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HeroesCCL Season 2: Week One Post-Game Recap
Week One Results

This Wednesday marked the beginning of season 2 of our Community Clash League and with it we saw brand new teams and some new faces. A couple of teams had a rough start as they tried to feel out their personalities and playstyles, while others meshed and now lead the pack.

The first series of the night was between Lil Rubies and Not Safe For Work From Home and took us to Infernal Shrines -- one of the most popular maps from season 1.

Lil Rubies vs NSFWFH Week One, Game One Draft

We saw very standard bans across the board, mainly targeting Xul, Deathwing, Liam’s Yrel, and Turk’s Lost Vikings. Both teams had rather unconventional drafts while playing to their team’s strengths. Lil Rubies sported a comp of Sylvanas, Thrall, Alexstrasza, Garrosh, and Zarya. NSFWFH ran with Johanna, Deckard, Leoric, Orphea, and Kel’thuzad. 

With an incredibly strong showing from Lil Rubies throughout the early and middle parts of the game things looked promising for them. Unfortunately, as the game progressed they slowly lost their footing, and NSFWFH came back strong -- taking the first map.

From game one, some of the plays to highlight are Kagirii and Lakefu’s Sylvanas and Alexstrasza on the side of Lil Rubies. Kagirii’s Slyvanas has always been a staple pick for her, and it shows. Of course Lakefu, being our MVP from season 1, played a strong Alexstraza -- one of her favorite heroes. 

As for NSFWFH, Coffee’s Kel’thuzad remains a fan-favorite as does Turk’s Leoric. Coffee is known for his somewhat crazy picks and Kel’thuzad is certainly at the top of the list; his combos helped solidify the game for his team. Turk remains one of the best solo laners, and meat shields, in the league and enabled his DPS players to shine.

For game two of the series we headed to Tomb of the Spider Queen.

Lil Rubies vs NSFWFH Week One, Game Two Draft

Again, we saw some targeted bans, this time Lil Rubies opting to take out Turk’s Leoric while NSFWFH remained with their ban on Liam’s Yrel. Both team comps kept their unique spins, playing into their team’s strengths still -- Lil Rubies drafting Johanna, Deckard, Orphea, Chen, and Sylvanas. NSFWFH drafted a more CC heavy comp with ETC, Jaina, Anduin, Greymane, and Blaze.

Unlike the first game, neither team had a clear advantage for the majority of the game. Brawl after brawl, we saw these teams clash throughout the map, slowly taking each other’s structures. It wasn’t until the later portions of the game where we saw NSFWFH start to take the lead and ultimately the game.

We continue to see unconventional picks on both teams, yet these teams keep making them work. Liam’s Chen was seemingly immortal, securing multiple kills for his team while soaking up as much damage as possible. 

Kiyeberries’s Anduin on the side of NSFWFH was definitely the MVP for her team this game. Between Lil Rubies’s high damage and chase potential, she was instrumental in saving her team from them coming in with a number of clutch heals, pulls, and Lightbombs.

In the end, NSFWFH took the series against Lil Rubies 2-0. Overall it seemed like Lil Rubies struggled to find, and maintain their footing in the first week. NSFWFH came in swinging for this week and showed us they’re going to make a name for themselves.

The second set of the night was between team PentaNoms and Big Ding Energy, with game one took us to Cursed Hollow.

PentaNoms vs Big Ding Energy Week One, Game One Draft

Right out of the gate we saw targeted bans. PentaNoms opting to ban Mochrie’s Tracer and Aullora’s Ragnaros while BDE went the route of taking out Kyle Fergusson’s Yrel. The team comps remained relatively traditional with PentaNoms going for Lunara, Mal’ganis, Greymane, Xul, and Whitemane. BDE went with Johanna, Sylvanas, Malfurion, Hanzo, and Malthael.

Both teams remained even for the beginning half the game, however, things quickly went south of PentaNoms as BDE started setting the pace. From that point on, the game was lopsided fight after lopsided fight in favor of BDE as they took game 1.

Mewnfare, from PentaNoms had a number of strong showings throughout the game with his Greymane, combined with Tatski’s Lunara -- which we saw from her for the first time since the inception of the league. 

For BDE, we saw an incredibly impressive show from Mochrie on Hanzo and an equally impressive showing from Jazzalene’s Sylvanas -- it’s important to note this is her first time playing in the league!

Game two of the set took us to Towers of Doom.

PentaNoms vs Big Ding Energy Week One, Game Two Draft

Once again, we saw some targeted bans immediately come out with both Yrel and Tracer being banned from Kyle Fergusson and Mochrie respectively. Both drafts seemed a bit unconventional this time around with PentaNoms going for Genji, Whitemane, Jaina, Leoric, and ETC. BDE picked up Ragnaros, Sylvanas, Garrosh, Zarya, and Deckard.

This game followed similar trends to the first. Both teams stayed relatively even for the majority of the game, with PentaNoms taking a bit of a level lead until the latter portions of the game where BDE once again took complete control -- eventually taking the map in dominant fashion.

Again we saw strong play coming out of Mewnfare on his Genji, this time paired with Tim, AKA BigScoop’s ETC for a deadly combination of damage and CC. Throughout season 1 Tim was a support player, so seeing him on his preferred role was a treat.

Over on the side of BDE, Aullora on her Ragnaros was the MVP for her team this game. Throughout the HotS community, she is known for her Ragnaros play and between her strong macro and team fight presence we saw why.

Similar to Lil Rubies, PentaNoms had moments of strong showings but ultimately struggled to find their identity in this set while Big Ding Energy was strong from start to finish -- taking the series 2-0.

So far week one of the Community Clash League has been exciting. Much like last season I fully expect teams to use this week to feel each other out and learn one another’s strengths and weaknesses. As we move into week two I think we’ll see a bit more from teams that were somewhat lacking this time around. 

It’s impressive to see how quickly teams have adapted to their new rosters and even more so how the new blood in the league has settled into their roles with the veterans of the CCL.

Be sure to tune in next week on Wednesday the 27th at 9 PM ET for week two of the HeroesHearth Celebrity Clash League!

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