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How to Play: Slash Bros 10.15
Heyo! It's time for another good ole How to Play article! This week's will be a quick look into six Blademaster with Master Yi carry which is also known as Slash Bros. It's a fun build that's been playable in the past but rose up again in 10.15. It's not a consistent build to play every game but when you get a good start for it, it can definitely net you a top two if not a first! Without further ado let's jump on in.

                                 Core Items

Alright let's get into core items for this build. Since Master Yi is your primary carry he's going to be the highest prioritization for items. And, quite frankly, he really just wants Bows. So that means you will want to try and grab a Bow from the beginning carousel.

If you're unable to, or you grab something else, keep in mind that in order for this build to be successful you're going to need at minimum two Bows. The reason for that is Master Yi absolutely needs Rapid Firecannon to do anything. Without it he's going to essentially be useless. Therefor you need a minimum of two Bows.

More Bows, in the case of this build, is actually better. While RFC is your main priority, your second is usually going to be Runaan's Hurricane. In total you will usually want three Bows for this build but as I mentioned already RFC is the only completely necessary item. That said I highly recommend not trying this build if you don't have two Bows after Krugs. It's not improbable to get Bows from that point on but you're better off pivoting as this is not consistent enough of a build to play with a key aspect of it potentially missing.

Other items on Master Yi can be any of Rageblade, Deathcap and Quicksilver. Honestly a second Runaan's Hurricane is also a viable option. Personally I recommend Deathcap as the third item as it increases his healing and the true damage portion of his ultimate. Otherwise a safe bet is Quicksilver to help ensure he can actually attack early game even if the enemy team has a ton of CC.

Besides Master Yi you can itemize the rest of your composition as you see fit. Zed is a common second carry with the Blademaster item being the best you can give him by far. Yasuo is also an acceptable secondary carry with on-hit items or utility items like Frozen Heart being good for him. Basically you don't need to worry so much about where the rest of your items go as long as you're prioritizing three completed items for Master Yi.

                               Core Champions

With items out of the way let's talk about the core champions for this build. As you can likely guess, Master Yi is the primary carry and the most important champion of the build. After him you're going to want Yasuo and Zed to fill out the other two Rebels. These three are your core champions of the build and should be what you play for every game you play this build.

Next you want to fill in the rest of your composition with mostly Blademasters. Shen and Riven are must haves because they are both Blademaster/Chrono. After that you can really go for whatever you want as well as it depends on if you managed to secure Blademaster for Zed. If not, play Irelia and Xayah. If you did get the item then just play Xayah as you will want her later for Celestial. It's also an option to instead pick up Irelia and play for Mana-Reaver with Thresh later.

And now you should have six Blademaster with three Rebels at level seven. You can also play Karma 2 over Zed at level seven to help shield and boost your Master Yi's attack speed. Do this if you feel there's a lot of burst damage that you're struggling against in the mid game otherwise you should be fine to play three Rebel at seven with Karma at eight. Here's what a typical level eight of the composition looks like;

This is also 'default' positioning. Shen wants to be at the very front to draw initial damage to get his ultimate off while your other Blademasters can be positioned to catch Infiltrators jumping. Keep your three Rebels in a triangle formation with Karma tethered to Master Yi. Position those four where you need to but mainly be wary of enemy Infiltrators and CC. Of course if you have Quicksilver then don't worry about enemy CC for the beginning of the round.

Generally this build either rolls on seven or eight so nine isn't generally going to be your goal. That said if you do go level nine you will usually play Lulu. Lulu will provide you with both Mystic and Celestial. Alternatives depend on what your board is like at level eight. Janna is an all-around good choice because of her CC and attack speed stim and Thresh is great for Mana-Reaver. Basically, scout and play what you need based on what the rest of the lobby is doing.

                                    Early Game

Next up is the early game! This is fairly simple as you mainly want to play your strongest board, which means upgrading champions. There are a few traits you can look for such as Rebels or Cybernetics but essentially you want to play whatever is strongest to either win rounds or reduce damage taken. The strongest opening you can go for will be Rebels as it transitions easily into this build.

Ziggs with Malphite and Zed make for a strong early trio. Yasuo is also playable, if you find him. From there you can add in Brawler, Battlecast and Infiltrator by playing Illaoi and Nocturne at level five. With this opening you should be strong enough to win streak, assuming you've two starred at least a few of your champions.

In terms of leveling, well, aggression is still the strongest way to play. Level either on 2-1 or 2-2 to four and then again to five on 2-5. As always you can look to pre-level on the 2-4 carousel if you don't have 10 gold. If you do have 10 gold it's better to sit on it and gain interest as this build doesn't rely on hitting early four cost champions. That means pre-leveling, while useful for finding Master Yi, isn't as helpful as in other compositions.

Overall your goal in the early game is to minimize damage taken. Rebels are great for this and make for an easy transition later on.

