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Set 2 Guide to Hyper-Rolling
Kog'maw more like Pog'maw
Heyo! I'm Faye and this week we're going to discuss... hyper-rolling! It's not a new strategy, in fact it's been around since TFT originally came out on PBE but it has become very popular with the release of set 2. Let's dive into what it is, the strategy behind it and what compositions/units work the best with it!
Hyper-rolling, which is also referred to has re-rolling (or the meme name, hyper refresh) is when you save up gold, don't level and roll to hit early 3 starred units. The main focus of the strategy is hitting 1 cost units as 3 stars to give yourself a power spike very early on to stabilize your economy and play off those few strong units. In set 1 it was very popular when the game first came out although that was partially because drop rate chances were different and more in favor of finding 1 cost units. There were other times hyper-roll was strong (Void/sins for example) due to the power of certain traits and units.

So, why is this strategy popular and is it effective? The main reason it is popular is due to the ease of playing it -- you don't have to worry much about early and mid game economy or transitions when your focus is rolling for upgrades. I'll get into the break down of how to play hyper-roll but when you have a very clear idea of what your game plan is, it's a lot easier to execute when everything is new. This was seen at the start of set 1 as well because everyone was new to the game so focusing on just rolling for one or two units and traits makes the game a bit easier to adjust to and it's the same for set 2. 

It's effective because 1 cost and 2 cost units that are 3 starred early in the game have a lot of hit points and do good damage. It means you can have only 5 units out on your board and still win against someone with 7 units on their board. What makes Predators so good with it is they also have an execute as their trait so having more hit points means your units live long enough to get the enemies to that 25% execute cut-off. It's also not uncommon to see Light, Inferno, Woodland or even Mage hyper-rolls but definitely the best and most common is Predators.

While it is a very common strategy right now it is not perfect. It's still reliant on hitting those units early and getting them 3 starred so keep that in mind when you're going to play it. Scouting is immensely important with this strategy because more than one person contesting the units means it's less likely anyone is going to get them 3 starred especially in set 2 with the reduced unit pools. With that said let's get into breaking down how you go about playing hyper-roll!
As I stated above, hyper-rolling is a fairly basic strategy. There isn't a lot you really need to focus on when playing it so after trying it a few times you will get a hang of it quickly. Before we get into it lets reiterate what I said earlier; SCOUT! This is really important for hyper-rolling because contesting units makes it very hard for the strategy to work effectively. It still can work but it won't be as good.

Early game is simple; buy units you want to focus on rolling for later and try to econ as much as you can. Keep an eye out for what other people are holding onto as well but early game is the same as usual with the exception of do not level. Leveling reduces your chances of finding 1 cost units and those units are what you're looking for. 

At round 2-5 you have a choice to make and that's if it's worth continuing hyper-rolling or not. As I said you can force it but it'll be less effective, so scout and decide. You can still pivot at this point into a different hyper-roll composition as well if the main units you're looking for are highly contested. Continue to econ up and try to be on 50 gold by Krugs.

On 3-1, the round after Krugs, you should be level 4 with 8/10 experience with around 50 gold. This is when you roll! It may take a few games to get used to this process but you want to go quickly so it's really good to say to yourself "I'm looking for this, this and this" so it's in your head while you begin rolling. Mainly focus on finding 1 cost units but if you're getting a lot of 2 cost units they are okay to pick up as well. Your goal here is to find as many upgrades as possible for your composition with the intent being to find 3 starred units. 

I recommend not rolling below 10 gold unless you're 1-2 units away from hitting a 3 star. It's okay if you don't hit any 3 stars after you roll down your gold as you will be rolling again later. At this point of the game at 3-2 you will be level 5 with a fairly full bench and upgraded units on your board. A good average is usually one 3 starred unit after you roll down at 3-1. Again it is okay not to have a 3 star but having none is what's considered a low-roll of this strategy. Multiple 3 starred units is considered a high-roll.

From 3-2 to Wolves you want to save your gold, though pick up any units you find for your composition. At 4-1 you have a few choices you can make depending on how strong you are. If you hit no 3 starred units by this point then you need to roll on 4-1 down to about 20 gold or until you hit at least one 3 starred unit. Hitting multiple is great. If you already have a 3 starred unit at 4-1 you can make the decision to not roll and begin transitioning your composition towards level 7 and save gold for another round.

