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Tea Time with Beckwin: Aullora the Memer
Sippin' tea and getting the deets.

This week on Tea Time with Beckwin we have Aullora, the 900 ping memer! She had decided to take a vacation to Australia while playing in the Celebrity Clash League in order to give herself a handicap. We dig deep into the mind of this Ragnaros turned Brightwing turned Ragnaros player and figure out just how she can stay sane while playing on a team with Mewnfare and Turk.

Just who is Aullora?

Aullora has played Brightwing, Ragnaros, and Lunara so far in the CCL.

Beckwin: “Hey, hi. So Aullora. Give us the basics. When did you first start playing Heroes?”

Aullora: “Started playing late, just before the death of HGC! :(“

B: “Yeah you certainly came to the party late and missed a lot of good stuff! Despite being a relatively newer player you seem to have found your comfort picks. What heroes and roles do you love the most and who do you hate?”

A: “RAGNAROS and offlane! My least favorites? Mmmm, probably The Lost Viking’s and tank.”

B: “You’ve been playing quite the good Ragnaros so far in the CCL. This question is always interesting to see where people will go with it, what character from any Blizzard universe would you add to Heroes of the Storm?”

A: “Millhouse Manastorm, for the memes!”

B: “Honestly, I hope he makes it and one of his ultimates summons his wife. Now, unfortunately, you mentioned you started playing just before the death of HGC. From what you did manage to watch of the HGC, what were your favorite moments?”

A: “Didn’t watch enough of it to have a fav. I really liked watching Gen. G’s plays though. Wild stuff.”

Gen. G 2018 Roster.

B: “You can never go wrong with a Gen. G game. We’re a few weeks into the Celebrity Clash League now, how do you feel about the CCL and what are your hopes for it and the game?”

A: “IT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME and a great chance for the community to come together for some fun games. I’d honestly like to see HGC come back. The game is great and I feel like I really missed out on some fun times. If not that, then just expand the Heroes dev team so they aren’t so overworked.”

B: “I think there are times we all wish we could turn back the clock and get to enjoy the HGC again. Out of all the teams you’ve played in the CCL, which one have you had your eye on the most?”

A: “Liam and Leon’s. I find myself facing Liam in Storm League more often then I’d like and he is a problem child for sure, hahaha. Also, 200 ping up from my normal 30 is going to be a struggle.”

Achieving Grand Master #93 late last year, Aullora is a high level Storm League player.

B: “Now, you had a rough start to things with week one, where you played support. Things didn’t seem to click for the team and you’ve transitioned to a damage role for weeks two and three where things went significantly better. After the week one loss, how were you feeling? Now that you’re able to play heroes you’re more comfortable with are you feeling much more confident?”

A: “Listen Beck, I’m (clearly) not the world’s #1 Brightwing player. Heck, I’m not even sure I’m in the top 1,000 when it comes to most healers, to be honest. Some I can play decently, at best, and that’s with only a max of around 40 ms. So bumping up the stakes, ping, and tempo of the game really took its toll initially. I had to rapidly update my strategy to make things work for the team. In the end, it came down to us realizing my ping was a huge liability and that lagging healers tend to not heal their teammates. We shook things up and Mr. Mewnfare took over on Ana and set up some insane plays I couldn’t have dreamed of making. It ended up being a great decision for the team. And while self-appointed ‘King of HotS’ doesn’t get to shine on his Genji, it was definitely a big plus for the team as a whole. Also, I don’t know if you know this, but I LOVE ME SOME RAGNAROS. BIG SMASHES. MUCH WOW.”

B: “Poor Mewnfare, having to sacrifice his style for the greater good. And we certainly saw some big Ragnaros plays! How was it playing against someone else in Australia for week two? Did you and KidKerrigan form a magical unbreakable bond?”

A: “I felt for KidKerrigan for sure, this ping is NOT easy to play on by any means. Try playing on 300 ping with 400 spikes before you judge either of us for gameplay. It’s not an easy feat. I’m in the city where she’s from right now and had a chat with her about it. We absolutely formed a bond, she seems like a wonderful person.”

B: “KidKerrigan is a wonderful person, it’s nice you’re making friends in the heat of battle. Time for an important team dynamic question. How was it playing with Turk and Mewn? We all know Turk operates on a higher plane of existence and Mewn is a special individual with a gigantic brain.”

A: “Oh boy, loaded question… Uhhhh… Let’s come back to this one later.”

B: “Fair enough, have to be careful with that answer. Can you give us a play by play of what it was like playing with 300 ping?”

A: “‘Wait… is someone yelling? Oh no, are they yelling at you?? Gosh, you really better do something about that. Oh geez, they’re pinging now. Wait… no, those are ANGRY pings. Okay, okay, this is alright, you can salvage this. OH yeah, by the way, you’re standing in boss pit and he’s cleaning you up now. Yeeeah buddy, sorry about that. *shrug*’ - 300 ping.”

B: “It sounds like a very zen experience. You mentioned previously you were worried about Leonblack and Liam’s team. You’ll be facing them in the finals for week four, in a best of five. Are you confident you’ll be able to take them down?”

A: “I’ll admit I don’t like seeing either of those 2 in SL, EVER. But the ladies really showed up in week 1 and I’d say I’m more worried about them at this point than Leon or Liam. Regardless, we’re ready and prepared for whatever they throw at us. We have countless hours (3-4 hours) of practice and I believe in our ability to come out on top (am only slightly worried that they’ll sweep us again). BUT WE ARE UPSTANDING CITIZENS AND WE WILL BRING YOU ONLY THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF GAMEPLAY (unless I lag, and then it’s not my fault. Sorry team).”

B: “I’m excited about the games, they certainly seem like they’ll be interesting at the very least. Back to the previous question though if you feel like you’re up to it. Turk and Mewn… be honest.”

A: “Okay I think I can manage this one now…….. Gosh. Where do I even start with these 2? I’m pretty sure Turk has ascended time and space completely and now sees everything in slow motion and our tiny brains just can’t comprehend it. Mewn is shot caller extraordinaire. Mr. Bighugegalacticbrain over here seems to also possess the ability to read minds. When I’m trolling him, HE SOMEHOW ALWAYS KNOWS IT. I swear this guy needs his own show. Like Chris Angel level Mindfreak.”

B: “Sounds like there’s never a dull moment with the team. You’ve mentioned you’re quite the Ragnaros enthusiast. How often were you screaming while playing Ragnaros?”

A: ”Yes.”

B: “Perfect. Any final words or thoughts for your team or The KT-Ls?”


B: “I wish you the best of luck and hopefully we’ll get to see more of your Ragnaros!”

Aullora may be a new face to some of you but after her performance in the CCL, she’ll be a name to remember for everyone in the Heroes of the Storm community! 

If you want to experience the screaming and smashing of this Ragnaros professional make sure to follow her on Twitter and Twitch!



Upstanding Citizens and The KT-Ls face off this Wednesday, February 12th, at 8 PM CT, on the HeroesHearth Twitch channel for the Celebrity Clash League finals! Be sure to tweet @HeroesHearthCCL with the hashtag #HeroesCCL and cast your vote for who you think the MVP of the Celebrity Clash League Is!

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