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HeroesCCL Season 2 Survival Guide - Everything You Need To Know
Welcome to HeroesCCL Season 2!

This blog will put everything you want to know about the league on all sides so you can find it at a glance!
New to CCL?

The HeroesCCL (Community Clash League) is a 15-week long league run by Heroes Hearth, featuring the best players in Heroes of the Storm.

HeroesCCL is owned and operated by Wisdom Gaming Group d/b/a Heroes Hearth and not affiliated or administrated by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in any way.

HeroesCCL began in August 2020 with Season 1. If this is your first time hearing about the league, start here to learn about the format, the official announcement and how CCL was created:

We announced some big changes for this second season and you can find them all here:
HeroesCCL Season 2 Format and Details

For the full ruleset and format of the league:
CCL Season 2 Player Handbookhttps://wsdm.gg/CCL-Player-Handbook-S2

Team and Rosters:

In Season 2, Sidestep Kings and CrowdControl departed the league and ONYX and STORM Esports have joined.

(If you'd like to see the rosters from Season 1, they're located here: https://wsdm.gg/CCL-Everything-2)

Here are the Organizations and Players of CCL Season 2. The rosters will be completed on Draft Day, April 17, 2021.
Chilly Mountain
Flex  Makke
Offlane  TBD
Healer  TBD
Tank  Berghult
Ranged DPS  Jia
1st pick  TBD
2nd pick  TBD
3rd pick  TBD
4th pick  TBD
5th pick  TBD
6th pick  TBD
WildHeart Esports
Tank  Justing
Offlane  Zergling
Healer  Buds
Ranged DPS  Unaverted
Flex  TBD
STORM Esports
1st pick  TBD
2nd pick  TBD
3rd pick  TBD
4th pick  TBD
5th pick  TBD
6th pick  TBD
Granit Gaming
1st pick  TBD
2nd pick  TBD
3rd pick  TBD
4th pick  TBD
5th pick  TBD
6th pick  TBD
Offlane  Kure
Ranged  Lutano
Healer  TBD
Flex  TBD
Healer  LegacY
Tank  Mascarade
Flex  HasuObs
Healer  BBJ
Offlane  Liam
Ranged DPS  TBD
Tank  Fury
Oxygen Esports
Flex  TBD
Offlane  Nazmas
Healer  TBD
Ranged DPS  MadaraUchiha
Tank  RedRobot
Healer  Cascon

CCL Roster Protections/Releases for Season 2:  https://wsdm.gg/Roster-Protections-S2
CCL Free Agent Pool: https://wsdm.gg/CCL-Free-Agents-S2
Season 2 Draft pick order details: https://wsdm.gg/CCL-STORM-Announcement
Season 2 Draft pick order:


CCL Regular Season Schedule: https://liquipedia.net/heroes/Community_Clash_League/Season_2
CCL League Standings: https://liquipedia.net/heroes/Community_Clash_League/Season_2
Donate to the CCL Prize Pool at Matcherino: COMING SOON!
CCL Fantasy League (RETURNING SOON): http://discord.gg/heroeshearth
CCL Season 2 Co-Streamer Signup: https://wsdm.gg/Costreamer-Signup-S2
CCL Season 2 Player Handbook: https://wsdm.gg/Player-Handbook-CCL-Season1
Season 2 Replay Files (CCL Discord): http://discord.gg/heroeshearth

Where to watch:



Pre-Season Announcements:
Free Agent Tournament Info and Format: https://wsdm.gg/Free-Agent-Tournament-Info
Free Agent Tournament #1 Schedule: https://wsdm.gg/FreeAgentTournament1-Schedule
Free Agent Tournament #1 Bracket: https://wsdm.gg/FreeAgentTournament1-Bracket
Free Agent Tournament #2 Schedule: https://wsdm.gg/FA-Tourney2-Sunday
Free Agent Tournament #1 Bracket: https://wsdm.gg/FreeAgentTournament2-Bracket
This blog will be updated as more information is shared. Thank you for watching HeroesCCL! We're so glad to be returning for another season of exciting gameplay and competitve Heroes of the Storm action.

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