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HeroesCCL Season 2 Top 5 Players: Week One Edition
Tune in Wednesday, May 20th, at 9PM ET for Week One!

The start of season 2 of the Heroes Celebrity Clash League is nearly here! With new teams and some new players, it will be interesting to see how these players adjust and adapt to each other’s playstyles. We saw a lot of impressive play during season 1 and a number of these players have set the standard for what we can expect! But who are the absolute best players? Who should you be watching if you really want to see some crazy plays?

It’s time to jump into my top 5 players to watch for the first week of the Heroes Celebrity Clash League season 2!

Number Five is Coffee from team Not Safe For Work From Home. He has one of if not the most unpredictable playstyle in the league due to his massive hero pool. His signature pick, Kel’thuzad, can be absolutely devastating - but he can also completely mix it up and play LITERALLY ANYTHING, and play it well. A man of many talents, Coffee played nearly every role during season 1. Teams playing against NSFWFH will need to take Coffee’s diverse hero pool into account when drafting.

The jack of all trades.
Number Four, Lakefu! The support player for The KT-Ls during season 1, and now playing for Lil Rubies. She made quite a name for herself throughout CCL so far with her impressive play - it’s safe to say the KT-Ls wouldn’t have made it nearly as far without her being the backbone of the team. Support players are often overlooked in favor of something a bit flashier, but overlooking this player will be one of the biggest mistakes any team can make. She was voted the CCL Season 1 MVP for a reason.
Big brain support!
Number ThreeTrikslyr! Trik has been a staple member of the HotS community for some time, having also played in season 1 of the CCL for Down to Dongle - now playing for Lil Rubies. Having a varied hero pool, Triksly has always found success within Storm League and on teams due to his ability to play whatever is necessary. While we didn’t get to see Murky from him during season 1, he has another chance at redemption and to show us some of his unconventional picks.
Seriously... play Murky already Trikslyr.

Due to all of the players having very storied histories within the HotS community, and most of them having history within CCL, creating the week one list this season has proven more difficult than last season. These are all exceptional players, but alas… there must be a top two.

Taking the number two spot for week one is Mewnfare. Originally the captain for the winners of season 1, Upstanding Citizens, he is now playing for team PentaNoms. Mewn, similar to Trikslyr, has a long history within the HotS community having been a high-level Storm League player for some time. While others on the list are here due to their flexibility in their hero choices, Mewn is here for his flexibility in leadership. Players must prove they can quickly assess and adapt, and Mewn has proven that he’s more than capable.

What is there to even say about this picture...

The number one spot may not come as a shock to many. He was without a doubt one of, if not the most impactful player within the first season of the CCL. Largely ignored in the draft phase during the first few weeks of the CCL, it wasn’t until the finals that everyone realized what a threat he truly was and how much of the game he could influence.

Without further ado, number one is… Liam. A player for The KT-Ls during season 1, Liam now resides on Lil Rubies with former teammates Lakefu and Kagirii. Liam, alongside Leonblack, was an absolute powerhouse and swept team after team during the first three weeks of season 1 and unfortunately fell in the finals. Having one of the most impressive Yrel’s we’ve ever seen in HotS, Liam controlled fight after fight and enabled his team to succeed. That’s just one of the many reasons he deserves to be here, he’s a phenomenal team player that allows his teammates to shine.

Don't let this face fool you. The space goat is coming for you.

Lil Rubies looks to be our current powerhouse team but I expect these lists to shift as there is some new blood within the league, especially with everyone adjusting and adapting to their new team rosters. Learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses will without a doubt be the name of the game during week one.

It will certainly be interesting to see which teams come out on top after week one of the Heroes Celebrity Clash League.

Tune in on May 20th, starting at 9 pm ET, for all the action!

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