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Quick Facts: Spell Power vs Damage Reduction vs Armor
Hi there, I have been meaning to make a quick informative explanation of this for a while since I've felt this is a topic that very few people fully understand so here goes nothing.

Damage reduction abilities like Tassadar's Null Ray and Ana's Debilitating Dart work very differently with other modifiers, namely spell power and armor, than people would initially think so this hopefully will clear things up.

Let's start with Spell power vs DR. Put simply, Damage reduction does not effect spell power or attack damage in any way. It is a separate modifier with no interaction.

This video should show that pretty clearly for those doubting:

With that out of the way, let's move on to damage reduction vs armor:

This one's a bit more intuitive but still requires an explanation. Damage reduction and Armor scale multiplicatively with one another, meaning you can never reduce someone's damage all the way to 0 by combining them. 

Once again, here is a demo for proof: 

(Bonus Points: I didn't notice this when making the original recording, but Raynor's trait has some strange interactions with damage reduction and armor. His base auto's when 75% reduced and hitting a 25 armored target deal 32 damage, but his trait did 192 damage! I've already sent this clip to blizzard, but something seems a little buggy here.)

Anyways, hope this was informative and helpful. If you have any more questions or things you want me to test, let me know down below.

For now, have a nice day,
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Very informative and good to know. Would be super nice if the game itself did a better job of making things like this more transparent