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10.6 Patch Review
Hello! Set 3 is finally here, woo! Today I'll go over the changes coming in to set three alongside the balance tweaks for 10.6. There's a lotttt of stuff to go over so I'm going to try and focus on the important aspects and not go over every detail. You can follow along with the changes or if you want to see the full list of changes you can find the patch notes here: https://teamfighttactics.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/game-updates/teamfight-tactics-patch-10-6-notes/
Alright there's quite a few system changes to go over for set three so I'll go over the significant ones. Keep in mind also that the Galaxies mechanic won't be coming with this patch and will instead launch with patch 10.7!

To start it off let's talk about the passive income modifications in Galaxies. Basically what this means is less early game gold so you won't be able to buy a lot from your shop. The intent is to make decisions more important for what you buy early on though personally it feels like the opposite as you have fewer choices you can make since you have very little gold early game now. This has a huge impact on the pace of the game since your economy is going to be way slower early game.

To make up for the lower gold in early rounds the change to win and loss streaks is meant to help kick-start your economy if you're able to maintain it. It's going to be a lot easier to hit a max streak now as it was quite hard to do so in set two and maintain it for long enough to really get a benefit. Overall it's an okay change but really punishes any players not able to go on a streak whether it's win or loss. I'm interested to see how this plays out and whether they will revert or tweak it any further in future patches.

My least favorite change is removing selling during the carousel round. It was a central aspect to decision making and planning on the round prior to carousel on what you chose to buy and play. Then the decision to pick up maybe a less desirable components on carousel to make your interest next round also added more depth to these rounds. Now you can't sell at all so say good-bye to that decision making and planning.

Moving on we've got a shift in how player damage is done. Basically it will be more about base stage damage and less about surviving champions. You'll take roughly similar early game damage from the stage as in set two but it will ramp up quickly to punish losses the later the game goes. It's.. an okay change to mess with player damage but the other change makes late game losses feel really strange.

This change makes all champions do the same damage (one) regardless of level or cost. What that means later in the game is that whether you lost by a lot or by a little you take almost the same amount of damage. While the reasoning was taking damage from a high-roller felt bad it feels equally as bad to take basically the same amount of damage late game regardless of how many champions survive. Personally I'm not a fan of how this feels currently but I'm open to seeing how it plays out.

 I wanted to quickly mention the movement changes mostly as a nice quality of life change. It should make movement and pathing feel overall better which is a good change and with slower move-speed it could make positioning more important than it was in set two.

One star champions will now feel better compared to other star levels in the early and mid game with this tweak to mana gained from attacking. In general it's not likely to be a huge change for the game but making it less punishing to not hit upgrades early and mid game is a good change.

Basically this is another change to early game carousel to reduce the amount of gold you can have. The design of everything being a two cost on first carousel previously was to give a potential early champion choice to play off of but almost always the unit was just sold for gold anyway. So this change just means you get one less gold early game which coupled with the passive income change will heavily impact early game economy.

Spatula is back on the carousel! It's good to have it back as Spatula kind of turned into a dead item a lot of times at the end of set two. As long as it doesn't spawn too often and not in the first carousel this re-addition of Spatula to the carousel is great.

I wanted to touch on this change just because it makes planning around carousel much harder with the potential randomness of what items are on each carousel. Before you'd have a general idea of what would be available and can plan but now it's going to be super hard to plan for meaning you will need to be flexible with what items and components you go for.

And for the last system change I want to go over is the healing reduction to grievous wounds. 50% reduction is still quite a bit so Morellonomicon and Red Buff will still be useful to make in the right circumstance and it also lets them add power back into those items to make them more appealing. It's a healthy alteration that I'd have liked to see in the previous set.
Time to talk about the item changes! I won't go over every single item change so if you want to see everything check out the patch notes linked at the beginning of this article.

Hush is being removed and in its place we have Chalice of Favor. This item will cause the champion wearing it to give 10 mana to nearby champions every time it casts its spell. It makes sense Hush was removed as balancing a silence effect is always hard to do and this new item adds an interesting element to it with positioning as the nearby champions need to be within two hexes.

Iceborne Gauntlet is also going away in set three to be replaced by Shroud of Stillness. Shroud will increase the mana of enemies by 40% until they cast their first spell. Much like Chalice this will be another item adding a layer of positioning as it affects the champions in front of it in a line.

