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How to Play: Hyper-rolling 10.10
Hihi! This weeks how to play will be focusing on hyper-rolling which has become a staple of the meta since they altered the chances of finding one cost champions in the shop. I did to a hyper-rolling build a long time ago for set two so consider this an update to that article. I'll be talking about what is hyper-rolling, how to do it and then go over the compositions in meta!
So let's talk about what hyper-rolling is. Hyper-rolling is a play-style that seeks to three star one cost champions for a mid game power spike. It’s meant to hit earlier in the game than other builds and ride that into the late game. By being strong earlier in the game they punish other players that are low rolling, haven’t got their composition fully online yet or they are playing greedy such as fast eight builds. 

This allows the hyper-rolling player to scale into the late game with a good economy and higher health to ride out until the end of the game. Generally hyper-roll builds will place top four though it is certainly possible to get a top two or even win the game but that tends to be dependent on the other players in the lobby and how strong they are.

The downsides for hyper-rolling mainly have to do with being out-scaled later in the game. Once other players get their four and five cost units upgraded they will begin out-scaling your one cost champions. Another downside is you can easily bottom four if you roll down and don’t hit the upgrades you’re looking for. I'll go over the exact timings in the next section but essentially if you miss out on getting your core champions three starred you’re going to lose the game relatively fast.

Hyper-rolling can be a riskier play style as your early game and initial roll down will dictate how the rest of the game goes. But having that early power spike when you do hit your three star champions can be a great way to secure a top four relatively consistently.
Now that we've gone over what hyper-rolling is let's talk about how to hyper-roll! The basics for hyper-rolling are quite simple and easy to follow. Don’t level throughout the early game, hold onto relevant one cost champions for the particular build you’re going to roll for and try to save up as much gold as you can.

It’s important to not level before you naturally hit level five as you want to have increased odds of finding one cost champions for as long as possible. On top of that if you do level you’re spending extra gold that should be spent on picking up one cost champions or for when you’re rolling down.

Level five will naturally occur on round 3-2 so your goal is to save gold and roll down on round 3-1. A decent rule of thumb to follow in regards to how much gold you should have is roughly around 50 gold by 3-1. If you have less it just means you’re going to have less of a chance of hitting three star champions. 

Ideally you will also want at least three or four of each champion that you’re going to roll for by 3-1 otherwise you’re going to have a lot of issues in getting your champions three starred on your first roll down. Prior to rolling down you can have other units that aren’t going to be part of the composition in order to help either win rounds or at least not lose too badly. You will want to then sell those champions on 3-1 for the extra gold and so you can get in your core champions onto the board while you’re rolling.

On 3-1 there’s not really much you need to worry about in regards to rolling other than trying to do it quickly and picking up the specific champions you’re looking for. Most hyper-roll builds focus on two or three specific one cost champions so you don’t have to worry too much about a lack of bench space. Try to roll down no lower than 10 gold as you don’t want to grief your economy too badly though you can dip lower if you’re really close to hitting a three star champion. You can also stop rolling early if you three star one of your champions and the others are too far off to reasonably roll for.

From this point you’re going to save up gold again, play whatever relevant champions you need to for your composition and wait until round 4-1. On round 4-1 you have two choices. You can either roll down again to three star the remainder of your core champions or you can slowly roll your excess gold each round to maintain a healthy economy and still have a chance at hitting upgrades. Don’t do this if you’re losing rounds badly or your health is below fifty as you do want to try and stabilize by 4-2 in order to safely transition into the late game.

And that’s really all there is to hyper-rolling. The goal is to hit an early mid game spike to stabilize and rebuild your economy to 50 gold and from there begin leveling and playing for the late game.
Alright now we can get into the hyper-roll compositions for the current meta. Currently the best build to run is Shredder but you can also play Candyland, Void/Brawler and Ziggs. Ziggs did receive a hot-fix nerf almost instantly so that build is longer as consistent and Candyland has fallen off quite a bit. You can still play both but keep in mind they aren't as consistent as Shredder. Void/Brawler is a newer build that doesn't always hyper-roll but we'll get more into the specifics on that composition later. First up let's go over Shredder!

