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Week of 10.6: Top Items for Ranked
Hallo! Today I'll be going over the top items for ranked in 10.6! Honestly so far this patch has had a healthy diversity of items to play with many options for physical/magical damage, defensive items and utility items. I'm personally quite happy with there being so many viable items though it does mean there's a lot of options when it comes to top items for ranked. I'm going to try to limit it to about 10 different items so let's get into it!

Alright to start it off I'm going to go over the physical carry items that you're going to commonly see played in ranked. Giantslayer is up first as it was buffed quite significantly going into set three. Another reason for it being a strong item is a lot of champions and traits use on-hit effects quite well. The best example of this is Blasters that will hit multiple enemies and apply any on-hit items such as Giantslayer. Jinx is the best carry to give Giantslayer which is reminiscent of set one where it was also her best item. Overall this is a great damage item to give to a lot of different physical damage carries.

Next up is another carry item, Bloodthirster. This item is being played more often, alongside Gunblade, because the grievous wounds effect to 50% in set three where it used to be 80%. That makes it so a champion can still heal a significant amount even with the healing reduction. On top of that there's a lot of physical carries in set three such as Jinx, Shaco and Irelia that all use this item quite well.

Continuing the theme of items made from a Sword let's talk about Guardian's Angel. Not much has changed in regards to this item but it's still one of the most potent items you can play on a wide variety of champions. Most often you're going to see it on either a carry or a champion with an important ultimate you want to guaranteed go off like Gangplank. The value this item brings in keeping a carry alive longer in a fight is insanely high since there can be a lot of ways for them to get one shot or CC'd and killed. Definitely put this high on the list of defensive items to give a carry or anyone you really need to have their ultimate go off on.

The next defensive item to go over is Bramble Vest! I'm sure it's not a surprise as I praised this item a ton in set two and while the front-line options early game in set three may not use this item as effectively as champions from set two it's still a great item to make. Early game it's still great on champions that hard to kill such as Leona or other Vanguards and it goes extremely well with Xin'Zhao in Protectors. The Super-Mech is also fantastic to give this item to as it makes it insanely hard to kill. I'll admit it's not as dominant and necessary as it was in set two but it's still a damn fine item in set three.

Alright it's time to talk about these next two items because they are the elephant in the room of 'probably should be nerfed'. Red Buff and Morellonomicon got a huge buff to the damage they do going into set three that's really inflated how strong they are. While it makes sense to compensate these items after grievous wounds got nerfed it's likely a bit too much as both items do exceedingly well in the meta right now. Red Buff in particular is insane early game on champions like Lucian and can often net you a win streak just from having this item. Morellonomicon sees a bit less play comparatively but with a lot of large AoE magic damage ultimate's it still gets a ton of value from champions like Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Ekko and Aurelion Sol.

A surprisingly good item in set three is Ionic Spark. Granted it was buffed by a decent amount since it now reduces the magic resist of nearby champions. Because there's a lot of magic damage, especially AoE based magic damage, this item can get a ton of value. Place it on Neeko in Star Guardian or Rakan in Protectors and it'll do quite well. Late game it's fantastic on Gangplank or Aurelion Sol. I highly recommend making this item if you're playing any build that's magic damage heavy.

Speaking of magic damage we definitely should talk about Dragon's Claw. It's an item that definitely felt weaker in most of set two outside of a few specific champions but in set three it helps a ton in keeping key champions alive against all of the magic damage. Look to give it to Xin'Zhao in Protectors to make him ultra hard to kill with magic damage or throw it on a Mech-Pilot champion to give the Super-Mech magic resistance. I'd say it's not a necessary item all the time but it's going to always get a lot of value when you make it.

Another returning item from set two that I always praised is Hand of Justice. The versatility of this item really makes it worthwhile to grab for any carry whether they are more physical damage based or magical. Whether it rolls healing or damage it's going to be good and the fact it's built from a Tear makes it fantastic for a lot of low mana champions. As mentioned with Giantslayer since there's a lot of champions and traits that do well with on-hit effects it makes Hand of Justice quite good with the healing effect. Definitely highly recommend this item if you find yourself with a Tear and Glove.

Alright for the last item I wanted to touch on one Spatula item specifically and that's the Demolitionist's Charge. I imagine this won't be as valuable in future patches assuming Gangplank gets a nerf but for the time being in 10.6 it's one of the better options when you get a Spatula. Of course this is primarily when you're playing Rebels but since it's one of the most popular builds right now it's going to be a fairly viable option to make someone into a Demolitionist. Aurelion Sol and Miss Fortune are the two best options for this item when playing Rebels as you're likely to be running both. The other situation where this item can be useful is in a Mech/Infiltrator build as it can be okay to give to Kai'sa.
Whelp that's it for top ranked items! As I said there's a ton of viable items you can go for and this list is by no means the only ones you should play. It's a nice change from previous metas where items felt fairly limiting and if you didn't get X item you felt way behind in the game. There's one more article left this week and then we're waiting for the new patch! 10.7 will also be when Galaxies are released and that's likely to really shake up how to play the game quite a bit which is exciting! Thank you for reading! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ for great TFT resources and if you want to check out my twitch you can find it here and my twitter here! GiantSlayerTFT also produces a lot of TFT content if you wish to check it out here! Thanks!

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