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Week of 10.10: Trait Tier List
Hello there! I'm back again today with my last article for my Week of 10.10 series! Honestly the meta is pretty good in terms of diversity of traits so the power difference between each tier is not that much. Overall reroll compositions are what's dominating the meta but even within those builds the synergies are varied. With that said let's get to it!
To kick things off we’ve got S Tier which consists of Mercenary, Valkyrie and Demolitionist! This tier is for synergies that are consistently seen in top three placements and are dominant in the meta.

The first trait to talk about is Mercenary! This trait is essentially about how dominant Gangplank and Miss Fortune have become in the later stages of the game. Both champions do a ton of AoE damage that only gets better with each Mercenary upgrade you pick up for them. Without the Mercenary upgrades these two champions are still perfectly viable but having those upgrades is important for consistently getting top three finishes.

Gangplank in particular has really taken over the meta at level eight and nine as he’s the type of champion that can be played in multiple compositions by himself. All he really needs is a Guardian’s Angel to make sure his ability goes off at least once. After that any additional items on him are just a bonus. Make sure to pair him with another Demolitionist so that his ability not only does good AoE damage but also stuns!

Up next in S Tier we have Valkyrie! Much like Mercenary this trait is all about the champions more so than the trait itself. Miss Fortune, Kai’sa and Kayle are all valued carries in the current meta with Kayle being extremely versatile. Kai’sa is primarily played in Mech/Infiltrator but with how vital she is in that composition it keeps her relevant in the meta. And Miss Fortune was already touched on in Mercenary but the amount of damage she can do late game is absurd with both Valkyrie and any Mercenary upgrades.

The Valkyrie trait itself is the cherry on top of all of the fantastic champions this trait has. Because it only requires two units it’s very easy to fit it in with any composition which makes both the champions and the synergy itself quite flexible.

And for the last synergy in S Tier we have Demolitionist! Demolitionist can be niche at times but there’s two main reasons as to why it belongs in the S Tier. 

The first reason is that it’s by far the best trait to turn another champion into using a Spatula. Because of that you’re able to make certain champions extremely strong such as Kai’sa in Mech/Infiltrator. The second reason is that Gangplank is currently one of the most sought after late game champions and having a second Demolitionist for him is essential. Those reasons really make this trait shine in the current meta and make it a must have if you’re ever looking to run Gangplank or Mech.
Okay let’s move on to the A Tier which consists of Brawler, Void, Blaster, Celestial, Chrono, Mech-Pilot, Infiltrator and Blademaster! This tier is all about strong traits that you commonly see in top four compositions and are overall consistent.

Up first is Brawler! Brawler is important because having a strong front line is necessary for any composition. Because this trait is a health increase it’s not as easy to counter as say Vanguard which is weak against both magic damage and the item Last Whisper. While there are items, such as Red Buff, that do better against high health targets or champions like Miss Fortune who does damage based on the targets health, there aren’t a lot of weaknesses for Brawlers. The Brawler champions are also quite versatile and whether it’s two or four Brawler you’re likely to see this trait played in multiple meta compositions.

The new hot pairing with Brawler, which isn't new at all, is Void! Void wasn't fully figured out early on in 10.10 but nearing the end we see now that it, along with Brawler, is a really strong trait. This is mainly due to the strength of Kha'zix 3 though Vel'koz is no slouch and carries his weight well for this trait. Cho'gath is really the only one suffering from being mediocre in Void but the other two carry him well enough. This is definitely the surprise trait of 10.10 as it looked poised to fall back into obscurity with the mana printer nerf.

Moving on we’ve got Blaster up next! Blaster remains a popular trait mainly due to Jinx and Miss Fortune. Jinx has fallen slightly off as a main carry but is still a key champion in several builds and to complement her you’re going to want at least one other Blaster. Miss Fortune we’ve talked about several times and as she has two easily splashed in traits it makes sense to have both of them in when playing her. Overall this trait isn’t as reliant on four Blaster as it was in previous metas but at every stage of the game you can easily be running two of this synergy and you’ll find it to be useful.

Our next two traits are the two premier splash traits you’re going to want in most compositions starting with Celestial! Celestial is a super common trait to splash in at later levels as having a bit of healing for your team is quite valuable. Not only that but a lot of the champions in this trait are viable in the meta such as Xayah, Kassadin, Rakan, Lulu and Ashe. Having multiple viable champions and being an easily splashed in two piece synergy makes this trait highly valued.

The second splash trait you’re going to see almost every game is Chrono! After going through a bit of a rework this synergy has found its place as a fantastic splash trait. Generally you’re going to only run two Chrono as getting that initial bump of attack speed is going to do the most, especially later in the game when team fights are quick. Much like Celestial this synergy is just really easy to fit in at later stages especially since it also has viable champions like Shen, Wukong, Thresh and Blitzcrank. Even Caitlyn and Twisted Fate are valuable as one cost champions throughout the game in the right compositions.

Alright it’s time for the usual pair of traits, Mech-Pilot and Infiltrator! These two have remained a consistent threat in the meta and even though the build of Mech/Infiltrator has had its power reduced it’s still a key composition in the meta. Not much really needs to be said about these two traits that hasn’t already been said. Although it is worth noting Infiltrator has applications other than Mech/Infiltrator as it’s still seen in Cybernetics with making Irelia an Infiltrator and also has had play in Void/Brawler with Kha’zix as one of the carries.

