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Tea Time with Beckwin: Mad Lad Mewnfare
Sippin' on tea and getting the deets.

It’s time for another episode of Tea Time with Beckwin, this time starring everyone’s favorite streamer and the Sultan of Salt, Mewnfare. He has been a staple in the community since the early days of the game and we always look forward to his...passionate rants. Whether he’s doing a no talent challenge, playing with a completely zoomed-in camera, picking meme heroes, or trying to lead his team to victory like a four-star general, you’re guaranteed to have a good time while watching him.

We’re just about to get into week three of the Celebrity Clash League and Mewn certainly had some choice words to say about some teams and players. Let’s get to know Mewn a bit better and see what’s going on in that brain of his.

So wholesome.

Beckwin: “Hey Mewn. Big fan. You’ve been playing HotS for a pretty long time now, when did you first get into the game? What sparked that interest?”

Mewnfare: “I first got into HotS when I saw Kripparrian streaming it, playing Stitches on Blackheart’s Bay. I started playing it with my friends (I used to have friends) and after a week I uninstalled because I hated the game. I came back a few months later and played it for over 4 years.”

B: “Yeah, I think we’ve all been there with the game at some point or another. So you’ve been around the block. What hero do you enjoy playing the most, and who do you despise? What about roles?”

M: “My favorite hero is Genji because it is nice to have such freedom of movement and a high skill cap, and my least favorite hero is Li LI -- when she’s on my team. My favorite role to play is melee assassin since they are usually explosive and mobile, and my least favorite is support because everyone else sucks.”

B: “It must be tough having to carry everyone, every game. Truly the struggle. If you could add one character to the game who do you want to see?”

M: “I think Blizzard should add a giant black hole character named Daed Gaem. The lore would be, Daed Gaem was so powerful that when it entered the Nexus it caused it to collapse and implode on itself. Then they could take the HotS servers offline.”

B: “Always the optimist Mewn. You’ve been an avid watcher of HGC. What was your favorite moment in HGC?”

M: “When Cloud9 won BlizzCon.”

Cloud9, BlizzCon 2015. k1pro, iDream, DunkTrain, KingCaffeine and Fan.

B: “Ah, yes. BlizzCon 2015, before HGC existed, was also my favorite HGC moment. The competitive scene has always had its appeal and now with the existence of the Celebrity Clash League, how do you feel about it?”

M: “The HeroesHearth Celebrity Clash League is a super fun league to play in, and a good get together for everyone who still enjoys watching Heroes.”

B: “What team, or player, worries you the most in the CCL?”

M: “The only team I’m worried about is my own. If someone picks Li Li I’m going to break my PC.”

B: “Seems we’ve dodged the Li Li picks so far. We’re about to head into week three and so far things have been somewhat up and down for Upstanding Citizens. You had a rough week one but came back strong in week two, with some role changes. Do you believe you would have lost if you hadn’t shifted roles?”

M: “As usual, if I don’t single-handedly take control of the game with my expert game sense, flawless mechanics, and superb leadership skills, it’s completely doomed. Luckily I figured out the problem with our team just in time, that no one had any of their healing skills bound when they played support.”

B: “Keybinds are pretty important. Glad to see you guys figured that out. You play Down to Dongle this week, Trikslyr’s team. You two are good friends, is this going to affect your ability to play against him? He’s made it clear he is going to do whatever it takes to beat you and exploit all your weaknesses -- including Li Li.”

M: “Trikslyr is my friend, but I have deleted friends just for FPS before, and I will not be holding back. About Li Li, while I have mastered the art of Li Li, even going so far as to beat chu8 with her while only using my chin to press skills, no one else has my complete mastery of the hero and thus it angers me to see her played by others.”

Trikslyr and Mewnfare, the last supper.

B: “Memes aside, what are you feeling going into week three? Are you going to depend on Turk to lift you all higher than ever to secure a win?”

M: “Shotcalling for my team is like herding cats, but with so much experience dealing with these teams in storm league I can safely say I am ready to pave our path to victory, and it will be a smooth one. As far as Turk goes, as long as he isn’t too heavily “medicated” I’m sure he will be a great asset.”

B: “If you could say anything to Trik right now, what would you tell him?”

M: “I have nothing to say to my enemy. But, after I defeat him I will allow him to utter a quick apology before I banish him from the Nexus.”

B: “Strong words, Mewn. Strong words. Good luck in this week’s matches!”

The Upstanding Citizens are set to take on Down to Dongle tonight at 8 PM CT. This is a match that people will not want to miss. Upstanding Citizens, or at least Mewn, seems extremely confident heading into these games. Could this be the end of the Trikslyr x Mewnfare bromance?

Want to experience the Sultan of Salt for yourself? Be sure to head over to his Twitch and Twitter to catch all the action!



And make sure to tune into the HeroesHearth Twitch channel, at 8 PM CT, for week three of the Celebrity Clash League!

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