At 4-2 you should be about 12/20 in experience and can level to 6. It's okay to level at 4-1 but it will cost you four extra gold which is a lot if you rolled down. From here you play a fairly normal game, you transition into what works best with your composition and try to go to level 7 with good economy. I don't recommend over-rolling at any point of the game so try to always maintain a bit of an economy. The only time that changes is when you're really low on health (below 30) and haven't been getting any upgrades at all. That's the basics of how to hyper-roll! 
Basic Level 5 Predator Composition

This is generally what a Predator composition may look like at level 5 after you've rolled down at 3-1. Skarner, of course, can be in as well if you want to take out Ornn or Volibear. The most important units to roll for in this composition is Kog'maw and Warwick as they are 1 cost and the easier to find. Positioning will vary depending on the map but try to spread out two front-liners to the sides so Assassin's don't get onto your Kog'maw. Items are varied but defensive items like Iceborn and Redemption are great for front-line and items with effects that do damage are great for Kog'maw as the Predator execute currently works with items that do damage. Static Shiv, Ludens and Ionic Spark all work well with Predator.

Here's what this composition can transition into...

3 Predator/3 Poison/3 Electric is a common and strong level 8 build that transitions out of hyper-roll Predator. Other variations include Berserker where you make Olaf the main carry. Poison is a great addition to any composition late game and Electric plays well off of having the early Volibear and Ornn. Electric Lux is also good to put in over the Ornn. Items again are varied but tank items and Morellonomicon are great on Singed and defensive items are great with Zed (Redemption, Guardian Angel) since his clones also get those effects.

Basic Level 6 Light Composition

Light hyper-roll does require level 6 so you look for your Vayne 3 and Nasus 3 and then go to level six as soon as you can. It helps if you're able to find a Spatula so you can turn someone into a Light later on as well. Light is a great hyper-roll composition because when Light units die they buff the remaining Light units so having a Vayne 3 means she will be insanely strong at the end of a fight. Nasus is also a great unit as he becomes really tanky as a 3 starred unit. Items vary but Runaan's and Rageblade are great on Vayne and defensive front-line items are good. Here's what a level 7 composition may look like...

6 Light/2 Blademaster/2 Shadow/2 Mystic is a really strong transition for Light hyper-roll although it does require a Spatula. Master Yi works so well as a Light unit especially due to his synergies meshing well with Soraka and Aatrox. Try experimenting with other units as Light and see what you like best but Master Yi is definitely one of the strongest. One last thing about Light is that Yorick is one of the best units in the game and makes or breaks a late game Light composition so try to get him 2 starred later on. His summons count as Light units which will give a ton of buffs to your other Light units when they die. Lastly lets look at a Woodland hyper-roll composition...

Basic Level 5 Woodland Composition

Woodland/Druid is one of the strongest opening traits you can play so going hyper-roll from them is not uncommon. The biggest concern is how many other players are holding onto the units as it is a very common opening to go so if you want to hyper-roll you need to scout. If most of the lobby has Woodland units then it's probably best to go a different strategy. Woodlands are quite good if you hit them 3 star due to the trait making copy of a random Woodland so you have a chance of getting an extra 3 star unit on your board. Diana is a very strong 1 cost unit that fits well into the composition at level 5 and you can 3 star her as well. Items are varied but Iceborn and Redemption are great for making Maokai harder to kill. A transition at level 7 may look like...

3 Woodland / 6 Assassin is one of the possible transitions from a hyper-roll Woodland start. It does require making Ivern an Assassin so finding a Spatula is important. Diana ends up being the main carry as she will be doing most of the damage against any units that have Phantom Dancer. Making Diana a Mage and playing three Mage before you're able to get to 6 Assassin is also an option. Woodland is a bit hard to be flexible with in your late game transition so be creative with Spatula. Ivern works well with Infinity Edge if you're able to make him an Assassin and Shojin is a great item for Diana.

There are other hyper-roll compositions you can go, such as Inferno. Inferno is great because of Diana but it is also weak because a lot of the units are costly and you need to be level 6. Warden hyper-roll is not common but can be done usually by hitting Ornn 3 or Braum 3 and making one of them the carry. Mage is another potential composition you can hyper-roll as a lot of the units are 1 or 2 cost so getting them 3 starred is really do-able. The main issue with these other hyper-roll builds is they aren't very reliable, they can work but it's not consistent.

Whichever composition you want to hyper-roll keep in mind that scouting is your best tool available to you as contesting units is really difficult with the smaller unit pools.
Thank you for reading! I hope this article helps anyone curious about trying out hyper-rolling. It's a good beginner friendly strategy to get you thinking about all the new stuff in set 2 so try out different variations. Predators are the best for hyper-rolling but see what works for you. Ranked is still down so this is the best time to experiment and experimenting is a great way to learn. As always I use https://lolchess.gg/ for various graphics and the composition builder so check out that website as it is quite useful. See you next week!
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