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Heroes Celebrity Clash League: Week One Post-Game Recap

This week marked the beginning of the HeroesHearth Celebrity Clash League, sponsored by Duke Cannon. 

Week one proved to be extremely successful, and the strong performances from teams look to set the tone for future weeks. 

To start things off The KT-Ls, formerly Team A, defeated Team C, now Upstanding Citizens, in a decisive 2-0 set. 

Game one, on Infernal Shrines, The KT-Ls quickly set the pace of the match. Mewnfare played an impressive Genji throughout the game despite being regarded as one of the weaker heroes in the game currently. AlexDidz, playing Johanna for Upstanding Citizens, played extremely well but unfortunately, his team was unable to pull through due to their overall lower damage output.

Between Yrel and Mal’ganis, The KT-Ls had an insane level of control over the team fights. Liam and Leonblack were certainly the MVPs of game one, both enabling and protecting their team, their coordination was near flawless. Lakefu, The KT-Ls support player, played a strong Alexstraza, allowing her frontline to remain extremely aggressive throughout the game.

With game two, on Volskaya Foundry, we saw a more traditional team composition from Upstanding Citizen instead of the high mobility, burst comp they tried to go for during game one. We did see a somewhat unconventional tank pick with Turk’s Blaze, but with this and CoffeeClub_TV’s signature Kel’thuzad, we saw a much closer game this time around. Aullora, playing Brightwing for the second time this series, had a rough start with game one but with a high impact team behind her, she was able to output healing rivaling that of Auriel as well as allow her team to more easily capitalize upon her Polymorph’s.

Once again we saw Yrel from Liam in game two and once again he was a nightmare for the enemy team. Between his constant disruption, high survivability and the high damage output from Kagiri’s Li-Ming, they were able to zone out certain members while bursting down the others. We also need to highlight Lakefu’s impressive support play again, this time with Auriel. With Shield of Hope to minimize the damage from Blaze’s Combustion, and Resurrect to quickly turn the tides of fights that initially seemed lost, we saw how impactful Auriel can be when she is left unchallenged.

I got a chance to talk to The KT-Ls’s Leonblack and Upstanding Citizen’s CoffeeClub_TV and get their thoughts on not only these games but their feelings moving forward into week two.

Beckwin: “So, how do you feel about this week’s games? Were there any concerns you had going into the series? Are there any players or teams you have your sights set on?”

Leonblack: “It was nice to get the first week out of the way with a nice clean 2-0 victory. There were some hiccups in the first game, but overall, I had a fun time playing vs my good friends Turk and Mewn.

I’m more confident in our team, especially after this week. I was a little nervous about our team dynamic playing with essentially 3 strangers, (Liam being the outlier there) but we gelled really well. It helps that everyone is super nice and receptive, and I think our team is only going to improve in pretty much every aspect as we continue to practice together for the coming weeks.”

Leonblack also expressed that if he had to play against Upstanding Citizens again that one of the picks he’d be worried about would be Turk’s Lost Vikings.

Beckwin: “Despite having a rough start in week one your team certainly has a strong and talented roster. What do you think you need to do to bring home a win for week two?”

CoffeeClub_TV: “Out of all the teams, I think we probably had the least amount of time to practice beforehand due to personal obligations. And just towards the end of game two, we began to see things click. I think we could have taken them in a game three. Excited to see what we can do when we are more familiar with each other. I think we’ll concentrate a lot more on draft next week.”

“KT-Ls felt strong and organized but I think most of our issues there were about draft. We allowed them to get everything they needed. Still thinking ahead to Team D and the Dongles.”

He went on to add that he felt like he was out of practice and had misplayed several times throughout the set, but he was looking forward to next week and redeeming himself.

Overall it looked like Upstanding Citizens were trying to find their footing this week. Moving into week two I think we’ll see a different side of them. There’s no doubt in my mind they still have some tricks up their sleeves.

Match two of the day gave us a closer series with Down to Dongle, Team D, taking the win against Team B’s Easy Money 2-1.

