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HeroesCCL Top 3 Players to Watch: Week Four Edition
Be sure to tune in February 12th, at 8 PM CT for the final week of the Heroes CCL!

Week three is over and we’re about to get into the finals for the Celebrity Clash League. Things were shaken up quite a bit in the previous week with Upstanding Citizens knocking out Down to Dongle and Easy Money falling to The KT-Ls. It would be a little silly to have a top 5 list when there are only 10 players. On top of that, we need to narrow down this whole MVP thing.

This will be a top THREE list of players to watch for the finals of the CCL, as well as who I believe the top contenders for MVP are. You may be surprised by who is on here, you may and probably won’t be, but here we go!

Number three! It’s Mewnfare. Damage dealer turned support shot-calling mastermind, Mewn is the backbone of his team. I use the word team very loosely when describing the Upstanding Citizens because it’s more so just a group of people who happen to be playing together and only show up when its game time. This may be a testament to Mewn’s four-star general leadership skills though. With a vast hero pool, Mewn can play anything. We saw in week one he was on Genji and Greymane where things, unfortunately, didn’t click for the team. In week two we saw a shift in roles with Mewn taking on the mantle of support and with it a huge shift in momentum for Upstanding Citizens. Down to Dongle thought he could only play Ana. They were wrong. Hopefully, The KT-Ls don't make the same mistake.

Mewnfare's hero pool as of week three.
Number two. It’s Lakefu. Now you may be thinking, “But Beckwin. Why not Liam? He’s the Goat God.” and you’d be right. Liam is a phenomenal player, but Lakefu is here for a reason much similar to Mewn. The KT-Ls don’t exist without her. Support players are the backbones of their teams and she has perfect cohesion with the rest of her team. It’d be simple to just throw up every support player on a list and call it a day but Lakefu stands above the pack. She’s played a virtually untouchable Auriel that teams chose to ignore for two weeks. Week three rolled around and we finally saw teams banning her Auriel, but it didn’t change the tide of things. She quickly adapted and we saw both Deckard and Stukov from her. Lakefu’s versatility in the support role is perfect alongside the flexibility of her tanks and damage dealers. I’ve been impressed with her play and decision making throughout the league.
Lakefu's hero pool as of week three.
Honestly, number one really shouldn’t be a surprise here. He’s been such a dominant force throughout the CCL with no signs of slowing down. It is, once again, Leonblack. I’m not even sure where to begin with Leonblack. He can play every tank. It doesn’t matter how unconventional sounding the pick is, he WILL make it work. Between Liam’s Yrel and Leonblack’s Mal’ganis, the enemy team pretty much can’t even play the game. The amount of disruption he can cause on the character is terrifying and sets such a strong pace for his team. We’ve seen him play Garrosh, which honestly might be scarier than his Mal’ganis. We’ve seen Cho from him, where he was a nigh-unstoppable force. Finally, we’ve seen his Stitches where he was once again an absolute terror for the enemy team. Not a single point on the map was safe from hooks. We’ve heard from The KT-Ls time and time again that Leonblack’s cool and collected attitude towards the game has helped elevate their gameplay to the next level, and it shows. With such a strong and level-headed leader behind them, The KT-Ls haven’t run into so much as a speedbump when it comes to their games.
Leonblack's hero pool as of week three.

I’m extremely interested to see how teams adapt to one another in this best of five. It can be a little tricky in a best of three as teams may not have ample time to adjust and learn the ins and outs of their opponent. Both teams do offer a bit of flexibility and versatility in their hero pools, so I think as the games get going we’ll see some interesting target bans and counter picks. If Upstanding Citizens want to knock The KT-Ls down a peg I think they’re going to need to topple their frontline first. As I said before, it’s very clear from The KT-Ls that a big reason for their success is their calm and collected tank players. Kagirii and Tatskichu are very consistent players and have been consistently strong throughout the CCL. They work well in an environment that enables them to succeed. Throw a wrench in their plans and who knows what could happen.

For The KT-Ls, if there’s anyone they’re worried about on the side of Upstanding Citizens it could be pretty much anyone. Turk has an extremely varied hero pool with wildcards like The Lost Vikings, Aullora plays an exceptionally scary Ragnaros, AlexDidz has a flexible tank hero pool that rivals Leonblack’s, and Coffee plays a deadly Kel’thuzad and Alarak. They’re without a doubt a momentum-based team. Shake things up and they’re going to have a hard time bouncing back. I would be very interested to see how Mewnfare’s leadership skills come into play when his team is playing from behind against a team like The KT-Ls.

Don’t agree with my list? Make sure to vote for who you believe should be crowned MVP! Tweet the hashtag #HeroesCCL at @HeroesHearthCCL with your vote for MVP!
The finals of the HeroesHearth Celebrity Clash League start Wednesday the 12th, at 8 PM CT. Tune into the HeroesHearth Twitch channel for all the action!

Make sure to follow the players for updates and to know if you'll be able to watch their POV for the CCL. https://twitter.com/mewnfarez https://twitter.com/Lakefu https://twitter.com/leonblackmoba

For more information on the Celebrity Clash League and the teams, make sure to check out the league information and roster page. https://hots.heroeshearth.com/b/workhorse/read/heroesccl-rosters-duke-cannon-and-deets-5e334da1cdc38/
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