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CCL Organization Update - Welcome ONYX!
As we announced on February 1, 2021, HeroesCCL held an open application process to select a new Organization to replace the departing Sidestep Kings.

A total of 20 prospective Orgs applied for the open spot. After weeks of interviews, we are happy to welcome our newest Organization to HeroesCCL.
ONYX (Manager: Christopher Kraft)

“We do not measure ourselves in championships but in companionship.”

This is the tag line you will find on all of ONYX’s channels to describe their philosophy.

Based out of Germany, ONYX is very excited to step into Heroes of the Storm and out into the international stage. ONYX has been home to a full-time professional Counter-Strike Global Offensive team, and announced their rebrand on February 16, 2021.

"We are super grateful for this chance and to be given trust by Jules and the whole team. It is an honor to participate in such a great league as a new organization and will do our absolute best to support the Heroes of the Storm ecosystem. Even if we are a new organization and not really known in the HotS community, we have gathered some experience in managing teams and organizations over the recent years. With a focus on scouting and developing young talent in the past, we see ourselves as a great place to grow for individual players but also as a team. I have been a HotS player since the Beta and I've loved the game for all of these years. I look forward to meeting all of you! You can DM me on our Twitter @ONYXLegend or connect to me on Discord: ppp1337#9925 as well.

Be YOU – be LEGEND – be ONYX"

From CCL Commissioner, Jules Scott: We're thrilled to welcome ONYX to HeroesCCL. I met Chris during the Season 1 Org Application process and we had a great conversation. Since August 2020, his Org has grown and rebranded, found a strong foothold in the CS:GO scene and have shown their strength in supporting young and upcoming talent in esports. He's got a passion for HotS that really came through in his interviews and I felt he was an excellent fit with the direction and philosophy of what we're looking to accomplish in this league. I'm very excited to welcome another EU Organization to CCL to represent the mixed region format we're continuing with in Season 2.
You can get to know ONYX and Chris Kraft in an interview with Bahamut below!
Please join us in welcoming ONYX to HeroesCCL!

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