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Faye's 9.20 Meta Snapshot
Yahallo! I'm Faye, a Challenger NA player here to briefly go over some potential meta changes in 9.20. Keep in mind that a new patch is all about discovery by playing and this is mostly theory-crafting from the previous meta. So let's get into it!

In 9.19 the meta became pretty solidified at the end with three very common builds and a few uncommon ones. I'll go over each of the popular comps and talk about what is different in 9.20 and if they will still be viable or not.
Wild + Assassin (w/ Hextech & Shapeshifter)

This quickly became the meta near the start of 9.19 and remained in place as one of the strongest and most common builds. There are several variations that mostly just swap which Assassin has the carry items. Akali 2 with double Infinity Edge is the most common but you’d see Rengar 3 or Zed 3 star carry if unable to get the Akali. The strength of this comp is definitely weakened by the Frozen Heart, Infinity Edge and Assassin nerfs.

The attack speed nerf to Wild and Akali likely won’t have that much of an impact but having less critical strike damage and chance from the Assassin nerf certainly will. Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s enough. Double Infinity Edge is still an absurd amount of damage, even with the nerfs. Thankfully though I think there was enough changes overall that the comp won’t be as oppressive to play against. The Infinity Edge carry unit won’t be quite as effective and the Frozen Heart slow on the initial jump won’t have as much impact.

I see this comp still being played but there will probably be more experimentation with other Assassin comps. It could also be a dead comp because of the nerfs to Frozen Heart but we’ll have to see. Still, if you hit Akali 2 with double Infinity Edge you’re going to be in a great position.
4 Imperial + Knight

Another very strong 9.19 comp with a ton of variations. The link shows one of the strongest variations to get, albeit rather hard to get fully online (especially the items). Most commonly you would see 4 Imperial & 4 Knight with Phantom thrown in.

I don’t really see this comp not being strong in 9.20, in fact it is likely to be one of the strongest as finding a Swain at level 8 has a higher chance of happening and he was one of the most limiting things to playing 4 Imperial. Six Knights is nerfed but the comp runs just fine with four. I definitely don’t see this comp going anywhere BUT it is possible that more Guardian comps show up in 9.20 and that could prove hard to deal with for Draven. If you hit Swain 2 you’re still going to be insanely strong so happy high-rolling!
6 Brawler + Jinx

My favorite comp in 9.19 is likely to still be strong in 9.20. Originally it was meant to be a counter to the Akali 2 Wild/Sin comps as the Ionic Sparks just zap her to death. While that intent may be weaker in 9.20 with potentially less Wild/Sin comps, nothing of what made this comp strong really got changed. I think what will happen is the rise of other compositions may push this one down a bit as Jinx, while a very strong unit when she gets going, is not the most reliable. If a Sorcerer comp or a comp that is hard to kill (such as Guardians) becomes meta then Jinx may not be enough of a carry to play against those comps.

I’m really interested to see how this comp fares into the new meta of 9.20 or if it will be turned into something else. I could see this variation of Brawlers turn into the Void/Sorc/Brawler as that will have more damage into armor heavy compositions. In any case, I think it will still be a strong build but maybe not one of the top but that heavily depends on what comps become popular.

So! Those are the three most meta comps you will see in every game of 9.19 in Challenger (in NA). There are of course others like Knight+Jinx, Demon/Sorc, Elemental/Knight, Void/Brawler/Sorc and the new one popping up, Guardian/Dragon/Knight. Let's get into a bit of speculation about what these may look like. First let’s discuss knight comps in 9.20 in general.

Example Comp; Knight + Jinx

This comp has a lot of variations, as most Knight comps do. Essentially it’s just Jinx carry with Knights and Phantom. Phantom helps Jinx potentially get her ult started. The variations of it include Lucian with 6 Knight.

Four Knight is still going to be quite good in 9.20 and I don’t see it going away as the go-to mid game comp. There’s several variations, including the one I listed, but regardless of what you build with it your mid game is still going to be strong if you have four Knights. 

Lissandra carry and Kennen carry for mid game is still going to be really good as neither got changed. Both units transition well into Elemental/Knight but with it being easier to find 5 cost units at level 8 I think they can transition into two compositions that I’ll list.


4 Imperial/Knight

The first comp has popped recently in 9.19 and will probably be very strong going into 9.20 with Guardians being buffed. It’s a very slow comp that relies on Pantheon being invincible and Aurelion Sol doing a ton of AoE damage. The items for it vary but if you can transfer your carry items from Lissandra or Kennen from the mid-game it fits very well into this comp.

Surprise! Imperial Knight. I know I listed this earlier but with four Knights being unchanged and Lissandra or Kennen carry mid game comps still being strong this is a perfect transition in the late game. It’s made even better by the fact Swain is potentially easier to hit with the drop rate changes at level 8. Happy hunting for Draven and Swain!

With Assassins being a bit weaker the return of more Sorcerer comps is viable. Demon/Sorc was already fairly staple in 9.19 because it was meant to do well into Assassins but with the Aatrox buff in 9.20 it could become quite popular. I’m not very well acquainted with this comp but here’s what it may look like in 9.20:

Demon/Sorc (w/ Ele)

Keep in mind this comp has a lot of flexibility in items, units and positioning but the key thing is 4 Demon and 3 Sorcerer. With Aatrox having increased armor in 9.20 having him front-line will be even better. Aatrox in general this patch could be another good item carry for the mid-game as he does good damage and got even more tanky with the changes. While this comp is meant to be good into Assassins it is also not bad into Knight comps due to high burst damage but you need a Morellos to make it work. I’ve also seen it destroy Brawler comps.

The main issue of this comp is Dragon comps could become popular (in particular the Guardian/Dragon comp) and with how magic heavy this is, it may be difficult to play into those comps. Just remember to scout the lobby! I’d say this easily transitions into a Swain/Draven/Imperial comp or even a Void/Sorc comp it just depends on the lobby and what items you have.

For the last comp I want to touch on that has been played in 9.19 but has potential to do really well in 9.20 is Void/Brawler/Sorc. As I mentioned earlier it has a good mix of magic and true damage. With Kai’sa being buffed and finding 5 cost units slightly easier, this comp has a lot of potential in 9.20. Here’s an example of what it may look like:


Again the units, items and positioning are flexible. You can make Cho’Gath a sorcerer for example. Twisted Fate works really well in this comp because of his blue card as it lets Cho'Gath, Aurelion Sol and Blitzcrank use their abilities a lot. I am unsure on itemization for Kai’sa but potentially Quicksilver with the changes could be good on her with how often she is dashing, having CC immunity every three seconds could be very good. 

True damage and magic damage makes for a good combo going into 9.20 since there will still be a lot of Knight comps and a good chance there will be a lot of Guardian/Dragon comps too. I’m most looking forward to testing out this comp when the patch hits.

Alright that’s it for my look into the meta for 9.20! I'd say try out previous meta builds and see what works for you. In particular, Jinx and Draven hyper-carry comps are likely to still do well in 9.20. I really want to make it clear that this is my preliminary opinions and a lot can change in the first week a patch hits. My main tip is to watch streams! It helps immensely at the start of a patch to see how high rated players are adapting to the changes.

I personally watch a lot of KurumX as he was Rank 1 in NA for 9.19 for the majority of the patch. Other players to look out for from NA is Forest Hermit as he was the one that popularized the 6 Brawler+Jinx comp of 9.19 and check out Agon a very high rated (usually Top 5 NA) player that has unique builds. Keane is also a very good player to watch out for! And if you’re at all interested in watching my stream for the new patch come check me out at www.twitch.tv/Faye14

Thanks for reading and have fun in the new patch!

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