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Tea Time with Beckwin: A Wild Trikslyr Appears!
Sippin' on tea and getting the deets.

For the first segment of Tea Time with Beckwin, I wanted to sit down and have a little chat with the lovable Trikslyr! Kind of give everyone a chance to get inside the man's brain. See what makes him tick! For those that are unaware, Trikslyr has been a part of the Heroes of the Storm scene since the dawn of time. Blizzard community manager turned all-star HGC caster. Now a full-time Twitch streamer and beater of games, he’s been here for every piece of drama and godlike play.

Khaldor and Triksylr. A beautiful bromance.

But, no one needs me gassing the man up. Let’s dive right in and learn about him from the source!

Beckwin: “So Trik, when did you get into Heroes? What made it appealing for you?”

Trikslyr: “From the start. I was playing League at the time and the aspect of playing as a 5 man team wasn’t as prevalent in League back then, so I came over to Heroes. Especially with my history in StarCraft, it seemed like a fun game to jump into!”

B: “Having been playing since the days of technical alpha it’s safe to say you’ve played every hero in the game a million times. Who is your favorite and least favorite hero?”

T: “Favorite hero to pull out and dingle with is actually Anub! Least is Ragnaros, winning is just boring when I get to pick him. Too easy to destroy with, y’know?”

B: “Interesting picks, we all certainly saw your Ragnaros play in week one. What about your favorite role?”

T: “Favorite role is top with a strong 4 man, I can take care of the map for my team. If I’m in Storm League, I prefer tank because I can’t stand watching passive play and tanks usually enable aggressive play from your teammates.”

B: “Being a macro master for your team is always important. What about if you could pick one character in all of the Blizzard universes to add to the game? Who do you want?”

T: “Reinhardt would be sick.”

B: “Big strong tank man, for the Storm League tank warlord. Makes sense. Now, you’ve had a pretty impressive career as a caster for Heroes of the Storm. We all loved HGC, what was your absolute favorite moment for you?”

T: “Casting MSB Grand Finals with Khaldor. I’ll take that memory to my grave.”

HGC 2018 - Mid-Season Brawl - Grand Finals.

B: “We do love Khaldor, and it’s good to see he’s still a part of the HotS community. HGC will always have a special place in our hearts. Now that the Celebrity Clash League is in full swing, how do you feel about it and its future?”

T: “So glad it’s in. I haven’t really enjoyed Heroes since HGC died, and the CCL gives us reason to play the game as it is intended. This game has always been about teamwork and working together as a 5 man unit. It really makes me happy to be able to play the game like this once a week. Feels like home.”

B: “It certainly brings back a lot of great memories of watching competitive HotS games. The big question here is, who are you most afraid of in the CCL?”

T: “Leonblack’s team. That dude is a sweaty tryhard, and having him backed up by Liam means I’m gonna have to hit some buttons extra hard with my team.”

B: “Lucky for you, you get to play The KT-Ls this week. Since they seem to be your team to beat, and with your dominant showing in week one, are you confident that you’ll be able to deal with the dynamic duo of Leonblack and Liam and take them out?"

T: “I believe our team to be a better unit overall, no doubt they have strong players. But, we intend to use the power of teamwork and friendship to overcome them. Leonblack and Liam are good players, but it takes a team of 5 to beat us. We’ll be looking to… expose weaker players on their team :)”

B: “A man of confidence. You love to see it. Before I let you go, I want to talk about week three briefly. You’ll be playing Upstanding Citizens, Mewnfare’s team. You two have been friends for a long time, practically brothers. Will your relationship with Mewn affect your ability to win the game or will you do whatever is necessary? I hear he's not a fan of the west coast server or pandas.”

T: “I’m first picking Li Li game 1 against Mewn. Perhaps I’ll even ask him what skin to use. The moment I lock it in and win, the game is over. Tilt will destroy that team from within and I intend to exploit that to the umpteenth degree. Even if it comes at the cost of weakening our team composition. As the kids would say, it be hella worth dawg.”

B: “Well, there you go. I wish you the best of luck this week and hopefully, Mewn can forgive you for the eventual Li Li pick.”

The KT-Ls and Down to Dongle are looking to be the two powerhouse teams thus far. It’s looking like we’ll see our first rivalry of the Celebrity Clash League. Friendships will be tested. Hearts will be broken. Things can only get more intense from there. 

Want to take another look inside the big brain of Trikslyr? Make sure to give him a follow on his Twitter and Twitch, where he plays not only HotS but a variety of games all week, every week! https://twitter.com/Trikslyr https://www.twitch.tv/trikslyr

And make sure to tune in to the HeroesHearth Twitch channel, at 8 PM CT, for week two of the Celebrity Clash League. The KT-Ls face off against Down to Dongle and Easy Money takes on Upstanding Citizens!
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