Shredder is essentially Xayah 3 carry. Every other champion is there to support Xayah with their traits in some way. The build will end up being 3 Blademaster, 4 Celestial, 2 Chrono and 2 Mana-Reaver most of the time when you play this composition. Your list of champions at level eight will usually end up being Xayah, Shen, Jarvan, Caitlyn, Rakan, Ashe, Kassadin and either Fiora or Irelia. Here's what a typical Shredder build will look like at level eight:

Xayah is of course the most important champion with Caitlyn and Jarvan being the other units you will want to three star. You can also look to three star Fiora if you can but it’s also fine to replace her later with Irelia. Shen 3 is viable but don’t go out of your way to roll gold for him, pick him up as you’re rolling if you can but don’t prioritize him over the one cost champions.

Items for Xayah remain mostly the same as they were in 10.9 with Last Whisper being the most common. Infinity Edge is still great as it pairs well with Last Whisper but Deathblade, after receiving buffs in 10.10, is a strong option for Xayah as well. If you do pick up Deathblade you can also grab Runaan's as those two items do well together. Defensive items are still advised, in particular Quicksilver or Trapclaw as there is quite a bit of CC that can mess with Xayah. In general positioning will matter more often than defensive items so going full damage can work if you scout well.

Overall your goal for this build is to three star Xayah and protect her. Add in the traits and champions as you level after you three star Xayah. This build is fantastic at shredding front lines but can be weak against strong AoE and magic damage if Xayah gets stalled too long. Another important note for this composition is you really want to start out with a Glove or Sword from the beginning carousel as this build suffers greatly if you’re not able to fully deck out your Xayah with items.

Let's move onto the next build, Void/Brawler! As mentioned you don't have to hyper-roll this build but it is common to do. The main champion you'll be rolling for is Kha'zix but Malphite is worth picking up as is Twisted Fate. If you're limited on bench space and gold then the order of priority is Kha'zix > Malphite > Twisted Fate. Here's what the build will look like at level eight:

This is generally what your goal will be as it's a fairly typical Void/Brawler build. What's different with hyper-rolling is Kha'zix 3 is meant to be your carry throughout the mid game to help stabilize you to find Vel'koz and Cho'gath. From there you add in the rest of the Brawlers, a second Infiltrator and start aiming for Ve'koz 3.

Items for this build are flexible on Kha'zix but specific for Vel'koz. Morellonomicon and Quicksilver are essential on Vel'koz as the healing reduction and burn effective of Morellonomicon is a necessity and Quicksilver allows him to cast at least once uninterrupted. Other than that you can grab a Tear item like Seraphs to help him cast quicker or another magic damage item for more damage.

Kha'zix on the other hand has many paths you can take. Whether it's to help him cast more often with mana items like a Seraphs or do more damage with his auto-attacks like Infinity Edge. Basically it depends what drops for you. Zeke's is also a decent item choice as it's a good buff to both him and Vel'koz. Lastly the main core item to try and grab for Kha'zix is Rapid Firecannon as that makes it so he doesn't have to run around chasing enemies meaning he'll do more damage and cast his ability more often.

Overall this build is still being figured out and how consistent it actually is remains to be seen. Next up is a build that has fallen out of favor but can still do okay is Candyland!


Candyland is a build that uses Poppy with Sorcerers as the core champions. Poppy and Twisted Fate are your two primary carries that you will for sure want to three star in this build. Leona and Zoe are the other two champions you’ll be looking for when you roll down with Zoe taking priority over Leona as Leona can be replaced by other Vanguards later if needed.

As mentioned your goal is to hit Poppy 3 and Twisted Fate 3 and itemize both of them so that they can carry. Poppy is great with defensive items like Bramble Vest, Warmogs, Dragon’s Claw and Titan’s Resole but can also use ability power items such as Deathcap and Ionic Spark. Twisted Fate only has one necessary item and that’s Morellonomicon though any Tear based item is good on him as well as other ability power items. After that excess items will be used depending on what you have. Defensive items can be used on your front line and extra magic damage items can be saved to go on either Ahri, Syndra, Vel’koz or Xerath.

