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How to Play: Rebels 10.13
Why hello there! I'm back for another quickie how to play article. This time it's on good ole Rebels! And by Rebels I mean Jinx with Aurelion Sol. Both are insanely good right now, especially Jinx as she's highly contested as a four cost carry. There's a ton of variations in regards to Rebels though this how to play will focus mostly on six Rebels and the Brawler variation. I'll be covering the different aspects of the game in regards to this build so let's get to it!
As mentioned this composition uses Jinx as the primary carry so we’ll go over her items first. Overall Jinx is quite flexible in what items you can give her so it mainly depends what the game gives you. Keep in mind that Jinx does a lot of damage when she gets into her rocket form meaning damage items aren’t necessarily that important for her. But again use the components given to you, having extra damage is definitely okay.

Last Whisper, paired with Infinity Edge, are two staple items for any auto-attacking carry like Jinx. You don’t necessarily need them, even against armor heavy teams, as long as the rest of your composition has a good amount of magic damage to help get Jinx those crucial first two kills. Besides those two items she can use any of Deathblade, Giantslayer, Runaan’s and Red Buff. 

Runaan’s and either Red Buff or Deathblade are usually paired together to help spread out the damage. As far as defensive items go, Jinx doesn’t really need any though it depends on the lobby and if you’re going three or six Rebels. 

A lobby with a lot of crowd control does make Quicksilver more appealing though you have to be careful against anyone playing Ekko as he will target your Jinx during his ultimate. Trapclaw can be an okay alternative but it’s not always going to get a lot of value. Basically when it comes to defensive items on Jinx, if you’re worried about her dying too quickly your best bet is a Guardian’s Angel but you may be better off just going six Rebels instead for the extra shields.

Next let’s mention a few items for other champions you may have in Rebels. If you are playing Gangplank you must have Guardian’s Angel for him, otherwise you don’t really want to play him. It will ensure his ultimate goes off at least once per fight. Other good items for him are Ionic Spark, Quicksilver and Morellonomicon.

Aurelion Sol is another champion you’re likely to give items to in Rebels and it can be anything from Deathcap to Warmogs. Morellonomicon in particular can be great on him, even a Luden's Echo is good. Lastly Ezreal is almost always played as the Blaster companion to Jinx so if you can give him Shojin, or even Blue Buff, it will allow him to cast his ability more often which is great.

One last item to talk about for this composition is the Spatula item for Rebels, Rebel Medal. It’s useful to have when going six Rebels as it lets you swap out some champions. Look to give it to an Infiltrator like Fizz or Ekko, or you can just have it on Ezreal. Gangplank is okay but he wants to be free to be positioned properly in the front line so it can be limiting when you make him a Rebel.

For starters the four champions you will want every game are Jinx, Malphite, Ezreal and Aurelion Sol. The three Rebels are the building blocks for your composition. Aurelion can be swapped for any other Rebel prior to finding him though the top two are usually Zed or Ziggs.

From those three core champions you have a few options. If you have Gangplank at level eight with Guardian’s Angel you can go six Rebels. The champions in that case will be Jinx, Malphite, Aurelion Sol, Ziggs, Yasuo and Zed for your Rebels with Gangplank and Ezreal to round out the build.

If you’re unable to secure Gangplank or a Guardian’s Angel then you can run four Brawlers. The champions at level seven for this build are Jinx, Malphite, Blitzcrank, Gnar, Vi and Ezreal with the third Rebel preferably being Aurelion Sol but Zed works well enough. 

At level eight if you have Zed and not Aurelion Sol you can add in Fizz or Ekko. If you do get Aurelion you can add Wukong for additional front line or another Rebel to help protect Jinx

At level nine for either variation you can then go for two Infiltrator or simply play legendary champions like Thresh. Make sure you aim to have Urgots on your bench if you’re playing Thresh. Overall the composition is quite flexible as you can build off the same four champions each game into whatever you find.
Time to get into the different stages of the game starting with the early game! This is a quick section as the early game is pretty straightforward currently.

The early game is the same business as usual. Look to play your strongest board with two star champions and you will want to level aggressively. That means going to four on either 2-1 or 2-2 and pre-leveling to five on the 2-4 carousel. This way you have the best possible chance at hitting an early Jinx. It won’t happen every game but it does help when you do.

As far as early traits go, Rebels do quite well. You can play Ziggs, Malphite and Zed as your three Rebels and play off of their traits to fill in your early board. Rumble is great for Demolitionists while Nocturne and Illaoi give Infiltrator, Battlecast and Brawler. Give Gangplank items to Rumble and carry items to Nocturne, whom you will likely sell later once you get a better carry before finding Jinx.
Alright the early game is the easy part so let’s move into the mid game!

Stage three is an interesting time in the game as there’s all kinds of ways you can play it. As far as leveling times you can go with the standard 3-2 for six though 3-1 is fine to do if you’ve been win-streaking up to that point. It’s also possible to forgo leveling to six early and instead get up to fifty gold and then level. This is a risky play style so don’t do it if you’re already below 70 health on 3-2.

