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10.13 Patch Review
Heyo! We're two weeks into the mid season update so that means it's time for a balance patch, woo! I'll be doing a rundown through all of the changes so if you want to follow along you can do so here: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/game-updates/teamfight-tactics-patch-10-13-notes/
There's not too many system changes so let's go through them quickly to get to the meat and potatoes of the patch.

At the top of these changes in ranked you will now only be able to solo queue in Masters or above. For anyone curious as to the reason for this it’s likely due to players abusing the system and win-trading in games causing them to artificially boost their LP. This change should make it more difficult for players to win-trade.

In the mid season update it was mentioned that the cap of Galaxies would remain at eight with a rotation of one new Galaxy per patch and one removed per patch. So with that in patch 10.13 we have a brand new galaxy, Binary Star, while Medium Legends is being cut.

Binary Star is relatively simple as champions can only hold two items instead of three. This should make for some interesting choices on carry champions as you’ll have to decide between two offensive items or trading out one for a defensive.

If you’re unsure what this means the quick and easy explanation is that you won’t have games with 11 dropped components anymore, the minimum amount should now be 12. This change will help flatten the bottom end of components dropped so there’s less of a gap between players getting the least amount of components and the maximum. Keep in mind this won’t matter for Treasure Trove as the number of components you received there was already higher than normal!
Trait changes aren't too big this week as it's mostly small tweaks here and there.

It’s not too much of an increase for two and four Battlecast but the higher up you go with the trait the more significant the changes are. Will this be enough to make Battlecast a viable six piece trait? Maybe not, but on the smaller scale of the trait it’ll do better early and mid game for champions like Illaoi, Nocturne and Kog’maw. It’s also a decent buff for Cassiopeia carry as you can run her with early Battlecast before transitioning into Vanguard/Mystic later, assuming of course that build remains in the meta.

Next is a nerf to six Blademaster as the chance for bonus attacks is going down to 30/65 from 30/70. It’s not a huge nerf by any means but enough to lower the strength of six Blademaster just a bit. That said it’s only a 5% nerf to the proc chance so it shouldn’t make this trait unplayable for the builds that used it in 10.12.

Blaster is receiving a small buff to the bonus attacks as it’s going up to 3/6 from 3/5. Honestly it’s not much of a change though it may have some synergy with Kog’maw in Battlecast. Otherwise it’s not likely to make four Blasters more appealing than previously. 

Patch 10.13 has a lot of small tweaks which continues with Cybernetics getting a five damage nerf to the bonus attack damage as it’s going from 40/80 to 40/75. With any small adjustment like this it’s also hard to say if it will have an impact on the trait but with only five damage being lost it shouldn’t affect it too much.

Dark Star is a trait that overall got better with its mini rework in 10.12 but hasn’t really shined on its own beyond a few champions. In 10.13 they are increasing the bonus attack and magic damage to 8/18/28/38 from 8/16/24/32 to try and make the higher end of the trait more appealing. While it’s definitely possible this will make the six piece trait more appealing it’s likely going to need a bit more of a buff in future patches.

Next we have a buff to Infiltrator as the bonus attack speed is being bumped up to 40/80 from 40/70. It’s an interesting buff considering Mech/Infiltrator wasn’t completely dead in 10.12. Outside of that build it’s still difficult to commit to more than two Infiltrators so we’ll have to see what players come up with in 10.13.

And the last trait change is a nerf to Mystic with the magic resistance buff being reduced to 50/120 from 50/125. Again a lot of these adjustments are small so it’s difficult to say whether it’s going to make a huge impact or not but 120 magic resist is still quite a bit. That said we did see four Mystic falling off a bit near the end of 10.12 while two Mystic remained useful so this nerf may not even matter moving forward.

There’s a few one cost champions getting adjusted in 10.13 so let’s start out talking about Illaoi! She’s getting a small bump to her health going from 650 to 700 and has two changes coming to her ability. First the stealing effect is going up to 30/40/60% from 20/30/50% and second the duration will now be 6 seconds instead of four. 

Overall this will make Illaoi a much harder to kill front-line champion as she will now take 40% of the target's armor and magic resistance on top of fifty extra health. This may not be enough to make her relevant later in the game like say, Malphite, but as far as the early and mid game it’s definitely a good buff for her.

Another Battlecast receiving buffs is Nocturne! Nocturne will be getting a small attack speed increase as it’s going up to 0.75 from 0.7 and his abilities damage at tier three is up to 400 from 350. It’s unlikely this will make Nocturne more appealing to three star but hey a buff is a buff and he definitely needed one.

The last one cost champion getting adjusted is Xayah! Her total mana will now be 60 from 70. Xayah is in an interesting spot as she’s either too strong or too weak based on the balancing done to her the last few patches. It may reach a point where they need to drastically overhaul her as they the sweet spot for balance just hasn’t happened quite yet for Xayah.

Up next we’ve got two cost champions starting with several buffs to Darius! Darius will be getting extra armor and magic resist as his armor is going up to 40 from 35 and up to 30 from 20 for magic resist. Alongside buffs to his defense, his ability damage is going up to 400/550/800 from 400/500/750.

Increasing his defense is a great change as Darius does have an issue of dying before he can pop off in a fight. All of these changes combined should make it more likely for him to get into reset mode with his dunks. Will it be enough to bring back ole Space Jam? Unsure, but it’s a certainty that some players will try to make it work again.

It’s a Battlecast-fest for balance changes in 10.13 as Kog’maw is also getting a set of buffs. His total mana is going down to 30 from 40 while his health is up to 550 from 500. With those buffs he’s also getting a small bump to his abilities percent damage to the targets max health as it’s going up to 8% from 7% at tier three.

