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CCL Organization Announcement - Welcome STORM Esports!
HeroesCCL is excited to announce the newest Organization to join the league: STORM Esports.

STORM Esports joins the league to fill the Organization spot vacated by CrowdControl on March 15, 2021.

About STORM Esports
STORM Esports is a premiere Chicago based organization that manages teams, provides game servers, hosts events, and utilizes our in-house production/broadcast team. With years of esports experience between the owners, STORM is pushing the boundaries between competitive and casual gamers to build a strong community.

The STORM Discord started off in 2019 as a place for friends to gather and began to thrive. After realizing we had created something special, we decided to make it official as an organization and began pushing content, rebranding, and adding additional team members.

From STORM Esports owners Alcove, Zahti and Coop:
We would like to thank Jules for the time spent during the interview process and also the opportunity to join HeroesCCL. This will be an absolute whirlwind of an experience since we are completely new to HotS. However, with the help of the community and our dedication that we’ve shown with our CS:GO, VALORANT, and Rocket League teams, we know we will be a force to be reckoned with.

With big shoes to fill, we’re looking forward to engaging with the players, Orgs, and broadcast talent. As we focus on preparing for the Season 2 draft, we will be looking for a HotS manager and coach. If you are interested in getting involved with or playing for STORM, check the form here.


From CCL Commissioner Jules Scott:
I'm thrilled to welcome STORM Esports to HeroesCCL. They impressed me so much during their interview with their passion and drive to build an Organization focused on helping players succeed and perform at their best. I can't wait for you to get to know them. STORM is entering into a challenging situation to scout and prepare for the draft in four weeks, but I have full confidence that they're up to the task. Please join us all in welcoming them to the HotS community and showing them why we're the best around!

You can get to know more about STORM Esports and their organization's mission in an interview with owner Alcove and Bahamut below!

Revised Draft Order For Season 2

On February 22, 2021, we announced the draft pick order for Season 2. With the addition of another new Organization for Season 2 that will need to draft a full roster, the draft order has been revised.

The Process

The final placements in Season 1 were as follows:

1st - Simplicity
2nd - WildHeart Esports

3rd - CrowdControl
4th - Oxygen Esports
5th - Sidestep Kings

6th - 30k
7th - Granit Gaming
8th - Chilly Mountain

Sidestep Kings and CrowdControl have chosen not to continue in Season 2 and ONYX and STORM Esports will be replacing them.

This changes the final placements for Season 1 to the following:

1st - Simplicity
2nd - WildHeart Esports

3rd - Oxygen Esports
4th - 30k
5th - Granit Gaming

6th - Chilly Mountain

On February 15, 2021, the Organizations declared their roster protections and releases for Season 2. The Organizations' roster protections and releases can be found here: https://wsdm.gg/Roster-Protections-S2

Both ONYX and Storm Esports will be drafting full new rosters based on the rules for Season 2, which can be found here: https://wsdm.gg/CCL-Season-2-Everything

Previous Pick Order for Season 2 (before CrowdControl's departure)

Revised Pick Order for Season 2

The Org owners of CCL worked together with HeroesCCL to revise the previous draft order based on an additional new Org entering the league.

A coin toss was completed during a meeting with the Organization owners to determine who would receive first pick between ONYX and STORM Esports, and ONYX won the coin toss.

The CCL Organizations agreed on a snake draft format for the two new Organizations - meaning that after first pick, each new Org would receive two picks before the other new Org's turn to pick. The Orgs from Season 1 will draft in a standard draft format to allow the teams with the lowest power rankings to select first.


Q: Why do the new Orgs get the first four picks when Granit Gaming also has to draft a full new roster?

A: The new Orgs have no previous power ranking from Season 1, so they were given 7th/8th place. They are receiving the first four picks because they did not get the choice to release their entire roster - it was part of the Season 2 rules that were set up by HeroesCCL.

The Season 1 Orgs really want to give the two new Orgs a good chance at success, which is what you're seeing with this draft order.

Q: Why are you not doing a full snake draft like in Season 1?

A: The snake draft format is used when teams have no previous power rankings and draft pick order is determined by random number seeding. The last pick in each round of a snake draft gets two picks in a row. A standard draft format is appropriate for the Season 1 Orgs to allow the teams with the lowest power rankings to select earlier in each round.

Q: What about letting teams who released fewer players pick last? Or letting those teams pick until they get up to 4 players each?

A: We gave this format a lot of consideration. After discussing it in detail, the Org owners felt that this format has aspects that could be abused, such as incentivizing a full roster drop in future seasons to try and get better draft picks. They all agreed they preferred the format that we're sharing today.

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