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Kerri Saves Azeroth!
We just wrapped up today's first episode of Kerri Saves Azeroth! Massive thank you to everyone who stopped by to support HeroesHearth's new venture into Warcraft Retail content, and help us out in dungeons. I wouldn't be able to save Azeroth without you all.
I've been playing wow for 15 years now like most of us, and getting the chance to head to BlizzCon this year (thanks again Blizzard ANZ!) only fueled my fire for what's to come in 8.3 and beyond. I'm thrilled that HeroesHearth invited me to start this legacy with you all and I couldn't be more excited for our journey in Azeroth together. It's an understatement to say that this show is a dream come true for me.
With so much content available now in retail, as well as Shadowlands slated for late next year, here's some of the things we'll be looking forward to on Kerri Saves Azeroth:
- Horde & Alliance war campaign story
- Gearing up for Shadowlands
- Reliving previous raid content, transmogs, mount farming
- Catching up on BFA raids & mythic+
- Achievement hunting, pathfinder & allied race preparation
- Battlegrounds event days
- P̶o̶k̶e̶m̶o̶n̶ Pet hunting

If there's anything in particular the YOU need help with to progress in World of Warcraft, for example flying mounts, allied race rep or dungeon achievements, let me know! Let's help each other have the best experience possible being bad-asses and ****ing **** up, as Workhorse would say.

We encourage you to join our HeroesHearth communities by searching for “HHE” in the Guild & Communities finder, through the "Find a Community" tab. We have guilds on Nagrand (Alliance) and Thrall (Horde) as well (DM me for details), but if you’re in the NA region on ANY realm we’ll be able to invite you to groups and chat via the in-game communities!

Join the HHE communities for both Alliance and Horde to join our adventures!
If you missed today's episode, we not only finished the The Legend of Korrak Alterac Valley event for our PvP mounts, but leveled from 90-101 in one day! We should have highlights available for your soon, but here's the VOD from HeroesHearth and a VOD from my Twitch channel in the meantime to enjoy.

Catch Kerri Saves Azeroth live every Saturday! However, our live schedule will be a little disrupted in the next few weeks due to the #GamingTuesday charity event and me being out of town.

We’ll be live during the following slots (all times PST):

  • Wed Dec 4th 8PM-2AM

  • Wed Dec 18th 8PM-2AM

  • Sat 3-6PM EVERY WEEK moving forward from Dec 22nd! This will be followed by continuing the fun on my Twitch channel (twitch.tv/kidkerrigan) from 6PM-10PM PST.

Next stream we'll be continuing to level to 120 and preparing for the 8.3 patch War Campaign story, so we can experience it from both perspectives.

Together we can SAVE THE WORLD! Oh, and don't forget to stack that bonus XP at the Darkmoon Faire ;)
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