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Tea Time with Beckwin: Season 1 MVP, Lakefu
Sippin' tea and getting the deets!

Season 1 of the Celebrity Clash League has come to an end and now we have no choice but to sit and wait for season 2! In the meantime, we can talk to some more players, learn what sparked that interest in Heroes of the Storm and how they feel about the league!

For our first post-season interview we’ll start things off with an obvious choice, the Celebrity Clash League season 1 MVP, Lakefu! A dedicated streamer and top-tier support player, Lakefu has been one of the biggest threats throughout her time in the league. Although her team, The KT-Ls, fell to Upstanding Citizens in the finals Lakefu deserves the title of MVP.

Lakefu's hero pool throughout season 1 of the CCL.

Let’s get into it and learn a little about her!

Beckwin: So, Lakefu. First of all, congratulations on MVP! Everyone was very impressed with your support play and it’s safe to say you’re the best support in the league currently. How do you feel?

Lakefu: “I’M SO HYPED TO BE MVP!!! I feel like support players are often overlooked and it makes me so happy that people recognized all the hard work I put in. I seriously have so much fun on this role and to see so many people cheer for me and be hyped for the clutch heals is the best feeling ever! Thanks so much for voting for me y’all! Don’t forever to be nice to your solo queue healers too! <3”

Our season 1 MVP!
B: “As a support main myself, I feel this. It’s tough out there on the streets of the nexus. Now, with the announcement that we’ll get a season 2 of the Celebrity Clash League in April of May, what are your hopes for season 2? Any changes you’d like to see?”

L: “My hopes are I get to play with my same teammates and we get to have revenge against Upstanding Citizens! The runner up redemption story! I hope there are more weeks to play games next time too, it is just all too fun!”

B: “That would certainly make for a good story, we got our underdog story this season and now its time for the revenge story. But, let’s dial it back a bit. When did you get into Heroes of the Storm?”

L: “I started playing in the beta and exchanged my League of Legends addiction for the Heroes of the Storm addiction.”

B: “I think we’ve all had that League addiction at one point or another. You can’t ever really escape MOBAs. You’re a support player but what are some of your favorite heroes?”

L: “My favorite heroes are anyone who is a dragon. Alexstrasza, Deathwing, Brightwing. Healer role is my favorite, but I am also fond of mages!”

B: “Alright, so you enjoy dragons, healers and mages. Who is the one hero, from anyone in the Blizzard universe, that you want to see in Heroes?”

L: “Bwonsamdi baybeeeeeeeeeee!”

B: “I’d like to see Bwonsamdi. He’s been a pretty big jerk to us in World of Warcraft for a while, it’d be interesting to see how they make him work. Now, one of the bigger questions, that always has an interesting answer, is what do you want to see from the future of Heroes of the Storm? The game has had a very rough history, especially over the last year.”

L: “For the future of Heroes of the Storm I just hope that the dev team gets more funding and resources so that we can see an increase in content and updates so the game can stay exciting and alive.”

B: “I think we’d all like to see that. You can tell the HotS team is filled with a lot of passionate people and the community isn’t going anywhere. You especially have dedicated a lot of your time and energy to the game, isn’t that right?”

L: “Fun fact: I played in Heroes of the Dorm 2018 for CSUF and we placed top 16! AlexDIdz was our coach.”

Key artwork for Heroes of the Dorm 2018.

B: “That AlexDidz is a great guy. Outside of Heroes of the Storm what kind of games do you play?”

L: “My other favorite games, where I spend most of my time, are World of Warcraft, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Neopets.”

B: “Neopets… oh my. That new Animal Crossing coming in a month looks like it’ll be fantastic. I’m sure it’ll take up a lot of your time, I know it’ll take up quite a bit of mine! Lakefu, it has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to seeing you in season 2 of the Celebrity Clash League. Also, congratulations on the new job!” When I spoke to Lakefu at the start of the season she expressed that she wasn't particularly scared of any team, only slightly worried about Down to Dongle. It's good to see that her confidence in her team and her gameplay was shown and we got some incredible games from her and the rest of The KT-Ls. Season 2 is going to be an exciting one and I can't wait to bring you all more about it.

If you’re a fan of support players, and Heroes of the Storm in general, do yourself a favor and catch Lakefu’s stream for fantastic and informative gameplay. Whether you’re new or a seasoned player you’ll be able to learn just how to be an excellent support player.

You can follow her on Twitch or Twitter with the links below and be sure to congratulate her on becoming this season’s MVP! https://twitter.com/Lakefu https://www.twitch.tv/Lakefu

We know everyone is eager for season 2 of the Celebrity Clash League and we’re excited to bring it to you. Be sure to follow HeroesHearth and HeroesHearthCCL. Tune into our Twitch streams as well for any updates. Keep your eyes peeled!
If you missed any of the games, don’t worry, you can catch them all on the HeroesHearth Youtube!
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