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The Mastersclash is coming!
Hey folks, JoyK here. 
It's been a while since I last posted something on here that had anything to do with the HoTS community or tournaments, but don't worry, I have returned!

In the beginning of February I was approached by an association that called themselves the Mastersclash. They told me about their great plans to bring an actual LAN tournament to Europe specially for Heroes of The Storm. I admired their ambition and passion to, even after the death of HGC, still invest in HoTS. 

Their idea was clear: Host a LAN Tournament in Paris at the 20th & 21th of July this year for Heroes of the Storm with up to 250 live viewers (seats). 

They struggled with gaining trust of the community and asked me as a community streamer/caster to back them up as an event partner. As small of a streamer/caster I am myself, I was quite flattered by this offer and I agreed to it. They were already being backed up by some well-known faces from the French scene such as Mene and Malganyr. 
I tried my best to back them up and contacted several of the teams I have contact with to compete, luckily to success. I was asked to also help out with the communication in English, which then appointed me as PR. 

As the PR I think it is important to keep everyone up to date about everything so here I have a small summary for you. I must say that I'm not an admin nor an organizer, just in charge of the communication.

At the start, the tournament was supposed to be 100% crowdfunded, but the organisers have done a great job talking to brands to sign sponsorships to help us out. As well as the support that has come from the community, special thanks to Granit Gaming for that!

1. How much do we currently have on the 13 000€ needed to realise this LAN?

We have 7000€ + Crowdfunding
The 7000€ are from :

The crowdfunding campaign is currently sitting on 3,5k and is still growing! This is a community effort without any personal profit for any of the organisors involved. They invest in this out of passion for the HoTS community and ofcourse the game itself. If you feel the same way, be sure to contribute!

2. What are the sponsorships that help out in another way:

-Town hall of the event room (50% rent of the room for free)
-Monsters Energy (Fridges, Drinks, animations)
-Gwardbox (Computers Network Security)
-OmenByHP (12 computers & 12 computer screens)
-Scoup eSport (2 Giant Screens & small extras)
-HyperX (Headsets & noise-canceling headphones + items to give away)
-Nitro Concepts ( Gift of 16 gaming ArmChairs)

All of these sponsors are of great help to making this event happen!

3. What's happening if the crowdfunding is not completed within the set goal?

The crowdfunding campaign is only used for the cashprizepool, so if the goal is not met the cashprize will be smaller. If it's exceeded we can look into ways to support players travelcosts. 
If somehow the LAN is cancelled, which is not to be expected, all the money will be refunded through Paypal.


4. How can I help ?

-Participate in the crowdfunding (https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8dvONvir9A)
-Participate to the Masters Clash Series Tournament 
-Talk about the event around you
-Join our Discord (Discord.gg/GxBzKWY)


5. Who is the staff ?

Creator: Eppsi
Administrators of tourny&event: CrossAlbeo, Robb
Community Manager: Ouille
PR: JoyK

So having said all this, we are now a few months further and closer to the actual LAN. 
In the effort to get the community to trust the association and hype up the tournament, and its name, two 'MastersClash Series' were organised with a different bracket for pro's and amateurs open to everyone to compete in. In the first series 19 teams signed up and 16 on the second series. In both of these series we saw a heavy representation of DivisionS players with Go Next and Granit Gaming ending high in the standings of both these series. 
Big names from the scene stepped up to broadcast these series to the public, such as Khaldor, Tazzdingo and ofcourse Malganyr who has been helping out from the very beginning. Yours truly also casted the series and will be casting at the actual LAN, but we'll talk about that another time. 

For now this tournament is looking like it's definetly going to happen, as we've arrived in the final stage of preparations. Still we need the community to support it as we're approaching July!
Any contribution to the crowdfunding will up the cashprize and even give us the possibility to look to support players' travelcost to get to Paris. 
We need you community! 

On behalf of all of us, 

The Masters Clash Staff
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