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Week of 10.12: Top Items for Ranked
Hihi! I'm back with another meta article for 10.12! This is my usual look at top items for ranked which I should point out doesn't mean these are the only items you should make. They are simply some of the better ones worth considering but items in general should be seen as situational. Let's get to it!

Okay I know I just said items should be seen as situational and Last Whisper can be that but... It's such a necessity in the current meta for any auto-attack based carry. With Vanguard being so popular and so strong you absolutely need this item to shred their armor if you're running a champion like Jhin, Vayne, Jinx or Irelia. So yeah Last Whisper breaks my typical mindset of every item is situational because it's so gosh darn good/necessary for the current meta.

Alongside Last Whisper you have Infinity Edge. These two items go so well together now both before the change to Infinity Edge but especially after. Now that it grants 100% critical chance you're guaranteed to always proc the effect of Last Whisper which makes this item a must have if you're running the former. I do think there's some styles of play we haven't figured out with IE and say Jeweled Gauntlet but for the time being make this item anytime you're running Last Whisper and you'll be good to go.

Quicksilver for once isn't being paired with Trapclaw because the current meta heavily favors CC immunity more so than blocking one spell. Don't get me wrong, Trapclaw is still good it's just the amount of crowd control the game has right now makes Quicksilver way more important for your carries and front line alike. Plus there is a ton of random spells that can proc Trapclaw that makes it less effective.

There's two main issues though with Quicksilver. One is that fights often get stalled out longer than 10 seconds so the value the item provides is rather short for the whole fight. Second is that it currently gets countered heavily by Ekko. Ekko will focus his attacks during his ultimate high attack speed champions so if you have Quicksilver on your carry then it's more likely Ekko will kill said champion as the attack speed slow won't be applied. Therefor this item is both valuable and kind of scary to run so just be aware of these issues in your games.

So, Ionic Spark has always been a good item for sometime since they changed it to reduce the magic resist of nearby champions. But in the current meta it has become almost a necessity because of how popular Mystic is. Slap this item on a front liner and watch as your magic damage champions (hopefully) melt the enemy front line. Another great thing about Ionic is how universally good it is. You can make it early game with no real detriment to your composition later as it gets good value regardless of your build.

Morellonomicon is for sure valuable on many champions with the most obvious one being Cassiopeia. It's a core item on her since casts often with a DoT effect. This gives her extra damage that she is otherwise missing as well as the healing reduction effect which makes for an incredibly potent combo on her. Several other champions can use this item effectively as well but it's definitely seen on Cassiopeia the most.

Another Cassiopeia item is Blue Buff! I was wondering how this item would do after it was changed to being unique but so far it's doing well in the meta. It's good on Cassiopeia, Teemo, Riven and several other champions. It seems like double Tear isn't going anywhere just yet despite being nerfed in multiple ways throughout the last few patches.

So Thief's Gloves is in an interesting spot because it's not an item you really prioritize, right? I mean Gloves are incredibly contested right now for Last Whisper/Infinity Edge so trying to get two of them just for this item is difficult. Essentially the purpose of this item is either an early game power spike or utilizing it late game on third or fourth carry champions. For example Gnar and Wukong are great examples of champions this item does well on as giving them extra stats is beneficial but prioritizing any items on them is difficult.

Ah, Warmogs. It now gives a flat 1,000 HP which... is a lot, like a lot a lot. Overall it's likely better than it previously was because that much health is great for any front line champion but it also has the benefit of making Protectors much stronger. The reason being is that Protectors gain a shield based on health so naturally getting 1,000 more health is pretty good for that. I don't think Warmogs is something you ever prioritize right now but it is definitely a good option if you can make it.

Alright my standard spot on the list for Zephyr! It's a great utility item. Make one per game and you won't be disappointed.

I debated on what defensive item should be here; Guardian's Angel or Bramble Vest. I settled on Bramble because it does have use against the popular combination of Last Whisper/Infinity Edge. While the armor is negated by LW it still blocks the extra critical damage of Infinity Edge which is quite helpful. Guardian's Angel, on the other hand, is still a good defensive item but the fact Urgot can nom a unit through it really makes the prioritization of that item much less. Until that functionality is changed between Urgot and Guardian's Angel I'll likely make it less and Bramble Vest a bit more.
Pretty quick list today as I don't want to get to deep into saying what's a top item because everything is still up in the air after the mid season update. There's definitely some clearly strong items which is what I tried to highlight but who knows what we'll see pop up in the next week or patch. As always I super appreciate you for reading this so thank you! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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