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HeroesCCL Top 5 Players to Watch: Week Three Edition
Be sure to tune in February 5th, at 8 PM CT for week three of the Heroes CCL!

We’re approaching week three of the HeroesHearth Celebrity Clash League! A lot happened in week two and we saw some really interesting plays with teams mixing things up. So we need to ask ourselves now that teams have started to settle and get more comfortable with each other...who is going to make it to this week’s top 5 players to watch?

The good news is I’m about to tell you!

Number five! Heroes of Fitness’s Tim, AKA BigScoop, from Easy Money! Primarily a tank player, Tim transitioned to the role of support for his team and has been playing remarkably well. I briefly talked with Tim the other day and he mentioned how his brain is still very much programmed for tank but he feels significantly more enthusiastic about his support play. Despite his team losing the set against Upstanding Citizens, Tim played a strong Kharazim in games one and three. Watching him grow into the role more gives us a lot to keep an eye on as we head into week three. He’s also the only player in the CCL that could probably pick everyone up and body slam them into another dimension. His muscles have muscles.

Tim AKA BigScoop AKA Scoop me up into your arms
Number four. Aullora from Upstanding Citizens! One of the two players currently playing from Australia, the other being KidKerrigan, Aullora certainly has a lot to deal with solely because of ping. During week one we saw her play support where things didn’t quite click for Upstanding Citizens. Despite her 12 quadrillion ping, she transitioned to the damage role for week two and gave us a strong showing of Ragnaros and Lunara for games two and three. Hopefully, we’ll see her stay on the damage for week three. Imagine if she wasn't playing with high ping.
Aullora, it'll be week four by the time her internet loads this page
I have no choice but to put him on the list. He said he would beat me up if I didn’t. Number three is Mewnfare of Upstanding Citizens. Truthfully, Mewn does deserve to be here this week. His team had their fair share of ups and downs during week one but came back strong week two. The biggest shift we saw from them was Mewn taking on the role of support and it was certainly an impressive showing. There’s no doubt in my mind that Mewn’s Ana is one of the primary reasons Upstanding Citizens performed as well as they did the last week. The best thing they can do is leave him on support where he can remain the backbone of the team.
Mewnfare, please update your profile picture

We’ll do an honorable mention again this week before we get into the top two!

While they may not be the flashiest player, they’re certainly one of the most consistent and consistency is key! Vipey, from Down to Dongle. He has played melee assassin. He has played a ranged assassin. He has played bruiser. Variety is the spice of life and Vipey certainly has no shortage of it. They have a bit of an unusual hero pool with Mephisto, Orphea, and Qhira and I have my fingers crossed that we’ll get to see more of this craziness come week three.

Vipey, the suavest man in the Nexus

It is time for the moment that everyone has been waiting for. These are two players that have consistently shown they’re a force to be reckoned with and have been a nigh-unstoppable duo since week one.

Number two. Liam from The KT-Ls. Still probably not surprising that he’s here. Liam is still just a dominant force in the league and teams are certainly having a difficult time playing against him. I think the most impressive thing so far is that he’s managed to play Yrel literally every game. We don’t even know how strong he is on any other tank/bruiser. At this point, I’m just hoping we’ll see a Yrel ban and it will force Liam to adjust. The amount of space he creates for his team with the character is insane and he's able to set the flow of the game in his team's favor easily with her. It’s very clear he’s very happy to keep picking the space goat.

Space Goat Warlord, Liam
The actual big brain tank and number one on our list...Leonblack of The KT-Ls. You can’t ban his hero pool, it’s impossible. He showed us that during week two when Down to Dongle tried it. The man just said “Okay. I will just play Stitches. Perhaps you have heard of him?”. And oh boy, Leonblack played an amazing Stitches in game three against Down to Dongle. He was hooking people over walls, across the entire universe. Nowhere was safe. We also got to see him, and Tatskichu, play Cho’gall in game one which was a nice little treat. I can say with complete confidence that Leonblack is currently the strongest player in the Celebrity Clash League. He continues to impress us with his consistently solid play.
Water is wet, the sun is hot, Leonblack is #1

I think if teams want to knock The KT-Ls down a peg they’re going to need to overcome their tank players, which so far seems to be incredibly difficult. We saw some unexpected role swaps and team compositions in week two and I’m glad that teams are gaining a bit of momentum. Down to Dongle seemed a bit demoralized after their loss to The KT-Ls, and this was shockingly the first week they didn't make the list besides an honorable mention, so it will be interesting to see if they can bounce back against Upstanding Citizens this week. Week three will certainly be an exciting one! The KT-Ls play Easy Money while Down to Dongle takes on the Upstanding Citizens!

Make sure to tune into the HeroesHearth channel on Wednesday, the 5th, at 8 PM CT for week three of the Celebrity Clash League!

Also, make sure to follow the players for updates and to know if you'll be able to watch their POV for the CCL. https://twitter.com/HeroesofFitness https://twitter.com/Aullora_ https://twitter.com/mewnfarez https://twitter.com/Vipey_ https://twitter.com/Liam_HotS https://twitter.com/leonblackmoba For more information on the Celebrity Clash League and the teams, make sure to check out the league information and roster page. https://hots.heroeshearth.com/b/workhorse/read/heroesccl-rosters-duke-cannon-and-deets-5e334da1cdc38/
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