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Week of 10.17: Top Champions for Ranked
Hihi! Welcome to the beginning of another 'week of' series of articles where I delve into various aspects of the current meta! Today, as usual, we're starting off with a look at some of the top champions for ranked. This isn't meant to cover all of the possible champions that are doing well but instead we're highlighting just a few to look out for. I do try and stay away from champions with very specific requirements so these are generally good champions for different stages of the games and fulfill different roles. With that all said let's get to it!

Alright starting off we have to talk about Ziggs. Ziggs is definitely one of the best opening one cost champions you can find to carry you through stage two and well into stage three. Later on in the game he does fall off but he's still plenty useful by providing Demolitionist for Gangplank or the Super-Mech (until he's replaced). Even though his late game impact is mainly as a trait bot he can still be useful with items like Blue Buff or Luden's Echo to try and help your Jinx get resets. Generally though whatever items you give him will be sold and given to either Aurelion Sol or Gangplank.

Let's get back to his early game though as that's definitely where Ziggs does the best. Pair him with Malphite and another Rebel along with either a second Brawler or Rumble. Those combination of traits and champions should be enough, assuming you've two-starred Ziggs, to win streak you through the early rounds. Honestly if you high roll an early Rebel start you're set to coast til the beginning of stage four and Ziggs is essential for that.

Next we have Ahri! Ahri is a bit of a catch-all type carry. She's great early game and slowly falls off from there until eventually you replace her with Syndra or a different carry. Unlike Lucian who benefits from his traits, Ahri can do well on her own as long as you give her items. Blue Buff and either Deathcap or Morellonomicon are common but really any items can work for her including physical damage as she's just meant to hold onto carry items.

As mentioned she does fall off as the game goes on but that's totally fine since her presence in the early game, meaning stage two through early stage three, is strong enough to warrant playing her.

Since we mentioned Ziggs earlier we have to talk about ole Rumble, right? Well, yeah. Basically Rumble does a lot in the current meta. He's a beast early game and does well in the mid and late game. He's part of both Mech compositions as well as Rebels, although in Rebels hes mostly a stand-in until you find Gangplank. Even with Demolitionist he can does a lot of damage on his own making him a great front line champion.

Syndra is on today's list mainly due to the strength of Star Guardian/Sorcerer of which she is the main carry of. Sure later on you may have a Viktor or Xerath providing additional damage but Syndra is the cornerstone of this build. This is due to the fact she can output so, so much damage as long as the fight goes on long enough.

What that means is instead of just raw damage from her ability she benefits from ramping up as each time she makes more orbs with her ultimate, the next cast is going to do more. And when she does more damage she's likely to over-kill one champion and in turn focus down another. She's designed perfectly within the Star Guardian/Sorcerer build as it provides her a means to ramp up with mana generation while having decent stalling potential between Neeko and Janna.

Much like Rumble we see Fizz in a lot of places within the meta. Of course he's important for Mech but outside of that he's just an all around strong Infiltrator for a variety of compositions. Fizz does good AoE damage to the back-line while also providing crowd control to them which means he almost always has value. Basically if you're running an Infiltrator like Zed, Ekko or Shaco make Fizz your second Infiltrator and you'll get a lot of value.

Vanguards are still one of the top defensive traits in the game. While we could talk about almost every Vanguard we do need to narrow it down and it's between Jayce and Wukong for a spot on this weeks list. The reason Wukong squeaks out the advantage is due to how commonly played he is. This has a lot to do with his second trait, Chrono, but also just the fact he provides crowd control.

Don't get us wrong though, Jayce is still an amazing front line champion and one we'll always recommend but the amount of work that Wukong can do is hard to pass up. We're also at a point in the meta where you see Chrono splashed in a lot and often times Wukong is one of those champions. Basically he's hard to kill, has an amazing ability that stuns and has a useful secondary trait.

Ekko is a champion that can absolutely wreck late game compositions. The fact is he can win fights almost by himself if he gets his ultimate off early enough in a fight and it has good targeting. For example if you're playing against a Jinx composition but the Jinx is just a constant issue you can try to tech in Ekko 2 and he'll deal with her amazingly well. This is due to the damage his ultimate can output but also the slowing effect. A powerful late game duo is the combination of Ekko and Fizz which can really be played in almost any build.

Oh, and we should mention that Ekko is an essential part of Cybernetics. Once you manage to find him and two star him the chances of winning with that composition goes up tremendously.

Astro/Sniper has been a top composition for quite some time, basically since the mid season update. The strength of it has varied but the most consistent aspect of it has been the crowd control of the build. Between Nautilus, Gnar, Wukong and Teemo you get so much CC. And Teemo leads that pack of units because he not only has amazing crowd control he has damage that's comparable in impact to Jhin.

Sure Jhin is better against single targets and has large swings in his damage but Teemo with Blue Buff and Morellonomicon is a mushing shooting machine gun. The frequency of which he's able to cast as well as the damage he does against clumped up champions makes him more valuable than Jhin within Astro/Sniper. The only problem is you almost never see Teemo outside of that build which is a shame considering how strong he is in it.

Janna really takes the cake as a late game powerhouse champion. While her trait, Paragon, isn't much to write home about it's made up for by the fact her ultimate is ridiculously good. Throw a Shojin or two on her and Janna will hard carry late game fights by constantly stunning the enemy team. At the moment she's more or less been relegated to Star Guardian/Sorcerer but she's still valuable outside of it if you're able to provide good items for her as well as two star her.

That said she's a key component to late game Star Guardian/Sorcerer and a big reason as to why that composition is so strong.

And last but not least is Gangplank. Gangplank received the smallest of nerfs in 10.17 and shockingly it's left him completely unaffected. He's still crazy strong late game between the amount of damage he can output and the crowd control he provides. The main downsides to Gangplank is that you do want to two star him and his traits, besides Demolitionist, are not that great.

Okay yes we acknowledge there are times that four Space Pirates can do well but consistently they will always struggle as finding Gangplank early enough for the trait to be relevant is difficult. And Mercenary? Well, double strike is amazing for sure but the other two upgrades are basically just gold sinks. Sure if have eight extra gold to spend on them it's worth but really you can go every game playing Gangplank 2 without his upgrades and still do perfectly fine.

All in all Gangplank remains of the strongest late game five cost champions and has a huge impact on the meta between Rebel and Mech builds.

That's all for today folks! As usual keep in mind these top champions are just a brief look into the current meta. I'll be covering more aspects of the meta as the week goes on so be sure to check those articles out! As always a big thanks to everyone that reads and supports these articles, I appreciate it a lot! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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