Machamp (Counter - Dynamic Punch)

Togekiss (Charm - Dazzling Gleam)

Hariyama (Counter - Dynamic Punch)

Toxicroak (Counter - Dynamic Punch)

Heracross (Counter Close Combat)

Breloom (Counter - Dynamic Punch)

Blaziken (Counter - Focus Blast)

Gardevoir (Charm - Dazzling Gleam)

Granbull (Charm - Play Rough)

Emboar (Low Kick - Focus Blast)

Yanmega (Bug Bite - Bug Buzz)

Pinsir (Bug Bite - X Scissor)

To Save Revives:
Versus Focus Blast, prioritize Togekiss, Gardevoir, and Granbull. Fairies take less damage from Fighting. Fighting type take reduced damage from Dark, and should be used versus Dark Pule (and Shadow Ball). Fairies take increased damage from Ghost and should not be used Versus Shadow Ball.

Cloudy Weather boosts both Fairy and Fighting!

Budget Darkrai Counters:

Gallade (Low Kick - Close Combat)

Poliwrath (Rock Smash - Dynamic Punch)

Donphan (Counter - Play Rough)

Primeape (Counter - Cross Chop*)

Clefable (Charm - Dazzling Gleam)

Dragonite (Dragon Tail - Outrage)

Look for Pokemon with Fighting Type moves, Fairy moves, or Bug moves. Move type is just as important (if not more so) than the Pokemon’s type.

Great graphic breakdown from PokeBattler to help:

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