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Week of 10.13: Top Champions for Ranked
Hihi! Welcome back to another 'week of' where I dive into different aspects of the meta with daily articles all week! Today is, of course, top champions for ranked! Forewarning this list is heavy on the legendaries because they are just too damn good right now in the meta. Of course there are other meta defining champions here as well but I think almost half of the list is five costs! Anyway let's get to it!

Alright to kick it off we've got Thresh. Thresh did get slapped by the nerf bat in 10.13 but he's still one of the best solo champions you can toss into your composition at level nine. He enables so many champions by pulling them in and giving them mana that it's hard to not value him as a champion.

In particular the best champion you can pull in is Urgot. Urgot is good on his own and is part of the meta but I'd say he gets a lot more attention because of his interaction with Thresh, specifically Thresh 2. When pulled in he can cast almost immediately so as long as you position Thresh properly you can manipulate the available targets for Urgot to grab. This interaction makes these two champions pair extremely well together.

Besides Urgot there's many other champions you can have on your bench to pull in such as Lulu, Janna, Fizz, Gnar, Wukong and Blitzcrank. And on top of all that, Thresh has great traits. Chrono is one of the best splash traits in the game and while Mana-Reaver has become a much more limited trait with the removal of Kassadin it's still great in Cybernetics. Basically Thresh has so many solid aspects about him it's always worth to play him at level eight or nine.

Next up is Jinx! Jinx continues to thrive after being nerfed as one of the best, if not the best, four cost carry. She's played in several meta compositions such as six Rebels, four Brawler and even in Mech. That flexibility in playable builds makes her highly valued but on top of that she can use a decent variety of items. The top two default items you can go on her are Last Whisper & Infinity Edge as the standard AD item pair but you can also give her Deathblade, Runaan's, Redbuff and Giantslayer.

The bottom line about Jinx is that she can output a lot of damage, is relatively safe in the builds she plays and doesn't need super specific items to carry.

Good ole Gnar is back again as a top meta champion because his ability, despite a small nerf to the stun duration, is still extremely good. The amount of CC he can dish out by displacing the enemy team with a stun is, well, amazing. And he's hard to kill with not only being a Brawler but also receiving help when transforming.

Unfortunately Astro hasn't been doing as well in 10.13 because the main build you would play it in, Astro/Sniper, isn't consistent enough to be a top composition. But luckily for Gnar he's amazing on his own and fits into the multitude of Brawler based front line builds that are currently playable. So even if you're not playing him for Astro you can still have him in your front line.

Ezreal is continuing to leave his mark in the meta due to his ultimate in 10.13. On top of his ability being fantastic by doing essentially an AoE version of Mana-Reaver he also has two useful traits. Chrono, as mentioned earlier, is one of the best splash traits in the game. Blaster is way less impactful than Chrono but you do need to take into account the fact that Ezreal is going to be paired with Jinx most of the time. So he enables her with Blaster and you're almost always going to have Chrono when running him. So as far as utility champions go he's near the top partially because of his ultimate but also to make Jinx an even better carry.

Another returning front line champion is Wukong! With nerfs to Nautilus it's really cemented Wukong as the top dog for Vanguards given the amount of CC he provides while having a great secondary trait, Chrono. He's played in so, so many different builds as part of the front line. He may not be the star of the show but he's definitely the foundation of which a lot of builds sit upon.

Ekko is scary after the changes to him in the mid season update. He's an easy example of the design philosophy they went with in the update as they wanted legendary champions to playable despite their traits. And Ekko really takes that design to heart as he's broken free of his need to be tied to just Cybernetics. Now you can play him in a lot of different builds as the eight or ninth champion. Pair him with an Infiltrator like say, Fizz, and boom! You're good to go.

Of course Cybernetics are also doing really well in the meta which makes his value even higher. A piece of advice when playing against Ekko, which is likely most games, is that you want to avoid having Quicksilver on your carry. If they do he will often focus them down during his ultimate as their attack speed won't be slowed. 

We've got one last legendary champion to talk about and that's Aurelion Sol. He's... ridiculous right now. The buffs he received in the mid season update were enough to finally make Aurelion a huge threat in the meta. One of the main reasons is that his fighters can now drain mana and mana drain has historically been extremely strong in TFT. 

Aurelion tends to be thrown into builds using Rebel but he also can be played in a multitude of compositions. This flexibility is increased further if you manage to procure either a Spatula or a specific Spatula item as you can turn him into a Protector or Battlecast for more value. Besides those items he does well with Morellonomicon, Warmogs and even a Luden's Echo which is notoriously not a great late game item but is surprisingly decent on Aurelion. Overall this starship is near the top of the list in contested champions for 10.13.

Vayne is absolutely bonkers as a three cost carry in the current meta. She rivals even Jinx as one of the best back line carries because of a few reasons. Obviously number one is her trait, Cybernetics. Getting bonus health and attack damage makes her more of a threat as well as harder to kill. On top of that another reason is the tumble aspect of her ultimate. When used she becomes untargetable momentarily meaning champions attacking her will drop aggro and certain spells will fizzle out against her. That increases her survivability by a ton.

Lastly she just does a lot of damage between Cybernetics, Sniper, the damage bonus of her ability and the items you give her. Those items will be AD focused with Last Whisper & Infinity Edge being the standard combination though Deathblade is not a bad choice.

Fizz has finally done it with the mid season update, he's become a real champion! Woo! It's been a long time coming for Fizz to be playable outside of Mech and in 10.12 and 10.13 he's been showing his true power. Honestly almost any current build that can find a way to fit Fizz in, should. He's that useful. A displacement ability that stuns and does a huge chunk of damage, generally on the back line which is often the enemy carry, uh yes please?

Besides being playable on his own or with another Infiltrator in a lot of builds, Mech is also still doing quite well as a meta composition. That makes Fizz even more valuable and is quite contested right now. You may even find it difficult to get Fizz two starred or find him at all with how popular he is.

Viktor makes it onto this weeks list but it was a close race between him and Riven. Both are essential parts to the Riven/Sorcerer compositions and Riven is used in other similar builds but Viktor took the prize because he's often the main Sorcerer carry. Riven is also a lot more item dependent whereas Viktor can be a bit more flexible.

Tear items are definitely a necessity for him but you can go one of three routes, Blue Buff, Shojin or the Star Guardian Spatula item. All three can be used on Viktor, or mixed and matched together depending on what components you got that game. A damage item is always welcome but again most AP items can be okay like Morellonomicon, Deathcap and even Jeweled Gauntlet. 

Outside of Sorcerer there is the potential to run Viktor in a Battlecast focused build but you're going to primarily see him in four or six Sorcerer based compositions.

And the last champion for today's list is Ahri! You may have noticed there's a lack of one cost and two cost champions this week and a big reason for that is how the current meta is playing out. That being everyone is playing extremely aggressive with their leveling which lowers the value of one cost champions. When you can roll into two, three and even four cost champions more often early on in the game you don't really have to seek out one cost champions to stabilize your early game.

That's where Ahri comes in as one of the few early and mid game two cost carries that's doing well in the meta right now. She can be played to hold onto items and be sold later. They can really be any items you want though being a Sorcerer she preferably wants magic based items. She works best when you can transition from her into another AP carry such as Viktor, Cassiopeia or even an early Aurelion Sol.

Outside of being a carry she is used as a stand-in Sorcerer for builds using that trait as well as three Star Guardian but she will shine the brightest early on in the game as a two cost carry.
That's all for today folks! This weeks meta is eerily similar to last weeks so don't expect too many surprises going into this week of articles based around the 10.13 meta. As always I really appreciate you reading these articles and thank you for all the support! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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