And the last item being replaced is Titanic Hydra! The new item is Zz’Rot Portal which spawns a voidspawn when a champion dies and has health that scales with the unit's star level. Portal may be a decent option but we’ll have to see how it plays out. Overall it feels like a bit lackluster but I'm definitely not going to judge the item just yet, especially as it's replacing one of the worst items so it's bound to be more useful in general.

Deathblade is having the stacks increased from one starting stack to two which overall makes this item much more appealing as you’re starting with a base amount of sixty attack damage which is quite a lot. With the increase it will make this item ramp a bit quicker than previously making it quite strong on attack damage based carries.

Quicksilver is going from permanent immunity to CC to only being immune for the first 15 seconds. While 15 seconds is a fair amount of time it’s still likely to lower the priority of this item a bit and may make Trap Claw more appealing.

A big change is coming to Deathcap in 10.6 with the bonus AP being reduced from 75% to 50%. This nerf makes sense as it would be a bit of a ridiculous increase to have 75% AP on top of any Sorcerer buff so definitely a necessary nerf. There's a lot of large burst spells in Galaxies so it was even more important for them to reduce the bonus AP on this item.

Redemption is being altered in how it functions in set three as it no longer procs at a certain amount of health. Instead it will go off when the champion dies but it will heal the entire team. It’s a good change for the item as it’s more intuitive now that it just heals your whole board. That said we’ll have to see how much of an impact it has now that the champion using it must die for the heal to go off.

The last set of items to mention is Red Buff & Morellonomicon! Both items are getting a significant damage buff going up to 30% of the units max health as true damage over 10 seconds. As I mentioned earlier the fact they reduced grievous wounds healing reduction let's them put a lot of power back into these two items which is overall a good thing. Especially for Red Buff which didn't see a ton of play in set two.
Next up is balance changes for traits! It may not be that relevant to the majority of players if you didn't play on PBE at all prior to release but that's okay! I'll briefly go over each and not go super in-depth this week but next patch I'll be sure to dive deeper into the balance changes!

Starting off we’ve got Celestial getting an increase to the healing for the four and six piece trait going from 15/20/50% to 15/30/60%. It’s always hard to fully fit a six piece trait that isn’t overwhelmingly strong so we’ll have to see if a 10% buff makes the difference but at the end of the day 60% healing is quite a bit. More than likely it matters more for the four piece of the trait than anything.

Another six piece trait getting a change is Cybernetic! They are having a small reduction to the health & attack damage for six of the trait with a fifty decrease to the health and a five attack damage decrease. It’s not a huge nerf so when you’re able to get six Cybernetic they’ll still be strong but it does lower the desire to even go for it as finding a specific legendary champion for this trait is not the easiest thing to do.

Infiltrator is getting a nerf to the bonus attack speed going from 60/90% to 50/80%. As this trait still only requires up to four champions it’s likely still to do well as 80% is still a good amount of bonus attack speed, especially when paired with Mech. It may make this trait be less played outside of the Mech/Infiltrator composition with those 10% nerfs.

Onto the next trait which is receiving buffs we have Rebel!  Not a huge buff to the shield but a good small tweak to increase the viability of three and six Rebel. 

And for the last balance to traits we have Space Pirate having the item drop chance be increased from 10% to 15%. Keep in mind this only happens when you have four Space Pirates so while it seems like it may be a lot for getting additional items it’s not that easy to get all four Space Pirates since it requires a legendary unit.
Alright for the last set of changes we have more balance changes going to live from PBE. Again these may not be that noteworthy for anyone that didn't play on the PBE so I'll make this section brief as well!

Let’s quickly go over the one cost changes starting with Caitlyn who’s getting her attack damage buffed from 40 to 45. Not a huge increase but enough to make her early game hit a little bit harder and it will help her scale into the mid game.

Kha’zix is being nerfed at all star levels as his spell damage is being reduced. This is definitely a big hit overall even though the numbers aren’t being reduced that much as it mainly makes his scaling worse. Still, Infiltrators have been quite good on PBE so we’ll see if this makes much of a difference for those builds.

Next up is Jarvan getting his total mana reduced from 120 to 100. This is a common theme during the early balance of a new set as total mana is one of the easiest to move around for champions. Potentially a good change as 120 mana is quite a lot so Jarvan will be able to cast earlier and more often now.

Coming in last for one cost champions is Ziggs with an attack speed increase going from 0.6 to 0.7. Attack speed is the other commonly balanced stat and while it’s not huge it’s enough that Ziggs will now scale slightly better with attack speed items.

