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Week of 10.10: Top Items for Ranked
Hello! Welcome back to another 'Week of 10.10' article where I explore different aspects of the 10.10 meta. Today is a look into a few of the top items for ranked. These are items are by no means the only items you should make as the item meta is fairly diverse right now. The items listed here today are mainly all around solid items or are super important for specific builds/champions. Let's hop on in!

I'm going to kick off this weeks list with the Spatula item, Demolitionist's Charge. The reason is I want to really highlight just how good Demolitionist is and because of that how much of an impact this particular item can have. Generally it's going to be a core item on Kai'sa in Mech/Infiltrator but it does have a place anytime you're running Gangplank. It's especially good in Rebels on say Aurelion Sol though most of the time it's perfectly fine on a champion like Miss Fortune. I don't recommend making this item every game but if you plan to go Mech/Infiltrator or end up having a Gangplank it's a must have item for sure in those situations.

Quicksilver & Trapclaw continue a bit of the above them about Mech/Infiltrator. The dodge item style of Mech items has opened up more ways to itemize your Super-Mech as defensive Glove items provide a whopping 20% dodge. Outside of Mech, both of these items are core items for carry champions in a lot of games. Xayah, for example, is allowed to pop off early on in fights with Quicksilver as she can't be CC'd meaning her damage output is interrupted. Trapclaw is amazing at countering specific champions that have channeled cast times like Miss Fortune or Vel'koz. It's also a good counter against Infiltrators like Kai'sa. Both of these items are essential to the current meta.

Shroud of Stillness may seem odd to be on the list as it's not really something you make most games. Oftentimes you end up with it because either it was a full item on a carousel round or you had nothing else to make with your remaining components. To me that's totally okay though because later on in the game this item has a ton of value. It slows down the first cast of multiple enemies so when you scout and position it well it can shut down most of an enemies board right from the beginning. Or you can specifically target important champions like a Gangplank or Vel'koz to slow down how effective those champions are early on in a fight. Lastly it also provides some dodge chance which makes it great to slap on a front line or even the Super-Mech.

Up next is another item pairing as Red Buff and Morellonomicon serve a similar role as they both apply a burn effect and reduce healing of the target. For most of set three Red Buff has been the more common of the two and has had a greater impact in the meta because of Blaster but Morellonomicon has really become a staple item for quite a few champions and builds now. Kai'sa, Kayle, Vel'koz and even Gangplank or Miss Fortune can all use Morellonomicon effectively. Red Buff still remains a primarily Blaster focused item. Both of these items definitely have a place in the meta it mainly depends what composition and champions you end up focusing on.

The next few items are about consistency. Starting off is Guardian's Angel as it remains a top tier item for all of set three. While it has taken a slight back seat to some other items it's still one of the few items where you can make it regardless of your build or champions and it will still be useful. Whether it's placed on a back line carry or an important front line champion, Guardian's Angel is easily one of the most universal items currently.

Zephyr is another consistent item that you're likely always going to get value out of. It's remained so almost all of the life span of TFT so far because it's just such a versatile utility item. Being able to disable specific enemy champions right away is so, so useful and really hammers home the importance of scouting and positioning. It's a fantastic item that you will never regret having at least one of every game.

Ah yes, Bramble Vest, the item I praise every single meta. It's still such a good front line item, especially early game with the buff to two Vanguards. While Last Whisper does counter it slightly, Bramble Vest remains a must have defensive item for your front line. Especially if you're playing Mech as it helps keep the Mech alive much longer than pretty much any other item. This item is just another one of those that whenever you make it you're going to find a use of it regardless of what build you're running.

So Last Whisper has fallen down slightly in how necessary of an item it was compared to 10.9 but to me it's still incredibly useful. Being able to lower the armor of any front line champion really helps your physical damage carries shred through those harder to kill tanks. It's no longer a must have item sure but it's perfectly fine to make for any non-magic damage carry. Look to pair it with Infinity Edge to increase both items effectiveness.

Okay Seraph's doesn't quite fit into my criteria for this list because it's not that flexible of an item. Sure it's good on Kai'sa and useful for Vel'koz or Miss Fortune but you can get away with not having this item on those champions. It's mainly on the list because of how insane it is on Ziggs. Ziggs did get a hotfix nerf early on in 10.10 but hyperroll Ziggs is still strong if you secure the necessary four Tears for double Seraph's. If you can, this item and Ziggs can still hard carry. And as mentioned it's still an item that's useful for a few of the meta champions so while I don't think this item is a must have or even that flexible it's worth keeping in mind whenever you have a Tear.

And the last item on today's list is Deathblade! It was buffed to now begin with one stack and that has made all the difference for this item. It was more hyped up at the beginning of 10.10 than it is now but the fact is it provides a ton of extra physical damage for any non-magic carry. It's especially good on Xayah since Last Whisper fell off slightly in priority. Overall Deathblade is great if you're planning to run champions like Xayah, Jinx, Irelia or Shaco.
That's all for today! As mentioned these are not the only viable items in the meta but more or less a snapshot of what you're commonly going to see or items worth keeping in mind. The item meta has been great in recent patches as you can almost always use early components to make something useful which has been rather rare over the course of TFTs history. Thanks for reading and I'll see y'all in my last week of article later this week! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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