In general your goal for the mid game is to try and fast level to eight on 4-3. That means you want to be at least level seven by 4-1, preferably with fifty gold. Keep in mind this is just a soft goal, it's not always possible to hit eight on 4-3 depending on how early you leveled previously and the state of your economy up to this point of the game. Instead of leveling you may also have to roll at level seven to stabilize. If you’re below 60 health and haven’t been naturally rolling any upgrades or strong champions it’s good to roll on seven. 

Also make sure to scout every few levels to check how many Jinx players there are! If there’s at least three in the lobby it may be a good idea to change your game plan from Rebels and pivot towards a different build before committing to rolling at level seven or going fast eight. The items used in Rebels do well for Cybernetics so that can be an easy pivot if need be.

Okay back to rolling. If you do roll at seven you should play the four Brawler variation as it’s less reliant on legendaries to stabilize. Otherwise you fast eight and look to play the Gangplank variation, assuming you have Guardian’s Angel for him. At this point of the game, on 4-3, you should have most of your composition filled out. Maybe not upgraded, but at least filled out. Here's what a standard six Rebels board will look like at level eight:

As far as positioning goes you can do two things with six Rebels. The standard is balling up your Rebels with Jinx in the middle. Or you can surround her in the back line with Rebels to help protect against Infiltrators. Gangplank in both cases should be a few
hexes away from your Rebels to isolate him so he will cast quickly and to help against enemy Gnars. Here's an alternative way to position with six Rebels:

Keep in mind when it comes to what side you position on depends entirely on how other players are positioned. A good tip in general is to reposition your board every round to throw off anyone scouting you. Next let's talk about four Brawlers and variations of that.

To position the four Brawler variations it’s mostly about scouting and repositioning to dodge enemy Infiltrators, Blitzcranks and Zephyrs but you can have a default position. This does depend, at level eight, what variation you’re playing. With Aurelion Sol you want Jinx in the back line with Aurelion Sol on her exposed side and Blitzcrank/Ezreal in the corner. The rest of your Brawlers will
be in the front line. Here's what positioning with four Brawlers and Jinx can look like:

If you don’t have Aurelion Sol yet and instead have Zed you will have similar positioning except Ezreal will be on Jinx’s exposed side and she’ll be more tucked into the corner.

Whichever variation you’re playing, whether it’s six Rebels or four Brawlers, scouting is your friend. Change up your positioning often to throw off other players and make sure you’re always checking for obvious threats. Remember, Jinx is your carry and the most important champion in this build, protecting her is your priority. As long as you keep that in mind you can alter your positioning however you wish, experimenting can be a great way to learn.
Honestly the late game has a lot to do with positioning and scouting more than anything. Your goal will be to get to level nine but there’s no specific timing to do so. Just make sure you’re not sitting on fifty gold when you’re about to die. If you’re below 20 health you can easily lose in one round so spend your gold. In that case if leveling to nine won’t benefit you then you should roll for upgrades.

As far as what champions to put in at nine you’ve got lots of options. We talked about it in the champions section but legendaries in general are good, in particular Thresh. You can have Urgot, Janna, Lulu or any other crowd control champion on your bench for Thresh to pull in with the top two choices being Urgot and Janna.

If you’re not playing legendaries then you can look to put in Gnar at nine for six Rebels to provide more front line and CC. In four Brawlers you can toss in Ekko if you have another Infiltrator. Lastly you can try to three star Jinx but she’s often far too contested to do this. If you have the bench space and gold to do so you can hold onto extra Jinx’s but don’t do this if it’s costing you anything.

Bottom line for the late game is you want to have your non-legendaries two starred while you’re looking for your two star legendaries. Go nine if you’re healthy otherwise you’re better off rolling with the intent to secure a top four finish.
As far as what’s good or bad for Rebels, there isn’t really any Galaxy that’s particularly awful when playing Rebels. The worst is likely Star Cluster or Little Little Legends because both of those punish low rolling really harshly. By that we mean if you low roll you’re unlikely to safely be able to fast eight on 4-3 and instead have to roll on seven, meaning you can easily bottom four.

Galactic Armory is another weak Galaxy for Rebels but only when the two items are physical damage items. When they are it means there’s likely a lot of players going for Jinx so it’ll be much harder to play when super contested. Otherwise the Galaxy is okay.

Binary Star is the newest Galaxy and while Jinx doesn’t need three items to carry it’s not ideal to only have two on her. That said you can still play Rebels on this Galaxy, but maybe aim for six Rebels to provide additional shielding and damage for Jinx.

And as far as what Galaxies are good, well, there’s the two best Galaxies for any build; Treasure Trove and Superdense. In regards to Rebels and Jinx specifically, Neekoverse is great because you can get a quick two star Jinx or a two star Aurelion Sol

The Trade Sector is also great as the additional rolls each round increases your chance of getting an early Jinx. Make sure you do the trick of pre-leveling on the 2-4 carousel. Doing this makes it so you’re naturally level five before the shop on 2-5 so you have a chance to roll four cost champions. It’s specifically good for the Trade Sector because you effectively get ten champions each round with the free reroll. This way you get two chances to roll into a four cost on round 2-5.

And that's it for today's how to play article! Jinx and Aurelion Sol are ridiculous right now so even if you can secure them you're going to be in a good position. But keep in mind they can be really hard to find as both are highly contested! Thanks for reading and I'll see y'all later this week for more articles on the 10.13 meta! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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