At the end of A Tier we have Blademaster! This is a trait that you’re going to see played a lot as a lot of the champions are viable with both Xayah and Kayle as top tier carry champions. Overall this trait is an essential part of multiple compositions but is never the main star of any particular build.
Let’s move on to the B Tier which consists of Cybernetic, Mana-Reaver, Sorcerer, Space Pirate, Rebel, Vanguard and Sniper! This tier is all about strong traits that you may not play at every stage of the game but have value in the right situation.

Kicking off B Tier is Cybernetics! Cybernetics have definitely fallen out of favor as a six piece synergy although you will still see them played and they can still do well. The inconsistency of six Cybernetics is the main reason as to why they’ve fallen down to B Tier but what keeps them afloat is how versatile the champions are and how common it is to see hybrid builds using three Cybernetics. Besides Ekko all of the other Cybernetics can be useful in the right composition and having three in for the trait bonus is a great addition. This trait is still consistent as a three piece but be wary of going for six as it’s much harder to pull off than in previous metas.

Next we have Mana-Reaver! Mana-Reaver is, well, amazing. But it’s also limited in the situations you will run it. Kassadin and Thresh do help make this trait easier to play consistently but overall the times you’re going to run Mana-Reaver are more niche than some other two piece traits like Celestial or Chrono.

Sorcerer has fallen down in patch 10.10 mainly due to there being less magic focused compositions. The trait itself is still useful and can be splashed in easily but with Candyland being nerfed and mana printer not being as reliable there’s less reason to have Sorcerer based builds. That said it’s still a fantastic trait and worth splashing in if you’re playing a more magic damage focused composition.

Space Pirates still do well early game but after that there still isn’t much of a place for them. Space Jam is a playable composition though it’s not reliable enough to force every game and four Space Pirates are still struggling to work late game. The champions of this trait are amazing but as far as the trait goes, play it early game for extra gold and transition out of it.

Up next is Rebels! This synergy can be great if the right conditions are met, which basically means having Jinx 2 with carry items and Gangplank 2 with Mercenary upgrades. In that situation it’s a useful trait although it’s less about the trait itself and more the champions. The inconsistency of this trait is why it’s in B Tier but overall it’s still useful in the right circumstance.

Nearing the end of B Tier we have Vanguards! Two Vanguard is a strong early game synergy but in general it isn’t as valuable or flexible as say, Brawlers. That said it’s definitely worth running early game and having a second Vanguard to pair with Wukong later in the game.

Lastly for B Tier is Sniper! Sniper has been on the rise again with Jhin builds and Caitlyn is an important champion in Shredder but this trait is still limited in where and when you will want to play it. It basically is a trait dedicated only to Jhin, which is great when you’re playing Jhin but doesn’t have much use outside of that situation.
We’re nearing the end of the tier list but up first we have the C Tier which consists of Dark Star, Mystic, Protector and Star Guardian! Basically these are traits that are playable in niche situations but overall aren’t essential to play most of the time.

Dark Star is first up in C Tier as a trait that has fallen off quite hard. While Xerath 2 is still a strong carry as well as Jhin, the trait itself isn’t as important. Generally if you want to run one or both of those champions you can do so without the Dark Star trait or if you do it’s likely only three Dark Stars.

Mystic is still a worthwhile splash trait in the situations that you need it. But there are fewer times in the meta that you’re going to really need Mystic as magic damage compositions aren’t as prevalent. That said Karma was buffed drastically in 10.10 so playing her with a carry can be worth it and Lulu is always fantastic to run late game.

Next we have Protector! Rakan and Jarvan are actually really good champions in the meta but there isn’t really much of a place for Protectors as far as the synergy goes. It’s a nice shield buff when you’re running Rakan or Jarvan but the impact of this trait overall is fairly negligible.

The last trait in C Tier is Star Guardian! Despite there being a small resurgence of the Star Guardian/Sorcerer build the fact remains this trait just doesn’t do enough to warrant it being higher in the tier list. Sorcerer as a synergy is vastly more impactful than Star Guardian and Seraphs or Chalice can serve the same role as Star Guardian. Overall this trait is just too niche, especially with the Candyland composition being weaker after it was nerfed.

Our last tier and trait to go over is the D Tier with Starship! Honestly Aurelion Sol isn’t that bad when two starred with full items in a six Rebel build. But it’s just too specific and oftentimes you can have better results without him. Outside of Rebels you’re also almost never going to see Aurelion Sol. Unfortunately until he receives significant buffs or some type of rework it looks like the D Tier is going to remain the Starship tier.
And that's all for today's article and the end of this weeks dive into the 10.10 meta! Much like 10.9 it has been enjoyable due to the diverse amount of builds but I do agree with a lot of complaints that reroll builds are too common. Not only are they common but they also really outshine a lot of other builds and are much easier to run. We'll have to see how 10.11 tackles this issue or if we're going to be waiting until the mid season update in 10.12. Thank you for reading and I'll see y'all next week for my patch review! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ for a great TFT resource. You can find more of me here on my twitter and here on twitch! Also GiantSlayerTFT produces a ton of TFT content so be sure to check that out here!
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