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Week of 10.15: Top Items for Ranked
Hihi! Welcome to another 'week of' article where I dive into different aspects of the current meta which is currently patch 10.15! Today is, of course, a look into a few of the top items in ranked. These are commonly played items that tend to impact the game quite a bit. With all that said let's jump on in!

Starting it off I have to talk about Shroud. Shroud of Stillness is a bit, well, ridiculous right now. It's so good at slowing down so many champions and compositions by providing an AoE version of essentially Mana-Reaver. Sure it does require you to position it properly but honestly the AoE is large enough you're almost always going to hit at least one important champion. It also provides dodge for the wearer which can be incredibly frustrating to play against for players running champions like Jhin.

The other top item to talk about for the meta is Last Whisper. Yep, Last Whisper is still insanely good. Why? Because Vanguards have taken over as the dominant front line option after a few nerfs to some of the Protectors. So if you want to run a physical damage carry like Jhin, Vayne, Irelia, Xayah or Jinx you, well, need this item. Otherwise you can sit back and enjoy watching your carry attack the same Vanguard champion the whole fight. Basically you will want this item almost every game or you will have to rely drastically on magic damage to kill the enemy front line.

Speaking of magic damage, Blue Buff is an essential item for a certain champion known as Teemo. And you know what Teemo does? Magic damage! He's very good into those pesky Vanguards as well as good into any clumped up champions or Infiltrators. Blue Buff enables him to do all of that! There are other champions that use Blue Buff of course, such as Cassiopeia or Syndra but let's be honest. If you have Blue Buff you're looking for Teemo.

The other Tear item to talk about is Shojin. Shojin enables so many champions right now that it's a tough question of whether you should save your Tear for it or Blue Buff. Just think about the number of champions this item is good on; Janna, Ashe, Bard, Thresh, Lulu, Urgot, Karma, Soraka... I think you get the point. Of course you're not going to give it to all of those champions every game but when you do their effectiveness goes up a ton. Specifically Bard with Shojin, in the early game, is insane!

Zephyr. I've highlighted this item so many items on this list I honestly don't know what more I can say about it. It's a great utility item, even if you're not likely to prioritize it every game. It is a nice use of a relatively useless component, Cloak, along with Belt which doesn't have that many uses either. I will say that if you want to effectively use Zephyr make sure you're cheesing it as much as possible. By that I mean having it on your bench and using it at the start of the round to guarantee you hit the champion you want to.

Next is good ole reliable Guardian's Angel. There's been a small resurgence of Quicksilver and Trapclaw but neither of them really hold a candle to the usefulness of Guardian's Angel. It's just the best defensive item without a doubt. It's useful on your back line carries, important front line champions and just all around useful as all heck.

Ionic Spark may not be as good as it was prior to its nerf but it's still important in the current meta. Why? Two reasons. First is that most builds run a mix of magic and physical damage right now. Snipers have Teemo and Jhin. Jinx is a mix of physical and magic damage. Cybernetics has.. well, some magic damage. Basically you're almost always going to have use of the magic resist reduction.

This is especially true because Mystics, specifically two Mystic, is really common right now. Most players are going to run two Mystic at some point in their build and Ionic Spark helps against that.

To end today's article there's two specific components I want to talk about. First is the Sword. Sword, right now, can be used for so many different items it's kind of absurd. Beyond those we already talked about it can be used to make Deathblade, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster and Giantslayer. Sure you're not always going to run these items, though I'd argue Infinity Edge is the most common of them, but the fact you can use Sword for so many items is ridiculous. It really highlights its importance in the game right now, and should be the gold standard for balance when it comes to other components.

Compare Sword to Cloak, for example. Cloak is used for a few items, sure, but it's so far down in priority compared to every other component. Imagine if it was essential to as many items as Sword, it would really increase the amount of useful items in the meta. Sorry for the tangent but I really wanted to drive home how good Sword is as a component and how not great Cloak is.

The other component to talk about is a bit harder to find but that's the Spatula. Besides the obvious choice of Force of Nature, there's a ton of choices you can make with Spatula right now. Granted you're not always in a position to use it, especially when it drops on Raptors. But in a lot of cases you should be able to find a use of it. The top ones I'm thinking of are Infiltrator, Rebel, Protector, Dark Star, Star Guardian and Battlecast. Even Blademaster and Celestial are potentially useful.

I will admit it's not always feasible to use a Spatula for any of those traits but the fact you can use it practically for any of them makes Spatula far more valuable as a general item than it ever has been. I'd just like to say hats off to the balance team for that as Spatula has come a long way. It used to be this win-more item for specific meta dominating compositions and it's now at a point where you can generally find a way to use it that's just a benefit to your composition and not a must have. Personally I vastly prefer that over what it used to be.

Alright that's all for today! Despite my mini-rant about Cloak, I will say that components, in general, are decently balanced right now. There's certainly some outliers but overall you can use any component to make a useful item. That said, please buff Cloak! Thanks for reading and I'll be back tomorrow with my last article on the meta of 10.15! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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