                                        Mid Game

Let’s move along and talk about the mid game next!

First off, leveling. Aim for level six on either 3-2 for the standard timing or 3-1 if you’re win-streaking and want to preserve your streak. Level seven can come at multiple times anywhere from 3-5 to 4-1 but the standard and easiest timing to go with is on 4-1 after the Wolves PvE round.

Now once you're level seven you want to roll! You can also do this at level six if you're getting low on health but generally level seven is preferred. Roll to upgrade your board, basically. Priority should be Master Yi > Yasuo > Shen > Zed > 4 cost champions. Riven and Irelia, while nice to two star, are expensive and not as impactful to the build as the other champions. Above all what you need to hit is Master Yi 2.

Once you have Master Yi 2 you want to hold off on rolling a bit to see how you're faring against enemy compositions. Make sure you're scouting and repositioning so your Yi isn't getting randomly messed up by something preventable. But essentially you want to gauge your relative strength in the lobby.

Winning against high health players? Save your gold. Losing badly multiple players? Probably a good time to roll more. Ultimately your goal is to get back to fifty gold but you may not always have the luxury of doing that. Now if you are able to get back to fifty gold you have two options.

Slow roll for Master Yi 3 or level and go towards eight and nine. Level if you're winning most of your rounds and feel your relative strength to the lobby is high. Otherwise slow roll. Of course make sure you scout to see if you've been contested (do this earlier in the game as well) but slow rolling is one of your win conditions by hitting Master Yi 3. Whichever play you play the mid game comes down to keeping track of your strength vs other players by watching each round and scouting in between.

                                       Late Game

Alright we're now into the late game! This build really plays itself after a certain point so there isn't much to do late game beyond scouting and positioning. There are two things to consider though. First if you have been rolling for Master Yi 3 and haven't hit him, continue to do so. Make sure you all-in your gold if you're getting below 30 health as you want to use that upgrade as a means to stabilize your board.

If you weren't rolling for Master Yi 3 or already hit him then you can begin saving to go towards level eight and nine. It's also viable to roll for Yasuo, Zed and Shen 3 but don't sacrifice too much economy to do that. Zed 3 specifically is usually only worth if you have the Blademaster item on him.

Your level eight unit we already mentioned but it's most likely going to be Karma. Level nine can be either Lulu, Thresh or Janna. Janna in particular is amazing due to the attack speed buff she provides. All in all the late game is 90% scouting and repositioning and 10% looking for Master Yi 3!


And the last section for today's how to play is Galaxies! 

I'll get the obvious ones out of the way. Treasure Trove is good for any build and should help guarantee you get perfect items for Master Yi. Remember your itemization priority after him will be Zed > Yasuo > Shen. It's also important to scout diligently on this Galaxy as it's likely other players will try to contest this build.

The second top Galaxy is, unsurprisingly, Trade Sector. It's just free rolls every round to help get you to where you need to be with your build. And as I just said make sure you scout as reroll builds are way more popular on this Galaxy than others.

Superdense is actually quite lovely for this composition as you can stay on level seven and still have eight champions in. This means you can, usually, spend more time rolling. Keep in mind if you get low you will need to begin leveling so don't get too caught up on hitting Master Yi 3 if it's just not happening!

Star Cluster is usually not the best Galaxy because low-rolling on it is painful but! It can be amazing for Slash Bros because on 2-4 you have a chance at hitting Yasuo, Zed or Shen. Getting any of those three as a two star champion will help greatly in reducing damage taken throughout the end of stage two and early stage three. Later carousels are also great because you can, if you're lucky, get free Master Yi 2's.

Oh Galactic Armory is so much better than it was! It can instantly point you towards the direction of running Slash Bros if you get a Bow or two from the components it drops. If that is the case make sure you scout! It's quite likely others will have the same idea if they get multiple early game Bows.

Binary Star is super bad for this build so don't play it on here. It's just not worth running Master Yi carry with one less item, even if it means you can spread items out to other champions. Do not play the build on this Galaxy.

Dwarf Planet is a bit of a toss up. It can be good because there's less running Master Yi has to do but it's also cramped and the bulk of your composition is melee. That means you're really weak against AoE, especially CC. The best recommendation I can give on this Galaxy is aim to grab Quicksilver as at least two players will go for Mech on this Galaxy. This way when you face them your Master Yi won't get randomly stunned early on in the fight.

And the last Galaxy is Plunder Planet. More gold is better, right? Not much needs to be said about it but make sure you're aiming to kill one or two enemy units each round.

Alright folks that's all for today's how to play article! Hopefully this quick dive into the build helps anyone looking to play it well. If you want more help with it I highly recommend finding streamers that play the build as you'll gain a ton of insight watching them play it. Thanks for reading and I'll see y'all later! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!

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