Onto two cost champions we have Ahri with a nerf to her level three spell damage going from 400 to 375. Seems like an okay change since three star champions have been doing well so far in Galaxies. I'm not entirely sure she was one of the Sorcerers that deserved a nerf but again three star champions are quite common in set three in the current meta.

Darius is getting his mana tweaked to 70 from 80 so he will be able to cast his ultimate earlier and more frequently. This may end up helping Space Pirates though by how much it’s hard to say, though there's quite a few Space Pirates being buffed along with buffs to the trait itself which may boost their strength.

Kai’sa is the second Infiltrator being nerfed with her missile count going from 6/8/11 to 4/6/9. Maybe a bit harsh considering Infiltrators are getting quite a few nerfs but we’ll have to see how much it matters for her specifically.

Next is two changes for Lucian as he’s getting an attack damage decrease going from 60 to 55 and a spell damage nerf going from 175/225/350 to 150/200/325. Most likely he’ll still do well enough as these aren’t huge nerfs but getting double sets of number reductions can often be fairly impactful. We'll have to see how it plays out but as I said he'll likely still do well.

Neeko is one of the two champions receiving changes in tier 3. Her spell damage is going up from 175/250/500 to 200/275/550. More small tweaks though her ultimate did feel lackluster beforehand so maybe it’ll have a bit more of an impact now after this.

The other tier 3 champion is Shaco with only his three star variation getting a spell damage nerf going from 500% to 450%. It’s not a large nerf but necessary as three star Infiltrators can be a bit too strong, especially Shaco when he is level three.

Jhin is the first one the four cost champions being buffed as his attack damage is going from 80 to 90. He’s definitely hard to balance for as he can do insane amounts of damage so we’ll see if 10 damage is the right amount but it shouldn't be too much to make him insanely overpowered.

Another four cost champion being buffed is Irelia with her attack speed going up from 0.8 to 0.85. Incredibly small increase but it’s a fairly high base attack speed now which scales great with attack speed items.

Vel’Koz is getting his spell damage reduced at levels one and two going from 450/600 to 425/550. Like a lot of the champion changes it’s not by a large amount but enough to make him a little weaker and other champions a bit more appealing.

Lastly for tier four is Wukong. He’s getting his starting and total mana reduced from 75/175 to 50/150. As mentioned mana is one of the easiest stats to tweak and on ultimate dependent champions like Wukong it can be what makes or breaks them in the meta. This overall won’t change how quickly his first ultimate goes off but being able to get a second one off before dying may make him a staple CC front-liner.

And the last set of balance changes to champions is to the legendaries starting with Aurelion Sol receiving a spell damage buff at levels one and two going from 100/150 to 120/175. Small but potentially effective especially with the buffs to Rebel shields.

Gangplank is getting a health increase of 100 as his base health will now be 1000. It’s a good change for him alongside Space Pirates getting buffed which may make mid to late game Space Pirate builds more viable.

The other mercenary is also getting changes as Miss Fortune is receiving both buffs and nerfs. Her spell damage is going from 75/100% to 70/90% which is a really tiny amount overall but considering how strong she can be it’s a good change. Interestingly they are buffing the shield upgrade for her ultimate going from 300/600 to 400/700 which may offset the spell damage nerf in the scenarios you’re able to find the shield upgrade.

Next we have an attack speed buff to Thresh as he goes up to a whopping 0.95 from 0.85. Whether this ends up mattering or not we’ll have to see as he’s mostly just used for his ultimate but with any attack speed items or traits he may work extremely well with a Shojin now.

And for the last change is a nerf to the spell splash damage of the Super Mech. The later levels of damage are going from 525/675/1125 to 350/450/750 which is a much, much healthier balance. Especially with Sorcerer and other ways to scale the damage it’s definitely better to keep the base damage lower so the Mech doesn’t one shot entire boards.
Alright that's all for today! There's so much to cover for this patch and with the new set that I tried to go over the significant changes. Patch 10.7 will likely be a more normal patch review as there won't be huge system changes like there is at the start of a new set. Also keep in mind ranked is live as soon as set three goes live so make sure you're prepared before jumping into ranked play! Thanks for reading <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ for a great TFT resource. You can find more of me here on my twitter and here on twitch! Also GiantSlayerTFT produces a ton of TFT content so be sure to check that out here!
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