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Week of 10.10: Top Champions for Ranked
Hihi! It's time for another 'week of' series of articles where I delve into various aspects of the meta, wahoo! Today is, as usual, a look at top champions for ranked! These champions are either flexible or great pick ups at various stages of the game. Basically a champion you're going to commonly see in games that isn't highly dependent on any one particular thing though there are two exceptions to that which I'll go over later. Anywho let's get to it!

Twisted Fate is still going strong in 10.10 as a great early champion that you can still hyper-roll for. Candyland did get a nerf and is played less but Twisted Fate remains a key champion for that build nonetheless. Outside of that, as mentioned he's a great option early on through stage two and early stage three as an item carry. He's also been creeping up in the Void/Brawler build where you hyper-roll for him, Kha'zix and Malphite. Overall as far as a one cost champion goes he has quite a lot of versatility in the meta.

Okay so Lucian is once again back on the list for the same old reason as before. Good early game with Cybernetics and Blaster and carries items well, especially Red Buff. I'm thinking that maybe his time in the sun is beginning to dwindle but that said I'd still always recommend running him if you get Red Buff, two star him early and have three Cybernetics. Later on in the game he's much less important and is often going to be sold but still has a place if you're looking to run six Cybernetics.

Ah, Graves. This champion is still insane useful at all stages of the game because a four second blind is so strong. Especially given how many auto attack based carries there are being able to blind them is huge! Whether it's early game or late game he has a good chance of giving you value from his ability. On top of that Blaster is still a useful trait to have in the meta and Space Pirates early game is fantastic.

Shen is on the list this week because of how often he's played and in various different builds. You may not give him items and let's be real he's mostly there two cast once and die but the amount of time he buys in the front line is insane. Not only is he a stellar tank he's also got two very useful and common traits, Chrono and Blademaster. With those two traits he's easy to fit into many, many builds such as Shredder, Chrono Kayle and Cybernetics. He's a solid pick up at any stage of the game as well.

The Shredder Queen is still going strong in 10.10! Xayah did lose five attack damage in patch 10.10 but that hasn't slowed her down as she's still able to carry in Shredder. Outside of that build just having her two starred early game with a couple of items can help you win rounds through almost all of stage three. The buff to Deathblade has also made items less specific for Xayah as now you can play for Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Runaan's and Deathblade instead of the first two being the only playable damage items. All in all, Xayah is still a dominant hard carry and flexible item holder throughout the game with two useful traits.

Weirdly enough this list is sort of Space Pirate heavy but it felt necessary to include Jayce as he's a fantastic mid game front line unit. With two Vanguard being buffed it's easy to fit him in with another Vanguard which is enough to make your front line really strong. And on top of that he does good damage with his ultimate. And! He's a Space Pirate so he has a place early game if you find him quick enough to get you some extra gold. You can't go wrong with picking up Jayce to bolster your front line.

Alright here's where I run into two champions that are exceptions to my typical rules for this list. Miss Fortune is the first and the reason why, generally, I wouldn't have her on the main top list is how dependent she is on being two starred with Mercenary upgrades. But even without that she still proves useful it's just for her to hard carry she needs to be level two with at least one Mercenary upgrade. She's easily one of the strongest late game carries and pairs well with a very popular four cost champion, Kayle. The downsides are it's hard to two star her and Mercenary upgrades are expensive and without Quicksilver she's likely to get interrupted when casting but those things aside she's a worthwhile pick up late game for a lot of compositions.

And Gangplank is the second exception to my usual rules for this list. Those reasons are the same as Miss Fortune; expensive upgrades, hard to two star. But even without upgrades and being level one as long as he has a Guardian's Angel he's generally going to get at least one ultimate off late game and boom! Most of the enemy team is stunned. Throw in an upgrade, two star him and maybe an extra item and boom! Most of the enemy team has taken a ton of damage and is stunned. Basically as far as late game AoE damage goes, Gangplank is the king with Miss Fortune being the Queen. 

Ah, Jinx. Jinx is still doing well as a versatile four cost carry though she's fallen off ever so slightly. Basically she's amazing in the mid game and early late game but does get out shined by the AoE damage of Miss Fortune and Gangplank. But that said she's still highly contested and strong as hell when you two star her. If you find her early and two star her you can run her in multiple builds, even as just a one off strong champion even if you don't make use of her traits.

Okay so where Jinx has fallen off just a bit, Kayle has continued her dominance as a four cost carry. In fact I'd say she's even more popular in 10.10 than previously as you will almost never go a game without seeing at least two people playing her. A big reason as to why, besides the obvious one of her doing good damage, is how darn flexible she is being playable in many compositions. There's the standard builds of Chrono Kayle and variations of that but many times you can just make a Kayle 2 and slap her in and she's going to do well. Overall it's impressive how versatile this champion is. Keep in mind though she's going to be highly contested so always scout!
Okay so I don't often do honorable mentions but this week I wanted to touch on three champions that I think are maybe either underrated or underutilized.

First up is Karma! Karma got an insane buff in 10.10 to the attack speed her ability provides which should make her a perfect partner for most carries. But there hasn't been a ton of builds focusing on her in that role even though, to me, she's in a state comparable to set two where she was almost always paired with a carry. I think once more people begin to use her she's going to become a staple champion in a lot of builds.

Okay so Rakan is quietly played in a few compositions like Shredder and Space Jam but he doesn't seem to get a lot of attention otherwise. The CC that he can provide is great and he's a Celestial which is almost always a useful trait. Protector is kind of meh and not that important most games but Celestial is splashed into so many builds. He may not be a staple late game unit but early game and mid game I can easily see him being a common pick up.

And lastly is Kassadin. I don't really think he's underutilized or underrated but he isn't really given credit for how useful he can be. Occasionally someone will preach how great he is but in general he feels like a silent carry. An AoE disarm, being a Mana-Reaver and providing Celestial makes him incredibly flexible and impactful. Overall I'd say Kassadin is likely played plenty in the meta but darn it, let's give him the credit he deserves!
That's all for today! These lists are always fun to think about for me because I try to make it about champions that are versatile as being flexible in what champions and traits you play is a helpful tool at getting better. Thank you for reading and I'll be back later this week with more 'week of 10.10' articles! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ for a great TFT resource. You can find more of me here on my twitter and here on twitch! Also GiantSlayerTFT produces a ton of TFT content so be sure to check that out here!
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