Allowing Kog’maw is cast earlier is great! And more health is always useful for a back-line carry. The three star change may not matter too much as it’s not often players chase Kog’maw 3 but if they do it’s a nice buff nonetheless. Overall these are good changes for Kog’maw along with the buffs to Battlecast and Blaster.

The last two cost champion is Nautilus as his mana is getting changed to 50/120 from 60/120. This will slow down how quickly he can cast his ability which is a good thing since Nautilus quickly cemented himself as a staple front-line in 10.12. On top of that nerf he's also losing .5 seconds on his stun at tier two but gains an additional second at tier three. All combined these are healthy changes for Nautilus as he'll still be a good champion, just slightly weaker than before.

Moving along we’ve got a quick change to Bard as his cast time is significantly reduced. This means more meeps! Who doesn’t want more meeps?!

Cassiopeia is having her position duration increased to 14 seconds from 12. While higher numbers usually look like buffs in this case it’s an overall reduction in her damage as it’s now spread out over 14 seconds. It does mean she will be applying damage longer so it kind of evens out but smaller damage ticks per second is definitely a nerf.

Jayce was living it up in 10.12 after getting an increase of 100 health but he was doing just a bit too well. So to fix that he’s losing fifty health this patch, going from 850 health to 800.

And the last three cost champion being adjusted is Master Yi as his abilities damage is going down to 170 from 200 at tier three. It’s a good change considering how dominant Master Yi 3 can be in a game so bringing his power level down a bit does feel necessary. It may cause issues with the Slash Bros build but it’s also just as likely the build remains viable in 10.13.

Fizz finally got to show what he’s made of outside of Mech but he was over-performing so to adjust that his starting mana will be going from 60 to 50. This will make it so his first cast takes slightly longer which gives a chance for the enemy back-line to do more damage before getting gobbled up by a shark.

Gnar has had a huge impact on the meta by being a great front-line CC champion. But if anyone's ever three starred him you’d know it’s kind of an underwhelming experience. So to improve that they are buffing his health on transform at tier three to 4000 from 2500 and the attack damage on transform to 550 from 400. Hopefully this makes Gnar 3 more of a threat.

Alongside those buffs he is getting a slight nerf to his overall stun duration on his ability as it’s going down to 1.5 seconds from 2. It’s a good change considering how amazing his ability is with the displacement effect on top of a stun.

Jinx has been doing extremely well in the meta as one of the staple four cost carries. To help bring her back down to the same level as other carries her attack speed buff from her ultimate is getting reduced to 50/70% from 60/75%.

Riven is another four cost champion doing well so to adjust for that they are reducing her shield down to 225/375 from 250/400. It’s a necessary nerf as her shield scales with ability power making it ridiculously hard to kill her in a Sorcerer composition or when she has Deathcap.

Teemo is the last four cost getting changes as he’s another champion that was doing just a bit too well in 10.12. They aren’t huge nerfs with the first one being a reduction to his slow duration as it’s going from 4 seconds to 3. The other nerf is only to his damage at tier three as it’s down to 550 from 600. Overall it felt frustrating to play against Teemo when he slowed your melee champions so the duration change should help in that regard.

Let’s move on to the last set of champion balance changes starting with Ekko! Ekko is amazing after his mini rework but he’s a bit too amazing. They are nerfing his abilities damage slightly as it’s going from 100/200 to 100/150. I was hoping they'd address his targeting with this patch but alas they have not.

Lastly we have a nerf to Thresh with his mana getting increased to 90 from 75. He’s still going to be ridiculously good but this should make his late game presence a bit weaker than in 10.12. Personally I hope this reduces the strength of Thresh + Urgot as that combination of champions is pretty much phantom from set one which is not a healthy interaction for the game.

First up for items we have Bloodthirster & Hextech Gunblade both getting bumped to 45% healing from 40%. At this point the healing is a significant percent, it’s just a matter of whether it’s worth running these items or not.

An issue that happens frequently for both of these items is the lack of big damage champions. Consider Draven in set one, his auto-attacks did a ton of damage thus he would heal a lot. Or Evelynn, she'd get a ton of health back from her ability. In set three there's less of those types of champions and the ones that can do bigger damage have a long set up time.

For example Riven could potentially use Hextech quite well but it takes a bit to get to her finishing damage move and it's not super reliable, so she's better off having other items. It's certainly possible both Hextech and Bloodthirster will see play given these buffs but they just aren't reliable enough to be core a lot of the time.

Jeweled Gauntlet is having the bonus critical damage increased to 30% from 20%. This is a nice buff for the item and may make it viable to run Infinity Edge/Jeweled Gauntlet on champions with strong magic damage abilities. I personally looked forward to these two items pairing up together with the mid season update but it wasn't as effective as I had hoped. Maybe it will work better now with the buffs to JG.

Statikk Shiv will be quite appealing as an early game item in 10.13 as the damage will now be 90 from 80. It’s unlikely to matter later on in the game but as stated it should be a slammable item early on to try and win streak with. Maybe with this buff and Xayah buffs we'll see a return of the Pikachu composition (probably not but it'd be fun if it did!).

And the last balance change of 10.13 is a buff to Zz’rot as the health of the construct is going up to 1500/2250 from 1000/2000. It’s a significant increase on one star champions making it even more appealing in the early game than it already was. With that said this change is a bit weird because Zz'rot isn't underused, at least in high level play. 
And that's it for patch 10.13! Overall it's a good balance patch, not too many big changes but enough to tweak the game just a bit. It's hard to come out swinging with big balance changes for the patch right after the game was changed a bunch because nothing has really settled yet. The meta is different every few days so there needs to be time for it to solidify before nerf bats need to be swung. That said I am a bit disappointed they didn't touch on Urgot or change targeting on Ekko's ability but oh well, we'll see if they do anything in 10.14. Thanks for reading! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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