Your goal after finding Poppy 3 and Twisted Fate 3 is to begin leveling and looking to get to level eight so you can play six Sorcerer. There are variations that use four Vanguard or Mystic but the most commonly played variation right now is six Sorcerer with Poppy and Leona in the front. Lux and Ahri are great to put in for four Sorcerer as Lux provides good CC and Ahri is easier to two star as she’s only a two cost champion and she also provides Star Guardian. 

From there any Sorcerers are fine but your end game win condition is going to be Xerath 2. Without Xerath 2 you can still get a top two but it will depend on the strength of other players. Overall this composition got hit fairly hard by the nerfs in 10.10 not only to Poppy and Twisted Fate but also the mana printer variation is no longer commonly played. It can still do well and even win games but the most likely outcome when playing this build well will only earn you a top four placement.

We've got one more build to go over which is Ziggs! It fell out of favor soon after the hot-fix to Ziggs but it is still a viable build if you find Ziggs 3 quick enough and have all of the necessary items.

The goal of the build is to find Ziggs 3 with specific items and transition into a standard Rebels composition later in the game. You will roll to hit Ziggs 3 and Malphite 3 and if you have the gold to do so you can either look for Sona 3 or Yasuo 3. From there the champions at level eight are a standard six Rebels composition with Gangplank being the most important late game unit to add in at level eight.

The most important aspect of this composition is the items needed so that Ziggs 3 can carry you through to the late game. Double Seraphs will make it so Ziggs will constantly cast his ability as his mana pool was lowered to 40 in patch 10.10. This turns him into a bombing machine and when paired with another Demolitionist can even permanently stun an enemy champion. 

So in order to make this composition work properly you will want to grab a Tear off the beginning carousel and try to intentionally lose health in the first three PvP rounds. This will help put you in a position to grab another Tear on the next carousel and if you’re lucky you’ll also get a Tear drop from the early PvE rounds or Krugs. Rolling and hitting Ziggs 3 is the other important aspect to make this build do well but the Tears are paramount in the success of this composition.

Overall this build can be quite strong if you meet all the requirements for it, which can be quite difficult. Because of that it’s more volatile than the other hyper-roll builds as it can bottom four easily but if you high-roll it you can easily sneak in a first place finish.
And the last section to talk about is Galaxies! I won't go over every Galaxy but let's touch on a few that are either good or bad for hyper-rolling builds.

The best Galaxy by far for hyper-roll builds is the Trade Sector! Because this Galaxy provides a free reroll every round your chances of hitting a one cost three star is increased dramatically. Make sure to scout if you’re going to try and play a hyper-roll  build on this Galaxy as it’s likely multiple other players will try to play one as well.

Since we talked about the best Galaxy for hyper-roll builds, what about the worst? Well that honor goes to the Neekoverse Galaxy! Why this Galaxy is bad for hyper-rolling is mainly due to how quickly other players can hit late game power spikes. As mentioned it’s easy for one cost champions to get out-scaled and that happens much quicker with the two Neeko’s Help which allows other players to hit a quicker two star four or five cost champion. 

Having two Neeko’s Help can work in your favor but other players are still likely to level to seven and eight before you and thus have much better odds at hitting their late game power spikes.

Let's talk about one more, the Treasure Trove Galaxy! This Galaxy can be great for hyper-roll builds for a number of reasons. First is the increased amount of gold you’re likely to get early game from PvE drops means your economy will be much stronger than normal going into round 3-1. Second is having more components throughout the game makes finding specific items much easier, especially for a build like Ziggs carry. Overall more gold and items is a good thing when hyper-rolling.
Alright that's it for today's article on how to play hyper-roll compositions! There's definitely a heated debate right now on whether or not these builds should be a thing in the meta but hey, since they are here it's best to make use of them! I personally don't mind hyper-roll builds as long as they aren't too dominant like Void/Sin back in set one. So far nothing has felt anywhere near that strong. Anyway I'll be back with more articles on the 10.10 later this week, thanks for reading! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitch here and twitter here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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