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Heccu: Interview with Tempo Storm Jun at HGC Western Clash, Katowice 2018

Hellllooooooo, fellow Heroeshearthers!
Heccu here from Katowice, Poland. :3

The Western clash started today, so I will do my best to keep you updated with some interviews.
The first one, that I filmed yesterday at 11 PM, is with Jun from Tempo Storm. He shares his thoughts about the teams present at the Western Clash, Hero League and tells the story of his Kiev adventures during the last Western Clash.

Enjoy the interview!

Important note: if you wish to make a translation of this interview, feel free to contact me through hencyheccu@gmail.com

!!! A Russian version of this interview will be provided by Tavern of heroes (hots.tavernofheroes.net). Tavern of heroes (hots.tavernofheroes.net) подготовит перевод для всех тех, кто заитересован в русской версии данного интервью.

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