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Week of 10.3: Top Items for Ranked
Hello! As mentioned in my other articles for this week I'm focusing entirely on the meta of 10.3! My top champions post is up which you can find here and my meta breakdown here so next up we're going to go over top items to look for in 10.3. This will strictly be about completed items and not the components as I addressed what components to look for in the meta breakdown. Do note that the items not listed here aren't necessarily never worth making they just have a lower priority. With that all said let's get right into it with the top items for 10.3!

At the top of the list is Bramble Vest! Made from two Chain Vests, this item has found its way to being heavily sought after in 10.3. It performs the best early game but is strong throughout the whole game on front-line champions that are hard to kill. In particular for early game look to put it on Wardens or Druids as they are the hardest to kill. Leona is great for this reason and so is Maokai, both of which can often carry you early game if you get them two-starred and have a Bramble Vest on them. If you find yourself having a hard time getting two Chain Vests it's okay to not make this item and instead use the vest for Guardian's Angel later on in the game.

Speaking of Guardian's Angel, that's next up on the list for top priority items! This item has always been a staple for most metas because the survivability it provides to a front-line champion is fantastic. In 10.3 that hasn't changed as there's plenty of strong units to give this to. Sion, Yasuo, Yorick, Malphite and Taric are just a handful of great champions to give this to that increases their ability to survive as well as guarantee they get an ultimate off. It's also a decent item for important carry or support champions you wish to keep alive if you're worried about them getting bursted. You don't have to prioritize making it super early in the game as it really shines towards the mid to late game more so than early, that said it's still great to have early game if you need an item to make.

Next up we have Guinsoo's Rageblade! I rate this item higher in priority than Guardian's Angel as it's just such a great choice for many carry units in 10.3. While Bow tends to be heavily contested early game, Rods often aren't so if you find an early enough Bow it's generally easy enough to get the full item early on in the game. Azir is the best champion to give this item to but Kindred, Ashe and Twitch are all great with it too. Often times the carry unit will be paired with Karma and between her attack-speed buff and the ramping effect of Rageblade it tends to stack rather quickly. Definitely a staple item to look for in most compositions.

Ah, Zephyr. My personal favorite item in TFT it has been incredibly useful to make since set 1. While it's never at the top of item priorities it's always just under them as an incredibly useful item to make. Generally it's not going to get the same game-winning results in the early game it's still great to make as right now Belt & Cloak don't make into a ton of great items so it's really easy to just make one when you have the components for it. Always try to keep it on a flexible champion for your board so you can maneuver it as you wish, in particular Assassin's are great for it such as Qiyana. Another way to use it is placing it in the front-line to mess with other players front-line positioning. Fantastic item, really.

A few days ago I'd have said this item was at the top of the priority list but as the meta has settled it's shown to still be strong just not as strong as it originally was at the start of 10.3. Don't get me wrong it's still great for Rangers and can even be used outside of that but the items listed above have a bit more general impact on the game whereas this item is definitely mainly used in Rangers. Ashe will be the Shiv holder though Twitch is an okay substitute if you're unable to find her. In the early and mid game you can throw it on an Ezreal or Vayne and it will do well or if you want to place it on Kindred that works too even if you don't plan to go Rangers. 

While Statikk Shiv is primarily a Ranger item, Hand of Justice (or HoJ) is seen most often in Yasuo carry builds. Of course it's also used as a general carry item so don't think the only time you have to build it is for Yasuo, it works just fine on all carries because it has a chance to roll the damage buff. Even on Mages or magic heavy champions like Lux it's a strong item. While it is lower on the priority list the components for it are still fairly contested. Even though it's most likely to be played in a Yasuo build but don't be afraid to play it on other champions like Kindred, Ashe or Twitch.

Quicksilver may seem a bit out of place on this list especially because how often do you really see it made game to game but I argue it's an incredibly important defensive item to look for in the late game. So many times a carry will get CC'd and not be able to do anything in a fight and you lose or at the start of a fight your important champion get's Zephyr'd. This fantastic item stops that all completely. I personally recommend it on any carry champion but in particular I like it with Azir because his summons only do damage when he's attacking and CC is his natural counter. While not as useful early game or even mid game, this item is almost a must in the late game depending on the lobby.

As we round out the bottom of the list I felt it was necessary to mention an item that was so contested in 10.2 that has fallen quite far in 10.3, Infinity Edge. It is still strong for Rangers on Twitch it has overall lost a lot of it's power due to the nerf it received in 10.3 and it isn't as contested as it once was. That said it's still a good item for a lot of physical damage carries and since Rangers are so popular it's likely you will have a hard time getting either component most games. 

And coming in last for item priority in 10.3 is Bloodthirster! It's last in my priority because it's a bit of a niche item but still is played more often than a lot of other items that makes it worth having on the list. Primarily you will see it played on Yasuo but it also is one of the best items for Kha'zix in Summoner/Assassin builds. Outside of those two it's definitely not played as much though it can work decently well on Ashe since Crystal makes her harder to kill and BT will heal her up. On top of that all there is a lack of priority for Morellonomicons this patch so it's possible to play in a lobby with this item where no one is countering the healing.

Okay that's it for the top items of 10.3! Keep in mind, again, this isn't meant to dissuade you from making items not on the list it just means they aren't as commonly played or seen as important to go for. There is one more thing I want to talk about before going and that's Spatula items!

Since Spatula was removed entirely from the carousel it's much harder to get any of the items in most games. If you are able to get one from PvE then here's a quick few items to look for that can be good. At the top is Force of Nature as getting two Spatulas is basically winning the lottery right now and since it's so rare having an extra champion on your board is a huge boon in the late game. It's rare but the times it happens are fantastic.

Next I'd say making Azir or Zed into a Light unit is still super strong if you're able to in Summoner/Assassin or if you're lucky enough to get a Spatula early in the game (at Krugs) you can even do a 10.2 build with 6 Lights Azir. Turning a champion into a Blademaster is also not bad right now for Yasuo compositions since it nets you 4 Blademaster which is often what you want to do in that build at level 8.

Inferno is great when you're running Shadow/Inferno though it's not a necessity most of the time, especially on Inferno map where you can play Qiyana. Sion is the best champion to give an Inferno item to in that build. Lastly we have a Mage cap! Another super good and sought after item from 10.2 it has become incredibly rare to see it most games in 10.3. While Ocean/Mage is still playable it's much weaker in 10.3 because Spatulas are so rare. If you do find yourself with a Spatula while going that build than you likely will top 2 with 6 Mage/4 Ocean (much like 10.2!).
That's all for top items in 10.3! Thank you for reading and hopefully this article alongside my other 'Week of 10.3' posts are useful to you as we finish up the last week of 10.3. I've personally enjoyed this patch and it's always interesting to see items become popular after a bit of time like we're seeing with Bramble Vest now. I'll be back next week with a patch notes review for 10.4 and the week after that will be the 'Week of 10.4' articles on the meta for that patch!

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ for great TFT resources and if you want to check out my twitch you can find it here and my twitter here! GiantSlayerTV also produces a lot of TFT content if you wish to check it out here! Thanks!
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