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HeroesCCL Season 2 Top 3: Grand Finals Edition
Tune in Wednesday, June 24th, at 9 PM ET for the Grand Finals!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re here. The final week of the HeroesHearth Community Clash League. The grand finals! Not Safe For Work From Home will be taking on Big Ding Energy tonight in a best of seven. We’re sad to see PentaNoms and Lil Rubies fall out of the league, but they put up a valiant fight! I expect to see some crazy games come out of our remaining two teams.

So… with only players from NSFWFH and BDE remaining -- who can we expect to show us the biggest and best players today? Let’s take a look at the top THREE players to keep your eyes on.

I had her as number three last week, and I’m going to keep her at number three this week. Big Ding Energy’s Aullora has been a consistently strong force throughout the Community Clash League. We’ve seen a lot of changes in her hero pool and playstyles throughout the CCL -- known primarily as THE Ragnaros player, she’s brought out a devastatingly strong Lunara and in recent weeks has shown us Malthael, Thrall, Cassia, and even Gul’dan. Her niche hero pool has always been her “weak point”, but with her recent showings and now expansive player pool, I expect it to be increasingly more difficult for NSFWFH to ban her out completely!

Lava. Fire. Flames. Death. Loud Noises. Memes.
Coming in at number two is the support player for Not Safe For Work From Home, Kiyeberries! Kiye has been an incredible player throughout the CCL, and without a doubt has grown substantially as a healer. Throughout season one we generally saw her as an Anduin player, however, in this season we’ve seen a much bigger roster out of her with Deckard Cain, Rehgar, and surprisingly Ana -- a character that Kiye had very little intention of playing before the league. Without a doubt, she has been essential in securing NSFWFH’s spot in the finals.
Actual dinosaur tamer and support warlord.

Our number one player is a bit of a… wildcard. Even within his team they kind of just let him do his own thing and so far it’s safe to say it’s worked out pretty well for them!

Turk, from Not Safe For Work From Home, is, in my opinion, the most impactful and influential player currently in the Community Clash League. He is an incredible off lane player with his Leoric, Deathwing, and even the occasional Blaze -- not to mention he always has that Lost Vikings pick in his pocket, just waiting to be played. One of the biggest things that are often overlooked for players is their attitude within the team and Turk’s attitude has without a doubt been a boon for his team and their success. Numerous players within the roster have talked about their chill and laidback environment and it’s certainly been a big reason for them making it to the finals here. I imagine Turk will be elevating his team to a… higher level tonight.

He's holding incense, to elevate his play and spirit.

Similar to the previous week, I believe we’ll see a duel between Aullora and Turk and the pace and outcome of the game will be based on the success of these off laners. No pressure. 

I’m happy that we’ve seen a lot of players adapt throughout the league and shake up their hero pools. Target bans have been such a big part of the current season and have influenced so many games thus far.

I believe that Not Safe For Work From Home is still the favorite to win, but we certainly can’t count Big Ding Energy out. They’ve proven time and time again that even when they’re beaten and down, they’ll come out swinging in full force. After BDE’s defeat to NSFWFH during week four, I expect them to have a few tricks up their sleeve.

With the series being a best of seven, teams will have a few games worth of wiggle room to experiment and I hope teams take advantage of that. Perhaps we’ll see a Cho’Gall, or dare I say it… even a Murky? One can only hope.

It will be exciting to see how tonight’s games play out!

Tune in tonight at 9 pm ET for all the action!

Of course, be sure to follow and support all the players!

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