Down to Dongle drafted a high crowd control, burst team composition with Uther leading the charge, allowing Qhira, Zeratul and Jaina to pump out damage, while Easy Money went with a more traditional draft, opting to go with a blend of both team fight pressure and a strong siege presence with Mochrie’s Sylvanas, KidKerrigan’s Falstad, and Kyle Fergusson’s Thrall. For the majority of the game, it seemed Down to Dongle was in control but the tides quickly turned halfway into Volksaya Foundry with Easy Money taking the win on map one.

Map two gave us an extremely interesting draft from Easy Money. Opting to pick both Deathwing and Cho’gall, on Towers of Doom, giving them quite a strong frontline. Down to Dongle certainly had their work cut out for them when it came to punching through those two beefy characters. Much like map one, we saw many close fights throughout. Need to keep an eye on Selenityy from Down to Dongle, she played an impressive Li-Ming on Towers of Doom, securing several much-needed kills. Down to Dongle took the map with 19 shots remaining on their core.
Being the first series of the Celebrity Clash League to take us to a game three, it was an exciting one. Map three brought us to Tomb of the Spider Queen, Down to Dongle went with Garrosh, Anduin, Orphea, Ragnaros, and Cassia while Easy Money opted for Rexxar, Uther, Sylvanas, Tyrande and, Greymane. Impressive coordination between Wrecking Ball, Lightbomb and Crushing Jaws, with clean rotations allowed Down to Dongle to maintain control throughout the game. We saw a huge play from Trikslyr’s Ragnaros in the final moments of the game with a monstrous Molten Core that led Down to Dongle to the win.

This best of three was a strong showing for both teams and showed why Down to Dongle was the reigning champions of Fight Night, the predecessor of the Celebrity Clash League. Easy Money taking a game off of them is certainly something they should be proud of and shows everyone they’re a force to be reckoned with.

With the conclusion of their match, I was able to talk with Vipey and KidKerrigan to get their feelings on the set.

Beckwin: “You played an impressive best of three, and Qhira, which judging from your picks in games two and three, you’re normally a ranged/mage player. How confident were you with your Qhira and what was the reasoning behind its pick?”

Vipey: “When it comes to my playstyle, it’s not about being a ranged or mage player, it’s more I tend to gravitate towards heroes that have more of a “combo breaker” style. So, Heroes like Orphea, Kel’thuzad, Maiev, Qhira, etc. and I’m pretty confident on Qhira. The only thing that was different for me is I’m used to Storm League where I have to be confident in my place, by myself. So during the CCL matches, when we had to do combos as a team sometimes we got a little uncoordinated. But overall we did pretty well with that!”

Beckwin: “Despite winning the set in the end, things started a bit rocky. With the less in the gam one, what was your mindset like heading into game two?”

Vipey: “We didn’t feel bad. We tended to have a really good time on Discord. So this whole thing for us is just really funny! I couldn’t ask for a better team. And if you don’t believe me check out any of our VODs! I can’t wait for the next matches!

Down to Dongle showed confidence in their play even with slight struggles in the first game, relying heavily on their combo potential and not getting as much value as possible from it.

Beckwin: “You took a game off of the Fight Night champs, which is certainly a feat of itself. Unfortunately, your team lost the set in the end. Is there anything you, and your team, would do differently if you could replay the series? Is there any team you’re worried about heading into week two?”

KidKerrigan: “I would choose the correct ult, instead of misclicking. I’m just always nervous in general so regardless of the team I give it my all to not disappoint ZaneHyde because he’s super competitive.”

Having played together for such a short time, its understandable that nerves are a big factor with Easy Money but rolling into next week I expect the players to be more comfortable with each other’s personalities and playstyles which will allow them to complement their play better.

This was certainly an exciting start to the HeroesHearth Celebrity Clash League. Tune in this Wednesday, January 29th, at 8 PM CT at the HeroesHearth Twitch channel for week two!

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