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Fight Night for June 12: OSD vs. Inting For Globes
Heroes Fight Night Week 10 is this Wednesday Night (June 12 at 8pm CT/ 1am UTC) and after an exciting Celebrity Death Match, we return to competitive play as Order of the Sleep Dragon (OSD) takes on Inting For Globes. It's a whole new bounty and fresh start, so these two bourgeoning squads are looking to make their mark and establish their own Fight Night storyline -- especially after the two teams clashed just last week...  
OSD are returning to the Fight Night ring after falling to Wrong Orc in Week 5 (video below) and seek redemption. The team has seen middle-of-the-pack success in their Division S play with 24 map wins over a 6-7 record, however, the squad has absolutely been on an upswing in performance and are chaining together some impressive performances not only in Division S, but also in the HeroesHype Premier Series with a third place finish last week in Cup 3.

Order of the Sleep Dragon (OSD):
Shot (Tank)
Elhaym (Healer)
TrapQueen (Assassin)
Treebeard (Assassin)
Enigmatic (Flex)
Inting For Globes (IFG) are a bit of new blood in the scene that has been coming up through HeroesHype's Premier Series and high-level Storm League play. In last week's Cup 3, IFG walked passed Celeb Gaming in a round one 2-0 victory, but lost to Team Feedem 0-2 in round two, and finished fourth overall with a loss for third against -- you guessed it -- OSD. #theresthestoryline
We're excited for this rematch! Tune into the HeroesHearth Twitch this Wednesday to catch Jhow and Halorin cast the clash!

For more details, visit the announcement here.

Fight Night Sponsors: Ridgebake and Cylance
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