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Return of the King (kinda)
Hi everyone!

I used to play a lot f Hots and still love the game loads and loads but I dont really ever play it anymore. For someone wanting to get back into the game what would those in the community have to say, is this game 'dead' like so many people say (i personally dont think so) is it still worth playing ranked and trying to get to the top tiers? Is this community still active? Does blizzard show any signs of reinvesting in this game? Any replies and discussions would be appreciated :)
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Ranked has been great lately. Still best to go into it with a full squad, but the meta is solid and the game continues to be dynamic and a good time.
Game is still fun, and queue's are still good in major regions especially EU. Jump in and give it a few hundred games again. :)
I defo still love this game, i want to get bac into it for sure and im so happy everyone has been so positive about the game even after blizzard neutered it